[Dept of Education] Welcome to eAustralia!

Day 1,789, 00:29 Published in Australia Australia by Aus Ministry of Finance

Are you a new player?
Confused and overwhelmed, or just getting bored with clicking the fight button?

Follow these simple instructions to really get involved in the community and start having fun!
Also, free money $$$!

First off, here's where eAussies go to chat - say Hi and introduce yourself!

There's usually someone around who will be delighted to help you, so check in regularly and get to know people. We're very friendly!
Learn more about IRC here.

The next step is to sign up to the hub of the nation, where we run the country and where we sink our roots into the community.

Once you sign up, you'll need to request access to the eAustralian Citizens group. To gain access, look at the top-right of your screen and click here:

Then here:

Please make sure you put your eRepublik name in the request, then click here:

You can sign up for any other groups you think you might be elegible for (your political party or military unit) the same way.
Please note: It may take up to a day for your request to be approved.

Don't be daunted! Take it slow and introduce yourself in this thread.

There's a hell of a lot there and you don't need to read it all, but we recommend you sign in at least once a day to reply, make some posts and get your name out there.
Don't be nervous, just post!
Learn more about the Forums here.

The ADF (Australian Defence Force) will train you and set you on your path to become a hero of eAustralia.

They'll send you a handsome pile of tanks and some cash every day and all you have to do in return is fight in our battles and answer a weekly roll call.

Every player counts, sign up here and make eAustralia stronger! And get free stuff!
Learn more about the ADF here.

Talked to people in IRC? Made your first posts in the Forum? Enlisted in the Australian Defence Force? Great work!

Here, have some cash!

Our Department of Education will send you a cheque for you to spend on whatever the hell you like. You've just taken part in the New Player Rewards Scheme (NPRS).
Learn more about the NPRS here.

New players are the future of our country and by taking our money and joining the community, you've just made our day.

Government celebrating a new player

Thanks for being eAustralian! 😃

Welcome to the nation.