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An Update on Government Affairs

Day 450, 08:18 Published in Canada Canada by Ministry of Information

Greetings eCanadians, this is Dominik, Minister of Communication, here with an update on the current issues in eCanada:

I am positive you all heard about this one. I am also positive you heard many rumours about it. I am going to try and sum up the facts:
* Several PEACE members moved to Canada just before the presidential election, including Sparta Kratos.
* Congress took up no less than 15 pages of a forum thread discussing the above, speculating what it may mean and accusing each other of treason.
I will not repeat any of these speculations because at this point they are just that- speculations. However, I do assure Canadians that the likelihood of a direct thread to national security is very low, and if there ever was one, the secret service would crush it in an instant.

Food "Crisis"
I am sure you all heard about Dean22's threats of strike in the Canadian food industry. Dean22 threatened the government with a strike if they didn't raise import taxes on Food. Alexander Rearden reached a compromise with Dean22 and congress allowed tariffs to be raised to 75% on food.

Ministry of Communication
Ministry of Communication is currently working on slight modifications to the new citizen message. Dominik is also working on a criminal code for eCanada that will allow for more efficient courts.

Ministry of Defense
Minister of Defense, Derakor, is negotiating several operations, resistance wars etc. for ur troops to participate in. The CAF gifting organisation, MeSu, is also up and running now,being funded from 20000$ approved for the CAF budget.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working on setting up an embassy in Denmark, and is negotiating with the government of Germany. The Ministry is also negotiating stronger relations between Canada and South Africa.

Ministry of Immigration
Phineas Gage is still feeling the repercussions of the baby boom and spends his time making government hand-outs and determining who is legitimate and who might be multi-accounting or requesting money more than once. He is also sorting out forum masks. Additional money is being sent to Immigration Canada as well.

There are several things the government is looking into at the moment, and I'm hoping that by next week we'll make enough progress to actually have something to publish. I encourage everyone who wishes to know what is going on with the government to subscribe to this newspaper.

Dominik, signing off.



hawkerhunter07 Day 450, 08:32

Thank you Dominik.

65535 Day 450, 09:34

You mention something about immigrants "requesting money". Is this possible? I didn't know about that...

Dominik Day 450, 09:55

There is a built-in citizen fee feature in eRepublik. A citizen who creates an account, gets the currency of the country he creates the account in. The amount can be set by the government. However, the Canadian government was losing thousands on citizen fees given to inactive people/multi-accounts, so we reduced our citizen fee to a mere 5CAD and are doing a handout system where citizens who want to get involved get their real money (an extra 15CAD) once they sign up on the forums and contact Immigration Canada.

Dominik Day 450, 09:56

Oh, and immigrants refers to new players creating accounts in Canada, not actual people already in different countries on eRepublik moving here.

Azzeriath Day 450, 10:17

Huzzah! voted and subscribed.

Scorpius Day 450, 13:38

thanks Dominik 😃

OG Literary Award
OG Literary Award Day 450, 19:42

Good job.

The Rain Factory
The Rain Factory Day 450, 19:54

Did you know that upgrading raw materials company higher than Q2 isn't worthed???

Yonsil Day 451, 08:08

dominik & Zanalan Adminstration FTW:P

dani36 Day 451, 12:25

Atlantis's Members Power vs Peace's Members Power [ STUDY ] . Please VOTE and SUBSCRIBE :

Dominik Day 451, 13:01

Next person to spam this article gets kicked in the nuts.

Dade Pendwyn
Dade Pendwyn Day 451, 14:25

Fantastic article! I'd like to see more of these in the future. Very informative.

Also, eat at Krispy Kreme!

ECSL Day 451, 18:06

Doesn't anyone wonder why our food prices are nearly two times those in the US?

And why, if grain is selling for 0.4 per quality, food costs about 1.3 per quality (pre-tax)?

A 50% wellness worker will produce at least 2 units (no trivia bonus) and currently 3 units per skill point, per day. That's for 50% wellness. If it's higher, then it's even more. Food companies are pretty profitable under these conditions.

I don't see why you let Dean22 dictate anything. Just buy an export license for a large US company until Canadian companies take up the slack.

In the end, it's the workers that get screwed.

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