Peace in the Middle East

Day 5,692, 05:15 Published in USA USA by Herr Vootsman
Peace in the Middle East

After months of negotiations, the two largest alliances - DWARF and Asteria – have come to a mutually beneficial understanding. I am pleased to announce these terms.

DWARF is an independent, non-aligned alliance and will be respected by Asteria as such. Accordingly, Asteria, Hydra and DWARF agree to a non-aggression pact (NAP) with each other.

DWARF will be neutral with regards to Asteria's conflict with Code and as such will not provide their cores for countries to attack Asteria, Hydra, or CODE.
Countries hosted by DWARF for Training Wars purposes are not to be attacked by CODE, Asteria or Hydra.

As Montenegro declines to participate in this agreement, they are thus able to attack Asteria, and to be attacked by Asteria without being in violation of this agreement.