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10分钟前admin公布了新版本最终预览,不敢独享,简单 翻译给大家看。可以预见新模式对双击党是致命的打击。。。全文为意译,没有琢字翻译 ,也没有润色,大家差不多看看即可,完美细腻的翻译留给强人们去搞吧。。。。

Dear citizens,

We have reached the end of our journey through the new economic and military modules. This Insider is a closing overview, bringing together most of the cool stuff and main ideas from both modules.

So, what is it all about? Among other things it's about the new concept of time management which will allow your citizen to experience 24 virtual hours every day in eRepublik. This way you'll be able to decide what to do with your character, how much to work, to train, to learn or to have fun, each of these having a certain influence over your character's life (like your payment, your weapon skill increase, and so on). After a hard day it is time to rest, so don't forget to save some hours for this! And the best thing? You can do all that in just a couple of real-life minutes!
首先是时间管理, 允许公民在er中体验24小时虚拟时间。这将允许你按照你的习惯去安排时间,比如分配 多少时间给工作,多少时间训练,学习或者娱乐。 这些都将对你造成一定的影响(比如你的收入,武器技能提升等等)忙碌一天后,你需要休 息,所以不要忘记为睡眠留下时间。 最美妙的是你仅需花费一点点现实时间即可完成这一切。

It's also about happiness, which adds a bit more complexity to your life and also turns eRepublik into a more realistic social simulator. After all, in real life you're not just stronger or weaker, more or less skilled on a profession, healthier or sicker. You are also more or less happy! This new attribute will influence your daily results when working/training/learning. Your happiness decreases with each hour spent on doing something, and is restored with each hour saved for resting. You can also increase your happiness by consuming certain products, or by spending leisure time.

还有欢乐系统,,这将使你的生活存在一些变数,而且也将使虚拟生活更真实些。毕竟,在 现实中你不单单是极端的强壮或者脆弱, 技能很强或者很差,很健康或者很虚弱。你也许仅仅是有一点点不快乐而已。这个新属性将 影响到你的每天工作,学习,训练的成果。 你的欢乐值随着你的活动而逐渐减少,随着你休息而增长。当然,你也可以通过购买特定物 品来恢复欢乐值,或者离开电脑去休闲下

It's about a whole bunch of new professions. Most likely the job of your dreams is included among them. You've dreamed to become a Project Manager ever since you were a kid? Consider it done! Or maybe an Architect? Or a Marketing Manager? No problem, we have eleven professions for you to choose from!

这个版本将包括一些全新的职业。几乎能包括你所梦想的各个职业,你小时候是否梦想成为 一个项目经理?嗯,现在可以了。 或者成为设计师?市场经理?没问题,我们有11个全新的职业任你选择。

Professions will make possible the fill of marketplace with customized products, each type of product (like food, house, etc) consisting of several product components. Each profession will be responsible for supplying certain product components and each component influences a specific attribute. The new attributes range from the durability of buildings and weapons to the moving distance of tickets. But there are more attributes; the health and happiness of citizens, the damage, defense and attack value of weapons, the area of effect of buildings, all these are customizable attributes. It will be the General Manager's job to adjust these variables, such that their products will turn out to be truly successful.
职业化会使市场充满个性化的产品, 每种产品都将由一些小产品部分组成(我理解就是比方说房子需要产品砖头去盖)每个职业 会生产特定的产品部分,各个不同的产品部分将会使成品具有不同的属性。这些新属性不仅 包括房子和武器的耐久,机票的移动距离等等,还有很多新属性,比如公民的生命和快乐值 ,伤害,武器的防御力和攻击效果(命中?)建筑物的影响范围,所有这些都是可定制的属 性。 这些都是经理们需要去衡量的,以便使他们的产品销路更好(貌似是说 经理们以后需要费脑筋去拼积木了。。)

But why would you want to buy a customized tank, or rifle, or helicopter? Well, because when you'll go to war, you'll need it. You'll be out there together with your friends but also all alone, just you and your weapon . When the moment of truth arrives, it will be a clash just between you and one of your enemies, chosen by you. Or, you might be the one chosen by an enemy. One versus one. This will take place on the map of the region, which is divided into tiles, each tile being able to host buildings. Out of the many tiles, one of them will be the most important because it will be the Capital city of the region. To lose a tile having a hospital on it might be painful, especially because once lost the building will apply its effects to enemies, the new owners of the tile. But to lose the Capital is one of the two conditions to lose the battle! The other condition has to do with the percentage of the total tiles held or captured.

你是否愿意去买个定制坦克,狙击枪或者直升机?好吧,为了你满足的战斗欲望,你需要这 些。你在战场上虽然跟你的战友在一起,但最终其实你还是只能靠自己和自己手里的武器。 你可以主动选择也可以被敌人选择单挑。 这将在以格状分割的地图上发生,每个格都可以安放建筑物(说白了就是战旗模式。。)在 很多格之间,有一些重要的格子,他们是这个区域的 核心区域。丢失一个包含医院的格子将很不利,因为它将转为治疗敌方。但是失去核心区域 将会是战争失败的2个条件之一。 另外一个条件是格子占领度。

Before deciding to attack someone, you need to take into consideration the terrain type of the tile and also the weapon skill of your enemy. This because each terrain type gives advantage to a specific unit and also each unit has an advantage over another specific unit. If you want to catch up with those advantages, have a look at this Insider
It is clear that the future battlefields will require both coordination and cooperation. Soldiers need to communicate, to have a strategy. The assault of a hot spot, like a bridge, will require not only sheer force but also strategy! Imagine a mass of infantry-only soldiers assaulting a bridge defended by a bunch of strong tanks. The outcome of the battle is pretty predictable.

在决定攻击某人前,你需要考虑敌方的地形优势和武器技能。因为不同的地形对不同的兵种 会有加成,而且不同兵种也会从身边特定兵种出得到攻击加成。如果你想得到这些加成,请 进战场时多加关注。很明显将来的战斗将更加需要协调与合作。士兵们需要沟通,需要制定 战略。攻击一个战略要地(比方说桥梁),将不仅需要蛮力还需要策略。 想象一下,一堆步兵去攻击一个由强大的坦克群保护的桥梁,战斗的结果是相当明显的。

The current generic strength will turn into four types of “weapons skills”, and these will no longer be something like “skill 16,8”. Each level of skill will have a name, be that “rookie” or “greenhorn” or “veteran”. Same goes for economic professions: you'll no longer be “2.3 manufacturing points skilled”, instead you'll be something like “Junior Carpenter”. This way we'll overcome the current limit of skill 7 in the Jobs Market. We are also adding stars to “Field Marshall” rank, so your military career won't end there anymore.

现在的力量属性将转化为武器技能,而且也不再是单纯的skill 16.8这样的数字。 每级技能都将由自己的名字,像 “rookie” or “greenhorn” or “veteran”等等。 同样得,职业技能也不再仅仅是 2.3制造点 这样显示,你将获得 “Junior Carpenter”这样的称号。这样我们将结束 人力市场上最高技能7这个限制。我们还为“Field Marshall”增加了星数,所以你的军事生涯不会就此结束了。(1星上将?5星上 将?100星上将?。很无聊呀。)

As we said, there are many other details, which you'll discover yourself in time. The only thing left is an Insider dedicated to migrations, which will offer answers to questions like what happens to current strengths, skills, companies, stocks and so on.

嗯,这里还有很多细节变化,需要你自己去体味、发现。唯一剩下问题是以上提出的变化如 何转换为我们上面提到的方式。像 力量,技能,公司,股票等等

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