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#8 is out with some great news from all over the New World!!


1.1 Tools For Fools
1.2 Governing Tips
1.3 Atlantis Sunk


3.1 Popular Topics
3.2 Arena
3.3 Trading Post

4.1 Music Videos
4.2 The Bro Code
4.3 Wallpapers


1.1 Tools For Fools

Here`s a selection of great tools that will help you maximize you eRepublik eXperience.

1.eRepublik Plus

A great greasemonkey script that modifies eRepublik, and makes it even more awesome.
Check out this article by PeeKaBooh to learn everything you need to know about eRepublik Plus.
eRepublik Plus Grand Tutorial.
By subscribing to that newspaper you will get the info on the latest updates and bug-fixes.

2. Gecko Ltd eRepublik Tools

Featured Tools:

Fight Calculator
Personal Productivity Calculator
Company Productivity Calculator
Market Prices Database
Exchange Rates Database
Regions Database

3. CCCP Group

Featured Tools:

Erepublik myCitizen – Registration required
Erepublik myCompanies – Registration required
Erepublik monetary exchange calculator
Erepublik export price calculator
Erepublik productivity calculator for a single employee
Erepublik wellness calculator
Erepublik training calculator
Erepublik force calculator

4. eGobba.de

Featured Tools:

Interactive Map
Wellness Gain Calculator
Company Calculator

5. eGovernment

Featured Tools:

Employee Productivity Calculator
Company Production Calculator
and a lot of databases with all sorts of usefull info on wellness, skills, strength, companies, etc.

6. ErepTools

Featured Tools:

Exchange Rates
List of eRepublic companies
Industry Distribution
eRepublic World Stock

7. erepublik.ws

Featured Tools:

Monetary Market Tool
Product Prices Tool
The Ultimate Company Calculator – One time fee: 3 Gold – donate to Big Brother
Wellness Gain Calculator
Worker Productivity Calculator
Battle Damage Calculator
The Black Market – One time fee: 1 Gold – donate to TBM Tool

8. My-eRep

Featured Tools:

E-Z Company Tool
Citizen Info – Under Construction!
Resources – Coming Soon!

1.2 Governing Tips

Here`s an article by Dishmcds with tips on how to make your government successfull, help your nation and your fellow countrymen.
He was 3 times elected president and congressmen so he knows what he`s saying.

He tells us that there are a number of different ways to get the job done, but using each of them requires that you familliarize yourself with three main keys of successfull governing.

1. Knowing how "Large" you really want the "Government" to be.

The larger the government, the harder it will be to control it.
Having a lot of government branches may seem cool and fun but it really makes it uncontrollable and ineffective.

4 key roles in every government:

a. Currency Regulation
b. Communication
c. Military
d. Market oversight

Dishmcds: “Creating programs for the sake of creating them is merely making your Government too hard to control.“

2. Communication is the Key to Understanding.

Communication is vital for your government.
All ministers should, from time to time, publish an article where they explain what they have been doing in the last couple of days.
Ministers might be doing a pretty good job, but if the only preson who knows what they are doing is the president, that makes the people suspicious which can ultimately lead to impeachment, and nobody wants to be impeached.

Dishmcds: “ Just because people are in the forums does not mean those who are not there are not citizens. You must, as a Minister, operate with the understanding that not all people are going to read your stuff at the forums.“

3. Consistency is the Key to Success.

Dishmcds: “ Being consistent in your operations, having your self surrounded by people who were obviously the best choice for the job, follow through, and making sure you can accomplish what you can set out to do.“

Only by following these couple of rules, your government may flourish and bring whealth and joy to your citizens.

You can read more in How Your Government Should Run

1.3 Atlantis Sunk

Once a mighty alliance, Atlantis, is now in ruins.
It all started couple of days ago when Romanian army started losing their terittory in Asia.
Attacked on two sides by Indonesia and Hungary, Romania had no chance to win.
There were some accusations of using fake gold, fake Q5 weapons, some PEACE soldiers even admitted they had used them, but admins were silent.
Couple of organizations got banned, couple of players too.
After these events Romanian army entered in a non-combat stage, and because of that they lost all of their terittories except the original ones.
That was the first step that led to Atlantis dissintegration.
The second and even more important step was the agression act by a member of Atlantis, Sweden, on a country that had plans on entering the same alliance, Germany.
This action destroyed the alliance from inside because members had to choose between Sweden and Germany.
USA, Canada and the UK stood by Germany, and the others joined Sweden.
That was the end of that, once migty and glorious alliance.

An article by Atlantis Central Treasury was then published announcing that Atlantis is no more, and desribing the events that led to that.
Shadowucks the Secretary general of Atlantis blames Kalle Holm, the current president of Sweden, for the destruction of Atlantis.
Holm was aware that this war would be the end of Atlantis, but he insisted on it.
The funniest thing is the reason stated for this war, and I will qoute what Shadowucks wrote: “ The Swedish ppl are bored and some guy contacted me to write an article about e-rep in a RL newspaper. With a war we will draw more ppl to us“.

Before the battles started Holm made a proposition to people of Germany
And I quote the text from the article:

“ This is Sweden’s offer to Germany to repair our tarnished relations:

Sweden will be granted the following regions permanently: Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg, Lower-Saxony, NorthRhine-Westphalia. Also, if Sweden later on requires, Rhineland-Palatinate shall be transferred to Sweden.

Germany will pay Sweden 200 gold per month in 6 months. This sum of gold is only a deposit and will be paid back to Germany after the 6th payment from Germany with 200 gold each month until the sum is paid back. If a RW is started in any of the Swedish-German regions and the region is lost, the deposit will forever belong to Sweden.

If any of the Swedish-German regions is lost to Germany they are obliged to return it to Sweden.
Germany will not be a member of Atlantis. However, they will be under Atlantis’ protection.

You've got 24 hours to come up with a answer, 00:00 18/5 2009.

Kalle Holm
President of Sweden “

Germany of course, did not want, and what is more important could not do all of the things Holm wanted, and because of that the battles started.

The really sad thing in this story is that Atlantis wasn`t destroyed in a magnificent clash with PEACE, but instead was destroyed from inside.
You can find all this in an article A farewell to arms.

After this article USA decided to declare neutrality, the article by Harrison Richardson which explains that is Official: USA Declares Neutrality

USA will not in the immediate future enter any new alliance until the current situation in the New World resolves.
They feel safe and believe that currently PEACE cannot harm them, they have enough gold and weapons in their reserves, and a couple of MPP-s, and can withstand an attack from Peace members.
USA is prepared to enter a new alliance when this situation resolves because they believe that if they were to form an alliance that would be based on a fear of PEACE, that it would bring even more problems to this world.

Romanian side, as it is written in an article by sebahmah [ATLANTIS] What happened, believe that Sweden is`t guilty for the fall of Atlantis.
They accuse USA and UK of being the main reason for it because they were in Atlantis only because they needed strong allies.
Sebahmah: “ They needed this alliance, they were never trully part of it.“

Here you go, the story of trust and betrayal.
Atlantis is no more, and the only question left is: “What will happen to PEACE?“
Atlantis and PEACE were like Yin and Yang, with one destroyed the other has no meaning.
Will PEACE crumble just like Atlantis, will there be a war between Hungary and Indonesia, 2 new super-powers of the world and will Romania regain it`s lost power.
Well, we`ll just have to wait and see.


1.RW vs. Indonesia – North-East India – Started by sandygee
EDIT:North-East India has been occupied by India.
Q5 – Indonesia – Java, Karnataka, Western Cape, Xinjiang


3.1 Popular Topics

1. It's the economy stupid!!!!
2. Please read if your a Communist/Socialist
3. Who won, Sweden-Germany
4. Pakistan Declaration of Victory.
5. Atlantis : R.I.P

3.2 Arena

1. uefa champions league winner bets. know champion and take ur bet

3.3 Trading Post

1. Selling Q2 Oil company in Indonasia with 2 license(High productivity) - eIndia
2. Ticket Company in Croatia- 10 employees- CHEAP – State Bank of India
3. Q4 DS – Mediterranean Enterprises
4. Q4, Q5 weapons for sale - the best prices - Nikopolo
5. Selling Q4 weapons – United Inc


4.1 Music Videos (Eurovision 2009 Edition)

1. Alexander Rybak – Fairytale - Norway

2. Aysel ft.Arash – Always - Azerbaijan

3. Soraya - La Noche Es Para Mi - Spain

4. Urban Symphony – Rändajad - Estonia

5. Yohanna - Is It True - Iceland

6. Hadise - Dum Tek Tek - Turkey

7. Elena Gheorghe - The Balkan Girl - Romania

8. Jade Ewen - My Time – United Kingdom

9. Malena Ernman - La Voix - Sweden

10. Igor Cukrov ft. Andrea – Lijepa Tena - Croatia

4.2 The Bro Code

Article 6: A Bro shall not lollygag if he must get naked in front of other Bros in a gym locker room.
Corollary: If a Bro gets naked in the locker room, all other Bros shall pretend that nothing out of the ordinary is happening while at the same time immediately averting their eyes.

Article 7: A Bro never sends a greeting card to another Bro.

Article 8: A Bro never admits he can't drive stick. Even after an accident.

Article 9: Should a Bro lose a body part due to an accident or illness, his fellow Bros will not make lame jokes such as "Gimmee three!" or "Wow, quitting your job like that really took a lot of ball". It`s still a high five and that Bro still has a lot of balls...metaphorically speaking of course.

Article 10: A Bro will drop whatever he's doing and rush to help his Bro dump a chick.

How to dump a chick in 6 words or less:
1. Maybe try a side salad instead.
2. Cute, you`re growing a moustache too!
3. She looks like a younger you.
4. I will finance a boob-job.
5. Sorry I threw your shoes out.
6. You sister let me do that.

List of some famous eRepublik Bros:
1. BROby Petric
2. BROnd3l
3. Big BROther
4. BROodRoosterNL
5. seBROhmah
6. EuBROnix
7. darkBROjimbo
8. Cristi BROdea
9. Starkad BROrlikson
10. Dio BROndo

4.3 Wallpapers

1. Animals
2. Girls
3. Games
4. Cars
5. Landscapes

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Dorian Derezic a.k.a. Alpha & Omega