A family is bonded

Day 4,386, 06:30 Published in Greece Greece by Code Alliance family

Our alliance foundation announcement in croatian CP article

After almost 9 months, all people in the eWorld can see that our alliance wasn’t just an april joke. With the end of summer we achieved our first mission, reached out first station. We have shown to everyone how strong our friendship is (better to say, Family) and what we can do together for each other.

The route was long, sometimes we needed a little break to catch our breath before moving ahead again. But we are strong together, this is how we create a whole. By this ‘whole’, I mean not only our 11 member countries but also those who are fighting alongside us and ofc our great friends, brothers and sisters in ANDES. We are complete with them.

Our Alliance started with 10 members. A couple of months later, Montenegro joined our Family.

CODE members now, in alphabetical order:

South Korea

Here I would like to say thanks to antwone who assumed the leadership role of our Alliance when we started it and got so much work done in such a relatively short amount of time. Lately, he wanted to take a break and asked for someone to replace him, which we accepted.

Since I wrote this article after my brothers and sisters accepted me as a leader we continued our journey, got new friends who see what our family is about for real, after we cooperated with them so long. After all those weeks, months and many wars, all what we experienced showed us that we can believe in each other.

We will continue our mission, forward to our future targets and we will keep working on our uniqueness as a Family!

One for all, all for one

Hail Friends

Kind Regards,
Alliance leader