Unblacklisting Dominar

Day 4,612, 11:49 Published in USA USA by chickensguys
Forgiveness Recently hcmadman, an individual who deserves great praise for his frequent support for the downtrodden rose in support of unblacklisting Dominar. As usual, hcmadman's penchant for decency and moderation shines through. He proposed that Dominar serve a 3-month censure (including timed serve) in lieu of blacklisting. This, I think, is a fair compromise. Even today, I don’t think excluding Dominar from the community makes sense or is even justified anymore. It is, without a doubt in my mind, a gross overreaction. Sadly, a small group of irate haters are using the backdrop of IES violations as a pretext to keep him removed from the community. The real reasons that animate this sort of visceral reaction to Dominar are political and personal.

It is no secret that a vocal minority in the SFP really does hate Dominar and even myself to an albeit lesser extent. This is due to a long and checkered history going back years and I don’t wish to rehash it here today. But, I would remind my colleagues across the aisle that we do not blacklist people who are not a threat to the community, and we do not blacklist our political opponents. We should aim for an inclusive community, not an exclusive community. When BearCav was blacklisted you had no greater supporter than myself, in working to remove that stigma. I don’t think players should be blacklisted unless they actually pose a real and true threat to the community.

Now, to the apology. I read Dominar’s apology and I found it sufficient. However, it appears that some people disagree. To these people, ask yourself what you wanted him to say. If you go into this looking for a reason to keep someone banned from the community, you will always find it. In many respects, it’s nearly impossible to write a sufficient apology article for eRep. But if you come into this being magnanimous and willing to forgive, I believe you will find his letter sufficient.