[TIHCE] The Winners Announced!

Day 4,392, 13:11 Published in Netherlands Poland by Shawtyl0w

Dear readers from all over the eWorld,

We, the eNetherlands Productions team - Shawtyl0w, rainy sunday, Feynmann and Janty F, present to you,the winners of the 'The International Halloween Community Event. 'With Halloween and the 12th anniversary of eRepublik behind us and today being black friday players players and spending all their gold and currency on companies and back. However we are also looking forward to the Christmas event. Before we get there it is time to reveal the winners of the TIHCE event!

For those of you that missed the event you can read all about it here.

We asked you, the eCitizens of the new world to broaden our horizons outside of Halloween and share a piece of your own culture, nation, religion, ethnicity, etc. with us. We wanted you to be creative as well so we allowed you to change the narrative of any story into something 'Halloween like' - but make sure you also reference the original story so others can learn more about your culture.

Thirteen people sent in their entries and joined the competition. Many more read their stories, endorsed and reshouted them. The eNL production team has individually selected what we believe are the top stories shared by the participants. All of us had a blast reading the each and every story submitted. All authors did an amazing job, we applaud them! Without further ado we present to you the winners of the TIHCE competition!

Emrace - The Stranger

Second place
Rabbit of Caerbannog - Legend of The Black Queen

Third place
Warbringer Sigfrid Dk DC - The Ghost of Bianca Maria di Malaspina

Fourth place
Stargazer89 - Witches of our past

Fifth place
Stephan Condurachis - The Legend of Dracula

JackTrout - ZA in 3 Parts

The other entries
Rabbit of Caerbannog - Legend of the Rabbit of Caerbannog
Ikki di Phoenix - Legend of The Sleeping Lady
taleum - Halloween! Halloween?
The Legend of JuliusEhNozes - Curipira The defensor of Florest
Arcanic Mindje - Ghost Stories Tour of Waverley Hills
Sethesin - eIrelander Contest Submission - The Fate of Young Johnny
DontPanicPls - The Scary house

This event was sponsored by several individual players, the eNL production team and Plato!

We hope you enjoyed the eNL production event and look forward seeing you again when we introduce our next project.


The eNL Production Team
Shawtyl0w, Janty F, rainy sunday and Feynmann