Who is Shoot and what happened?

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First of all I'd like to remind some of you of the values of eSweden published in my
newspaper as the article
This is Sweden.
In that article I describe what many swedes feel for this game and how we act. I also
recommend you all to read the article
222/1/20]Role play vs Game play[/url] by Scrabman, the president of USA.

Read those articles and consider the fact that we need to use some tactics that our
opponents don't expect in order to gain respect and achieve success in the game.

Why infiltrate Germany
Well, when we (me, Misho and some other players) started this operation we recruited
experienced but anonymous citizens to help us gain information from former, present and
possible enemies and Germany was one of these nations.

As Shoot, HansG, Karl Karlsson and the team proved their ability to infiltrate german
politics we decided to make this with a twist and they started making real work in Germany.
They helped Germany with beginner’s guides and Shoot even got appointed as a minister for
his work in Germany.

The pre-war
After a while we felt Germany made progress in their foreign politics and we even supported
them to join Atlantis for a trial preriod as passive members. This made Shoot and his team
turn a bit inactive and they only monitored information within Germany while we hoped for
the positive process to move on. Unfortunatly we discovered more and more information from
Atlantis in places where it didn't belong and noticed that persons outside of Germany's
goverment still had a lot of influence in their politics. People like DKN had far more
information regarding Atlantis than he should have and all that information came through
the german goverment as some people still felt that the former goverment should have access
to this information.

This made us once again mistrust Germany and combined with hostile plans against Sweden
and a SG in Atlantis refusing to start a vote regarding Germany's future in Atlantis
KalleHolm decided it was time to take Germany out, again. Sweden insisted in a vote
regarding Germany's possible membership in Atlantis but the vote never started and we
decided to move out from Atlantis ourselves unless this was done.

Germany obviously felt threatened by Sweden and started making plans on how to lend Sweden
regions to get us into war with The Netherlands instead of Germany and at the same time
made plans to trap Sweden in a position where we were supposed to waste gold in an attack.

During this time we had several leaks from Atlantis to Peace GC and some of them where
confirmed to come from Germany while others leaked because they supported Germany. Sweden
was trapped in an alliance where we could not trust Germany and several other persons so we
had to get rid of the problem and attacked Germany.

Why activate the team?
As Sweden attacked Germany immediately after the vote had gone through we retreated in order
to activate Germany's MPP's and start talking to UK, USA, Canada and Spain regarding if
they were to stay neutral or support Germany through their MPP's.

In a joint warfare with Poland we took the regions we intended and was just about to try
and force Germany to close the war since the MPP's with USA and Spain was about to
dissappear when Peace GC showed their interest through Brazil. Germany had been "kissing
up" to Peace GC nations all the time and finally got someone to support them. Also
Indonesia saw a chance to get involved in Europe so we understood that we had to close the
war quickly or have it open in eternity. Germany had made perfectly clear that they would
not accept anything less than all heir former regions back in order to sign peace so we
made our move.

Shoot came up as one of two candidates in Germany for presidency and finally only needed a
minor "push" from our voting corps as several germans supported his election platform
consisting a peace with Sweden. We then swapped regions a bit by retreating and gave Austria
Vorarlberg back as Germany’s last region and that was the end of Germany.

Next step?
Our new president Jbmalin are in constant negotiations with the germans regarding how they
should gain independence again. We have never intended to keep Germany under our flag but
will keep some regions, Schleswig-Holstein is one for sure. Depending on how those
negotiations develop we will have Germany back on the map in time for the upcoming

Personally I'm exhausted with all work in military, foreign politics, personal companies
and society and resigned as MoD as soon as Jbmalin was elected. Due to IRL issues I will be
less active but involved in eSweden to insure we do not stop moving forward. My new MoD
will be our hero Shoot with Hador as his Vice Minister and Roteda as
Commander-in-Chief. These guys together with the wonderful officers and administrators in
The Swedish Military will take us to a new era of greatness.

Lessons learned
1) Always make sure you have good information regarding possible or active enemies.
2) Always have a backup plan in case the shit hits the fan. Check
3) Be open and honest with why you plan a war. Check
4) Do not hesitate and show no weakness. Check
5) Know who to trust. Check
6) Aim to win the game. Check

You might remember I wrote that Germany was one of the nations we infiltrated. Another
nation was Pakistan, the land of spam and non-existing high ranked officers.

The other nations we have infiltrated are... Well, that's the responsibility of Shoot and
Jbmalin now.

Thank you all and may Sweden prevail!

Signing off,