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April Ambassador Reports IV

Day 1,987, 17:18 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

In the midst of a war, the evolution of alliances, and the verge of global warming, your Ambassador Team brings you the following updates and interviews:

An Interview with the CP of Russia
Ambassador: Shadowfang
Official: ninmul

An Update on UK Affairs
Ambassador: James Kieller

A Military Analasys of Australia
Ambassador: Raven Anarcho

S: I'd be interested in any comments you might have on the current situation in UK/Ireland/Argentina.

N: We are not involved in the war between UK and Argentina. So the only thing that I can say is that I do not welcome bringing RL issues to the game, even though it's so attractive for newbies.
As for the war Ireland-UK, we support our ally - Ireland

S: Would you be able to explain the past month's history for eRussia as many of the eIrish citizens might not know?

N: Several months ago our government proclaimed pro-CoT course and rejected to renew MPPs with EDEN countries. But still we were not accepted even as a trial member to CoT. In march Poland attacked us 1) for fun 2) to show CoT who is the king, while the official interpretation was that they were going to attack China. CoT officially proclaimed neutrality though many citizens of CoT countries fought for us in that war. Yet our population was greatly disappointed by the reaction of CoT officials. Despite the declared aim of the war poles were not willing to meet chinese troops but they were forced to do this because Russia, weakened by the lost of powerful allies, could not win a battle but one.
Polish troops were defeated in a fulminant war with China and Poland had to RW several russian regions to escape from new chinese attacks. Few days later gold mines were implemented to the game and poles decided to leave russian regions without resistance to attack Turkey.

S: What are eRussia's intentions on the World stage in the coming weeks/months?

N: We are going to join the refurbished CoT asap and strengthen cooperation with other allies whom we almost lost in previous months

S: What is your personal opinion of both A] Ireland & B] CUA?

N: Ireland is a country that carries out a fair and independent policy. We appreciate Ireland as one of our greatest allies. We have fought so many battles together in the past and I hope will continue helping each other in the future.

CUA is an alliance of mostly latinamerican countries and were surprised by the Ireland's choice but yet respect it. It happened so that our allies in Latin America - CoT and Brazil - are enemies to CUA countries but I believe everything can change in this unstable world.

S: In the previous months there was a rumour spreading around between a possible union between several states including eRussia and eIreland. What would say about those rumours today?

N: I think it's still possible. Only good will and desire are needed.

The big story that has been exercising British minds in recent days is not the Irish War, but the unfolding drama created by the American & Romanian cats among the pigeons of CoT/TWO.

UK very quickly followed Serbia's cue with a hastily proposed MPP with Romania, to the fury of their recent BFFs, Bulgaria. This led to some opportunist political point scoring and some hand wringing about eUK being unfairly cast as perpetual back stabbers.

In the course of the discussion which picked over all the old wounds, the exit from Atlantis that wiped a continent, the flounce from Terra over the right to attack us, the pragmatic disposal of Strasbourg, there was a nice little quote about Ireland from Joshua Whelan:

We're a free country; a proud country. We have our flaws yes, but why must we continue to be a Polish puppet? Ireland gain my respect here - they stand for what they think is right despite being surrounded by enemies, and as a result they have fun and they don't give a damn.

In line with the gameplan which seems to be to stay onside with Serbia and Poland at all costs, the UK MoFA recently announced an updated agreement which seeks to carve up their former Strasbourg BFF, France.

UK CP,Jimbojoy has been an honourable foe, surviving two impeachments.

As far as the Anglo-Irish War goes, it is notable that there is less of the usual jingoistic banter. There seems instead to be a grim determination to collect a pound of flesh for Ireland's part in the recent wipe.

My top tip to be the next eUK CP:

Australia currently has 3 enemies in its regions:

As of today, Australia looks as such:

On day 1885, Australia took back a 2nd region, South Australia. South Australia hold grain as a resource, therefore is expected to be attacked at any moment.

Australia has been at constant war with CoT in recent months, and the latest attack has come from New Zealand, a smaller nation. It is expected that Australia will have very little problems with New Zealand. This is due to both the growing size of NaN, and CoT's priorities for Bulgaria against Romania.

Australia's Top 3 MUs by Damage:
1. War Crew - 35 Members - 4.3 Trillion Monthly
2. KnightHawks - 203 Members - 2.3 Trillion Monthly (incl. Hawks)
3. Aussie Marauders - 16 Members - 1.4 Trillion Monthly

Do you want to get involved in Foreign Affairs? Help your country? Meet new players from around the world? We are still looking for more talent in the Irish Ambassador Program. We request that anyone interested pm Raven Anarcho, who is currently heading the program. Although many nation positions are being filled up, there are still many more available. We look forward to working with you this term!



Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 1,987, 19:29

Good stuff, Raven. Maybe the eBrits will eventually sober up and go home.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,987, 19:33


Bohemond4 Day 1,987, 21:56

pointless war is pointless.

still, been a fun month all told! o7

Sei Kaon
Sei Kaon Day 1,987, 22:16


MUFC992 Day 1,988, 12:01

Good job

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,989, 05:35


Diarmuid O Dyna
Diarmuid O Dyna Day 1,989, 14:21

good read, cheers!

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