Announcing my Candidacy for Presidency of the United States

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Gentlemen, I'm proud to announce that I'm running for president of the United States this July under the Libertarian Party.

Here's some meat
Why would you vote for me over Harrison Richardson? First off, I'm quick to make an impression and get things done. I was recently elected to congress again, after being absent from the institution for almost 6 months. In my first 36 hours of congress, I've been described as great by people all across the political spectrum. So far, just in congress, I've created the national wiki team(,6326.msg121741.html#msg121741)(codename😨 Mighty Awesome Power Writers( While it may not seem like much, it's something desperately needed. Take a look at our country's article( Does it seem a little out of date? Tremendously terrible? Yeah, nobody has been updating anything but the current president and a few stats in a long, long time. Our history is completely out of date. New players who want to do some research will find almost nothing. No party but my own has been updated in months so, again, new players who want to research parties will be left wanting. You can follow our progress or join us on the team's talk page:

This is the kind of innovation and initiative you can expect from me. I've also created America's first university( Admittedly, it didn't do so hot, probably since it was aimed at new players and required tuition(to pay the professors), but Secretary of Education Tiacha is going to be transforming it into a state university soon, which will erase the tuition.

I created and ran The Second Hand Shop with my friend, Vincent Garibaldi for months. We made over one hundred gold from the project, just by buying and selling goods from citizens, taking a 10% commission.

Also in my 36 hours as congressman this term, I've also participated in numerous discussions about our foreign affairs, making such an impression that our current Secretary of State, and current presidential candidate from USWP, has spoken with me all day about issues with the creation of the current alliance being penned, Fortis. On that, I offered my opinions and suggestions to him, especially about the state of the United Kingdom's participation in it. The UK is in quite a tormoil over a few issues(as evidenced by two articles posted within hours of each other:,

The biggest attribute I have over Harrison is experience. I've been playing The Game for over a year, and I've served as Secretary of State for four months(September through December) over the course of four different presidents(Immunogenic, Roby Petric, ThisGenMedia, Benn Dover). I've seen allies come and go, I've seen major alliances rise and fall, and I've seen America at it's best and worst. Basically, I've seen what works and what doesn't. I think that my experience with our long past will be integral to taking America to the next level. While foreign policy is my forte, I'm not just talking about that. Having played this game for as long as I have, I know how boring it can get if you're not in the middle of projects. That's why I'm proposing the creation of the Pulitzer Prize to congress soon. The prize will cover five categories- political, military, society, humor, and honorary. As I imagine it, it'll be a monthly prize that will give out 5g to each winner. Winners will be decided by a council of well-read citizens, and articles will be submitted for review all month long. Events like these get Americans excited about logging in and doing quality things, in this case, writing quality articles. We're working diligently on making ourselves a quality military, so why not improve on every aspect of our country?

On the foreign policy side of things, I'm a huge fan of neutrality. Without an XBAWKS HUEG alliance holding us down, our ally list has grown, and will continue to grow, possibly to include countries in Peace. We're no longer an enemy of Peace. We're a target for some countries, no doubt, but we'll always be on some one's shit list as long as we're the largest country in the world. It just comes with the job, like it did with Sweden, Indonesia, Romania, and Hungary before us. but I'm not worried about America being attacked on her homeland. We have a huge population who have been gaining rank three times a week for the last 4 months, we have tons of MPP's, and a powerful high military(Marines, Airborne, Army) just in case all hell breaks loose.

While I love neutrality, I recognize that our allies may feel that neutrality is not an option for them. I'm going to work with our allies on this, and if we agree that neutrality isn't the best option for us, then we will will continue with plans for Fortis, and see how we can make that work in everyone's favor.

In other news, I'm happy to announce that Desertfalcon will be my vice president. I've known Desertfalcon ever since he was just a little kid writing articles about Israel being taken over by Turkey. I always appreciated his articles, and when he thought about quitting, I encouraged him to keep going. Since then, he's been Secretary of State, Party President of the Conservative party(completely turned it around into a winning party, if I may add), and has run for president a few times. You might remember me from such roles as his vice presidential pick in a few of those runs. I've always liked DesertFalcon, and I respect him as a foreign policy expert. His advice will be very helpful to anyone in the presidency, and I have full confidence that he will help me make the best decisions for us in the coming month.

Now to just post a few of my past positions that are relevant to the position:
Secretary of State from September through December - I worked closely with Atlantis in this position
Two time Party President of the Libertarian Party

Emerick - Making America New Again

Other things
Also, I've been interviewe😨