Rareonce Literary Contest: Sixth Edition (Halloween!)

Day 2,893, 07:18 Published in USA USA by ResouIa

Welcome to the sixth official edition of the Rareonce Literary Contest!

This is a contest where you may submit different literary works that you have created and win prizes for them! You may submit your literary work to any and all of the categories outlined below- along with their eligibility requirements.

UPDATE: For the first time ever, voting will take place in an eRepublik article through use of the comment section. If this works well, it will permanently replace the forum-based voting RareLit has used for its previous eight editions.

To SUBMIT your work please email it to me at rareonceliterary@gmail.com. A secondary way to submit your works would be to post them on The Black Sheep Forums. Lastly, if it fits in PM, comments, or in an IRC query feel free to submit via those.

REWARDS shall be handed out to the winner of each category. They can be in currency, tanks, or food- whatever is requested the most during a round. Current rewards are 50 Q7 weapons for each category winner! Categories that reach 3 or more submissions will be eligible for runner up prizes of up to 25 Q7 weapons each as well!

SCHEDULE: Submissions will be accepted up until Thursday, 10/29/15. Voting will begin anytime between the 29th and the 31st. Keep your eye out, as this time around all those who vote will get a special treat!

Category Eligibility

UPDATE: The "Screenplay" category, having only once seen enough participation to get it moving, is hereby removed from the competition and replaced with the "Six Word Memoir" category: A category that has by itself sustained two RareLit special editions.

Currently no restrictions. Can be of any length and of any form. (However if I get something too ridiculous like 20 pages of a poem then I may have to change this.)

Short Story
Currently limited to 10,000 words.
Up to R rated content allowed. Any X rated content will have to be minor and reviewed by myself and two others I ask to review with me, to decided if this is appropriate to submit to this contest or not.

Six Word Memoir
Don't know what a Six Word Memoir is? Maybe this will help you.

MUST be an eRepublik article reporting on some person/event using factual information or be advertising something such as a military unit, or some other type of organization. Political journalism is allowed.

NOTE: Can't think of anything to write about? Well it's Halloween! Write something Halloween related! Spooky themes will likely be enjoyed during this holiday season!


#1. You must meet all eligibility requirements for your selected category.

#2. All submissions must be made with the inclusion of which category you wish to submit your literary work to as well as a link to your in-game profile.

#3. You must include in your submission that- if it contains sexually explicit content- you state that it does and where it is located. It will then be reviewed to determine its eligibility for this contest.

#4. Submissions will NOT be accepted after voting begins.

#5. Only one submission may be made to each category by one contestant.

#6. Previous category winning works may not be re-submitted.

The rules are subject to change at any time during a contest and your submission may be denied for a reason not yet listed here.

Submission methods can be found above under "SUBMIT"
Good luck to everyone!
SFP Writers: More opportunities for prizes await!