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[WTP] WTF is FTW? Free food, of course!

Day 1,953, 02:11 Published in USA USA by Talostastic


Until recently, WTP had lagged behind some other parties at having our own food supply program. But not anymore!

FTW; or, Feed The World, was started by the wonderful minds at We The People with the purpose stated in the title, feeding the world.

"But Talostastic," you're probably asking yourself, "How do I get free goodies?"

Well, imaginary person I'm conversing with, it's simple. All you need to do is click on the word simple Or;
This Link

"Sorry to ask another question, but what can I receive?"
Another excellent question.

Once a day, ANY legal citizen of the eUSA can apply once a day to receive 300 Energy. It might be in the form of 150 Q1 food, so when you apply, please make sure that you have at least 150 open slots in your inventory.

Any member of We The People can apply and receive 600 Energy per day. As an added bonus, on Tank'em Tuesdays and Free Tank Fridays, you can also apply and receive 5 Q7 tanks at no extra charge! (For those of you having trouble following along, still $0.)

During the Gold Mine promotion, EVERYONE can receive 5 Q7 tanks per day, whether or not you're a member of We The People.

So, lets review.
Not a member of the WTP? Get 300 Energy per day for the price of a few clacks of your keyboard.
Member of the WTP? Get 600 Energy per day for the price of the same number of clacks of your keyboard, and on Tank'Em Tuesdays and Free Tank Fridays, get yourself 5 Q7 tanks for no extra clacks.

While you're here, remember to subscribe to both my paper, and our Dear Party President Mazzy Cat's paper as well, for all your WTP-related goodness.

We The People Spokesman.


CYANlDE Day 1,953, 02:27

first .. give me some food

Gucio Day 1,953, 06:22

Im hungry! Gibbe some cookies and a cake :3

MazzyCat Day 1,953, 07:55


We The People!


ligtreb Day 1,953, 08:03

Good luck with FTW!

Rican Day 1,953, 08:04

i demand chocolate cake.
All they give you in Switzerland is f***ing pie.

Patrilum Day 1,953, 08:08

s33 v8 o7

auris0 Day 1,953, 09:40

v10 s34

Henry William French
Henry William French Day 1,953, 09:55

We The People!

Hale26 Day 1,953, 11:54

And voted 😁

Un Foullon
Un Foullon Day 1,953, 12:55


also voted and suscribed !

Iamnameless Day 1,954, 02:59

Well done WTP!

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