Recent events regarding DWARF and Asteria/Hydra relationship

Day 5,755, 11:03 Published in Montenegro Ukraine by DWARF HQ

Hello everyone!

Two months ago, Asteria and Hydra on one side, and DWARF on the other side, had reached an agreement known as the Peace in the Middle East.

Several days ago, we were approached to change one of the terms of the deal. While negotiations were still ongoing, Sweden attacked Uruguay in the Saudi Arabia cores, despite the term:
"Countries hosted by DWARF for Training Wars purposes are not to be attacked by CODE, Asteria or Hydra".

It would be fair to note that Sweden didn't get support of their allies during this hostile action, but our chosen TW partner wouldn't be able to return if Sweden would have succeded. Thus said, we consider this action as a breach of the deal and the attempt to interfere with the independent status of DWARF.
Hence Asteria and Hydra aren't welcome in our cores anymore.