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A little bit of logic, please, I beg of you

Day 1,708, 09:30 Published in USA Canada by Rigour6

IF we are going to go through all the expense, nonsense, wasted damage, and hard feelings of a Can-Am war and

IF we are not intending for it to really go anywhere, as the latest from POTUS suggests
(we are just "making a point", apparently)

Can we at LEAST take advantage of this to do a region swap?

Or is it our policy to throw out ONLY the baby, and keep the bathwater?

I mean, honestly.

N by NE, Volume 8, Number 3



Wilhelm Gunter
Wilhelm Gunter Day 1,708, 09:33

Common sense, it seems, has not died out.

Rigour6 Day 1,708, 09:35

It may not be extinct but it remains to be seen how extensive has been its extirpation.

Armour144 Day 1,708, 09:52

Rylde wrote in his article that he had asked Evry for a region swap at the end of all this. Evry denied him.

Wilhelm Gunter
Wilhelm Gunter Day 1,708, 10:02

Yes, Armour, I believe Rigour's article is a plea to the US Administration.

Acacia Mason
Acacia Mason Day 1,708, 10:26

Rigour6 I believe Armour144 has it right. Evry denied a region swap from what I have seen and heard. That however could change as this PotUS changes stories and spin as often as most change their underwear.

Funny...I think I now understand where you were months ago. Call it an epiphany.

Rigour6 Day 1,708, 10:45

If you are, brother, I am sorry.

olivermellors Day 1,708, 11:45

Acacia: you are beginning to understand why many withdrew resources because you voted to pardon a thief, you continued to support dishonest play, you encouraged the abuse of the honest and you assumed there were no consequences? You are seeing that changing and spinning your stories was not healthy for you, other players or the community? You are appreciating that calling players traitors and getting pisssed off at players for petty personal reasons was counter productive? Welcome.

olivermellors Day 1,708, 11:51

But, acacia, the epiphany may not have fully metastasized yet. You are still calling players pigs, and going on at every opportunity about players like Rosencrantz. It would be nice if you took a single principled position and stuck to it.

Not: every country benefits from thieves (already tried that)
not: I couldn't do anything 'cause I was afraid (you already tried that too)
NOT: I'll say any dumb thing that is the fashion of the day ( previous forays didn't work out well)

olivermellors Day 1,708, 11:52

not trying to be difficult with you acacia, or upset. I think you know I believe in your abilities. Hoping for a conversion experience. And renewal. Maybe try avoiding politics for a bit longer. But do keep on commenting and producing that podcast --- those are gems and very beneficial.

Plugson Day 1,708, 14:21

I'd suggest eCanada and eUSA not sign any MPPs until after the next CP elections.
Perhaps the next two CPs can be more cooperative on a region swap ~ that's my hope.

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,708, 15:00

Can someone suggest a good plan for a region swap between us and show how the bonus's would benefit both sides.

Downside would be unauthorized RW's of non original territories bleeding damage from real fights.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,708, 15:59

"Can someone suggest a good plan for a region swap between us and show how the bonus's would benefit both sides."

Here's a plan. Sit down at a table with a mandate from your people and negotiate a region swap, go back to your people with the plan of action to execute it and get a blessing, then do it.

Throwing together a region swap or rental agreement between the Iron Fist and the Bold Maverick simply isn't going to work. Lower your sights and seek peace, before eCan is wiped.

olivermellors Day 1,708, 16:50

so simple, so sensible, so .....manifestly sound.
To boot, it is consistent with the manifest destiny idea, which is based on willing partnerships and constructive relationships.

Rigour6 Day 1,708, 19:07

Indeed. And hence almost assuredly doomed. Le sigh

Rigour6 Day 1,708, 19:12

oliver, AM doesn't need me to defend him, but part of the charm of the thief et al is his wink I'm just joking inside baseball let's all talk like we're friends sharing this experience approach. Whereas there I am, humourless, hectoring, can't take a joke. You can see how people get spun by that, not just AM. Agreed on his abilities, which made the past all the more heartbreaking from my perspective. Bygones.

olivermellors Day 1,708, 21:58

of course i see the allure 🙂 which is precisely why neither of us is likely to fool ourselves. AM doesn't need defending as he is not being attacked. Some friendly advice... yes. A perhaps not gentle reminder of how past trouble arose.... of course. We each choose our path, but friends warn friends of dangers and pitfalls. Just as my friend Rigour has done. I think he is warning, no..... casting light for me again and so I will look to see and reflect. Thanks.

Plugson Day 1,709, 15:01

"Here's a plan. Sit down at a table with a mandate from your people and negotiate a region swap, go back to your people with the plan of action to execute it and get a blessing, then do it."

Where there are people in the game, there are many drones in Congress. Where there are people with ideas and time to build on them, there are those looking to refute and take them apart.

Plugson Day 1,709, 15:02

"People" (just a collection of casual game players) need a solid leader to hash out such a deal. There's no bargaining to be done at a table of many voices.

So I see Jacobi is back and running for Congress...and maybe more...

Mystela Day 1,709, 19:36

olivermellors, "...AM doesn't need defending as he is not being attacked."

I swear if any more of his invective induced spittle hits my screen, I'm gonna sue for damages.

And unlike you, learned gentlemen all, that would be as friendly as I could ever get with him. 😛:P

Mystela Day 1,709, 19:40

Also, who stole Treian? Since when does he speak that way, like this angry, out of control, I'm harder than you, a total stranger?

Unless he's been tainted by the spittle, I'm calling haxs!

olivermellors Day 1,709, 20:00

the compromise of Treian appears to have occured about a year ago, when he decided to run as Rolo's Vice president.

the whole screaming and spitting thing reminds me of Boileroom salespeople who think it is an effective strategy because it produces better results than being unprepared, unpersuasive and uninformative. They forget that there are even better alternatives which create extremely profitable long term relationships, greater sales volume and high closing/conversion rates.

Rigour6 Day 1,710, 04:51

I have said it before:
Everyone who has associated with the thief has come away diminished.

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