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{WTP}- Alliance Opinion Survey; The Surprising Follow Up.

Day 1,874, 16:12 Published in USA USA by Hale26

Warning- A wall of text follows. Save yourself some time ; Skip to the part with the graphs.

Evening America,

Though far beyond its due date, and a little bit sketchier than I would've hoped, I have excellent news ~ The results from the Alliance Survey are in.

As mentioned a week ago in this same paper, in various shouts, and word of mouth, WTP's Comms Department made a National MPP Survey for all Unity Americans. The main goal of this survey was to get a sampling of what Americans think of their alliances at the moment.
However, through talking with some responders, I found there was more to be gained from this survey than what was originally offered.

As every American knows (And from the results of this survey, clearly doesn't forget) our allegiances have been less-than-constant over the past year. When I started playing the game, we were occupying Spain, France was free, Germark was strong as ever,Bulgaria was in EDEN and Chile in Terra.

But the world has changed since then. Poland has established its arguable place as overlord of France and most of Germany, Bulgaria and Chile were mercilessly cast away from their alliances only to find solace in a brotherly allegiance of their own, CoT, and EDEN is undeniably weakened.

Using just these examples, we can see things are different. Our leaders knew this as well, and being ever vigilant of the changes before us, tried to move away from the ashes of TEDEN and make a new alliance, CTRL.

Inevitably, CTRL, an alliance composed of Brazil, Spain and Poland didn't succeed. I doubt there needs to be any history lesson in terms of what went wrong there.

After this failed experiment, we became Pro-EDEN for awhile. And after that, Pro-CoT. The collateral of our ungrounded foreign policy was a disenfranchised and ill treated populace, a tarnished foreign reputation and numerous self destructive acts being committed against America by our own citizens.

Through all 3 of these alliance shifts (Arguably 2.5) the American populace was never once asked what they thought of our new allies. Many in WTP, doubtlessly in other parties as well, think that wasn't wise.

This survey, though small, gives everyone a voice. No longer will the opinion of America be unheard of, or vaguely gained through what MU a person alligns themselves with or the like.
Now, every American can have a voice.
Now, We have numbers !! 😃 😃 😃 😃
If you look closely, each smiley is just a bit different from the one before it

Ahem, moving on.

This survey hopes to achieve these 3 things...
1. Give the government a rough idea of who the nation does not like to be alligned with. They will hopefully take heed of this, and either change course, or convince America that these new allies are worth it. (Through articles and the like)
Admittedly, the Government does know best a lot of the time.
However, no matter how right the Government may or may not be, they need their people on board and informed for anything to work.

2. Give the people some sense of how common their opinion is. Just to see just how many people agree with them, and how many don't. I would define this as "general interest."

3. Make people feel like their opinion matters. I'm hoping people will see from this that their opinion does count, at least to someone. Though our executive means well, it has often times made people feel unloved and ill attended with its erratic foreign policy moves.

Mainly inspired by a French alliance survey I found awhile ago, it worked something like this...

1. Each participant received a list of Countries we were MPPed with at the time of writing. You rated them from 1-5, with 1 being heavily disliked, and 5 being friend for life.
This was done VIA Google Docs.
2. We went through the results for Spam, foreign responses...etc.
All "bad" responses were terminated.
3. With many thanks to my team, WTP sent out Confirmation PMs to all participants to confirm they were the ones who filled in the survey, not someone misusing their Profile Link.
4. All Americans who responded to the survey had their responses highlighted, transferred into another doc, and added to the total.
5. Add up the total number of "points" awarded to each country. Divide each number by 102 to get the score, then multiple the score by 20 to get the percentage.

We're proud to say that at least 102 American responses were for our Survey. We thank you all for your contributions to this sample. Without further ado, here are the results...

Out of 510

Overall, 3 countries scored at least 80%, 5 Countries Scored below 60% (Which is classifies them as enemies), and the rest were Neutral.
Each countries' ranking...

Due to Iran and Chile's almost 60% rating, I put Iran as passed and Chile as a "Sorta Pass." Not very beautiful, but they were fairly close.

Now for a Break Down of each Country...

Brazil- As expected, Brazil scored excellently. We have always worked closely with Brazil, and the government did an excellent job showing that off with various articles and pacts. Brazil's help in the ATO undoubtedly was very public, also helping their 83% score.

Albania- Just like Brazil, Albania was a favorite to do well. Many Albanian's are currently in America for ATO purposes and for economic reasons. The wonderful thing about Albania is that the love of them has infiltrated our society at large- Be it through PM, IRC, or Shouts, it isn't too hard to find an American saying something nice about Albania.
The Pact the government signed with Albania most likely helped as well, combined with the AUP's help in various ATO actions.

Germany- For Germany I'm more out of my depth. Germany has not been publicly helping in the ATO very much (in terms of articles and shouts, though their loyalty is unquestioned), but we do have a considerable amount of influential Germans within America. (*cough* Ilphen *cough*)
This, alongside with the German MOFA thanking us in various articles for joint attacks and the like greatly helps our relationship.

Adding to that, the positive relation towards them is also helped by old TERRA ties, and Germany setting us a CoD during wars fairly often.

Finland- Finland scored decently as well. Providing many interesting ASGARD battles, Finland can be seen as a relief for those who are less than keen on CoT.
Also, our resident PTO Fin (His name escapes me) was promptly denounced by various ministers in Finland's government, very much mitigating the damage he could've caused.

Israel- Israel scored decently. However, our MPP with them hasn't been renewed, so they are no longer an MPP "ally."

Pakistan- The source of America's main eReligion (Dioism) ranked decently. However, it should be noted that many influential Americans themselves are IN Pakistan at the moment. Due to these cultural ties, Pakistan can be classified as a strong ally.

Belarus- Belarus was a bit over neutral. Though seen as a friendly Baltic satellite in the past, Belarus has signed a treaty with Poland and Latvia (Or Lithuania. Name escapes me.) For reasons like this, Belarus is no longer MPPed with America.

Paraguay- Scoring a full 3, Paraguay isn't on the minds of American's very much. Being closely aligned with Chile, and respected by Brazil, they are a natural MPP for us to have at the moment due to our Pro-CoT stance.

Iran- We are no longer aligned with Iran. Due to Iran's anti-life stance on Pakistan, and the possibility they may be warred upon by some CoT states, this is not a viable MPP to have. (With present policy)
Iran is majorly pacifist and barely passed as it is, so they will not be missed from our MPP stack.

Chile- Chile was an old member of TERRA, making them a nation many Americans worked closely with. Though the months of Argentine-Supporting have withered away at Chile's reputation, if the Government tries they may be able to convince people Chile is a suitable ally.

People are acting a bit chilly toward Chile. Hehe, get it? No? Okay then...

Mexico- Mexico didn't do so well. Being our natural "backyard", many Americans are used to seeing Mexico as an enemy. Though the Mexicans did cooperate well with America during the TWing under President Cerb, Government will have to work extremely hard to brush off the "51st State" vibe Mexico gives Americans. At present though, Mexico's MPP shouldn't be too concerning considering their mostly peaceful nature. (Save war on Colombia)

Bulgaria- Bulgaria did very badly in our sample. This is most likely attributed to no Government articles singling out Bulgaria and explaining why they are a suitable ally (which must be done considering our hostile stance to them a few weeks ago), and their war on Greece.
Greece has been fairly close with Americans, though I can't say exactly due to them being left out of this survey. (Since we have no MPP with them.)

Though Bulgaria was former EDEN, and works well with both Ire and Russia, the old stigma attached to them will take effort to work off.

Spain- Surprisingly, Spain is the second most disliked nation in this sample. This is just a bit shocking considering we've been aligned with Spain for months now, following the Asturias Agreement and CTRL.
Spain will need much more good press before they are seen as an ally in American eyes.

Poland- Poland is a defensive MPP, so the government is neither trying to make them seem good, or bad. As explained in WHPR, the Poland MPP defends us against Serbian assault. So if Serbia strikes us first VIA Aquitaine, they will lose the support of the 2nd most powerful country in the game alongside various other MPPs.

Again, thank you to all who participated. If you did not reply to your confirmation PM, or send a PM to me, your response was not counted. Admittedly, we should've clarified that we would be confirming your response ahead of time. We're sorry for that, and hope that the next survey we launch will go smoother thanks to the lessons learned from this one.
Now for some light recommendations,

To the New Government- Me being me, I'd like you guys to write some kind of response to these findings. Set a goal for yourself to raise public opinion on a certain ally or something.
I trust President Fingerguns will focus more on communication, but nonetheless, I'd personally like it if we could get at least one good Pro-CoT article from the Cabinet every week. That's not too much to ask, right ?

To the Soldiers- Now, many of you have been deploying abroad as of late because you can't stand CoT. I get that, and that's what I've been doing.
To be honest, I personally see no reason to even attempt to persuade you to stop doing that. Your views have been neglected for a long time, so this is understandable.
However, if the Executive does try to stretch out a hand in good faith, meet her half way. CoT might very well be terrible; but the very least you can do is hear the other side of the story first before judging it.z

To the Citizens (also Soldiers because, well, everyone is a soldier in this game)- If you don't like the current MPPs, please, please PM our MoFA/President. I know they're not going to like the spam, but you should hear what the gov has to say bout these things.

To the Foreigners who want the best for America (No, not you AFA)- If you want America's populace to like you, please do something to earn that love. I realize that alliances go both ways, but even if it's just by helping in the ATO or messing with the AFA a bit, publicity is good.
For example- I have immense respect for Bosnia and Greece thanks to their help in keeping WTP in the T4 last elections. Bosnia sent at least 20 people, and we had a Greek coming to our party and posting on the shout feed at least 3 times a day.
That is something I can respect.

That's all for this article. If you would like to be part of the next National Survey, please just send a PM to Hale26. (The writer of this article)

Also, I would like to thank Concept, Zxdek, and Lansizzle for their work on this project. You guys, along with the other SHS, make me proud to be a WTPer. Keep our party's and Department's principles alive guys, and you'll be going places.

Humbly signing off in your service America,

WTP Director of Communications
WTP SHS Leader.

Bonus Feature-
Here is a small graph showing what Americans think of their MPPs on the whole (this was forgotten from the original publication)-

Americans rate their MPPs with a score of 2.68 when lumped together.
However, when we add up the actual numbers of the MPPs to find the average we find that our MPPs actually score 3.15.
That is almost a 10% difference.
I believe this further goes onto prove that due to the Government's lack of communication and general negativity towards CoT, many Americans will automatically respond in a negative way to our MPPs on the whole. However, when asked about each country we find the situation is much different.
That, or one bad apple (Like Spain, apparently) ruins the bunch.


Oblige Day 1,874, 16:14

By the People,
For the People,
We the People!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,874, 16:37

Bosnians support AFA

WTP=RLC(our party)

Hale26 Day 1,874, 16:38

RGR, you're late. I was expecting you to get #1.
Not that I'm disappointed, ofc.

By the People,
For the People,
We the People !

Haselrig Day 1,874, 16:39

Voted. Excellent follow-up.

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy Day 1,874, 16:46

Hold on
So, 5 countries that Americans hate the most are Poland, Spain, Mexico, Bulgaria and Chile? All TWO/CoT countries. And yet you say: "I'd personally like it if we could get at least one good Pro-CoT article from the Cabinet every week."
You want the government to support the alliance Americans hate? That's not really listening to the voice of the people.
And I still want to hear an explanation on how do you imagine being in CoT and hating Serbia at the same time, when Indonesia, Macedonia and Chile are some of Serbia's best friends in the game...

n0s3 Day 1,874, 16:48

By the People,
For the People,
We the People!

Hale26 Day 1,874, 16:51

Caca, many people dislike CoT because we've always been Pro-EDEN for so long. But then one night, everything changed with little to no explanation.
I believe in fairness as much as the will of the people. No American government does anything to purposely hurt America. However, if they want us to follow their alliance they need to give some proof of why its good.

If they won't, then looks like I'll be staying in China for now ^_~.
But I trust Fingerguns and her Cabinet will.

Also, to your other comment- I'm not here to Defend CoT. I'm Pro-EDEN. But I am open to hearing what the government has to say.

Edelmann Day 1,874, 16:53

"I haven't noticed many German's help in the ATO"

Aha? AHA? I'll vote for RGR next time. : /

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy Day 1,874, 17:04

What they want is to not stay behind, all alone. Brazil is moving on, USA wants to follow, but I see no future in CoT for America. If we look back 6 months or so, USA waged wars against Macedonia, Indonesia, Mexico, Switzerland, New Zealand...and now (over night, as you've suggested it) wants to be allies with these countries? That's just hypocritical, because the only reason why USA is doing this is to avoid being left alone. EDEN is not the dominant force anymore, so EDEN is bad, hail CoT and their damage, and we'll just pretend we're friends with everyone, until the tides change once again. Oh, and also: Your precious awesome ally Albania is being overrun by - surprise! CoT. Are you going to do something about it?

stewy Day 1,874, 17:04

"So, 5 countries that Americans hate the most are Poland, Spain, Mexico, Bulgaria and Chile? All TWO/CoT countries"

No, that's just out of the (at the time current) mpp stack.. If you ask who we hate most, you'll likely get a big fat #1 Serbia, who's not on the list available.

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy Day 1,874, 17:08

OK, so I ask you again:
If USA really wants to be in CoT, how do you imagine making it work and hating Serbia at the same time?

Hale26 Day 1,874, 17:14

Caca, I'm not entirely sure what you want from me. I'm Pro-EDEN.

What I'm asking for is the government to start talking to people more about why we should support CoT. Being Serbian you probably haven't noticed, but we have only got 1 or 2 articles on CoT in all this time.

Also, not being left behind helps the American people. So again, they have our best interests at heart. Just they're not explaining themselves very well ^_~

However, until convinced otherwise, I can't see any reason to lose some of our Pro-EDEN friends. (Like Greece, Albania and Bosnia, for example.)

ligtreb Day 1,874, 17:19


Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy Day 1,874, 17:22

Hale, I was asking because of your sentence
"I'd personally like it if we could get at least one good Pro-CoT article from the Cabinet every week."
It seemed to me that you were pro-CoT. You say that you're not, and ok - I believe you. I read articles from USA every day, and I've seen some government articles promoting CoT membership, prominent USA "officials" advertising it, and so on. So I see the preference. But it seems to me that Americans want something that cannot work, it CTRL all over again, you can't love Albania, Turkey, Croatia, France, Germany and whatever, and be great allies with Macedonians, Bulgarians, and the rest. It just doesn't work...

eisenmutter2 Day 1,874, 17:29

@Edelmann Day 1,874, 16:53

it's probably your own fault because you blend in too much
so stop the talk about the need for more guns and less gun control
just write more articles about 'Weißwurst und Bier', being punctual every day at XX o'clock to press the "start production"-button and how you produce high quality + make a 'Lederhosen' you avatar

it's that easy my friend

Plugson Day 1,874, 17:33

That's quite the report ~ voted up.

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,874, 17:33


Bucephalus92 Day 1,874, 17:34

Caca I don't think Hale was trying to advocate for one alliance over another, just asking for the government to effectively communicate to its citizens why they do the things they do aka why are we pro CoT right now..

Fantastic article Hale

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,874, 17:43


Zappie Day 1,874, 17:51

Nice job Hale. Always nice to see what our friends down South are thinking!

john nwp
john nwp Day 1,874, 17:51

v&s. At some future point it might to a good idea to do a survey about some nations which we do not have MPPs with right now, to see if the American people would be for or against being allies (ie china, india, Indonesia to name a few).

nimnul Day 1,874, 17:55

no Russia in the poll? Does that mean our relations are not questioned in principle?

Vanek26 Day 1,874, 17:58

1. ilu
2. We didn't have an MPP due to the Belarus TW. This survey only asked about MPPs, which makes it a poor poll. Should have asked about every country, at least the important ones.

Hale26 Day 1,874, 18:06

@Vanek, I tend to think we here at WTP run very classy polls xD.
But a full on survey has been discussed. However, we wanted to start small. We already had to kill around 25 legit responses because they weren't confirmed- We don't want that to have to happen again.
Also, this helps us build a bit more of a base.
Basically, we needed to test drive our polling plan. This was a very good way to do so.

Candor Day 1,874, 18:14

Excellent work! Really, really great! Voted so hard I now have to go to Best Buy and get a new keyboard!

Plainswalker Day 1,874, 19:31

If this is true and not the oppinion of foreign ATO/PTO residents in eUSA, then you foreign office is definitely doing a lousy job.

PigInZen Day 1,874, 19:34

Quality. Thanks.

Magnanimous Day 1,874, 22:13

102 votes is too little of a sample to represent a nation. Why not do another one with at least 1000 people?

Arfan-Khan Day 1,874, 22:19


Hackerdude Day 1,875, 01:07

Sample size small; but as an eMexican, 51st state or not (wasn't that going to be Puerto Rico? 😉 ), I'd love to know how we could help turn this around a bit, so we can both have a secure common regional front and work better together. Let me know and I can try to relay to our MofA.

I can also write some articles in English to try to turn things around a bit (in the interest of the "publicity" mentioned here), but then I'd need the subs and votes from you guys. 🙂


Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius Day 1,875, 02:13


Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,875, 05:17

Good job!

S.N.I.P.E.R Day 1,875, 06:41

Voted & SS

By the People,
For the People,
We the People!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,875, 07:09

Interesting, especially the distribution of some answers.

hazelh Day 1,875, 07:43


Geronimo100 Day 1,875, 08:32

This is very interesting data. Great work guys.

BNK RIMTUTITUKI Day 1,875, 08:55

Nice work... Facts:

No EDEN members like Greece, Croatia, China, Turkey... ?
You have mpp with Bulgaria, Poland, Spain... CoT&TWO (ex.ONE in few months thay will be Three I think)

You are facing with strong PTO from eSerbia and still have MPP with eSerbia ally xD
I was for USA and made some dmg for you, today just observe...
Your move USA, for EDEN or against ?

acme12345 Day 1,875, 09:16


Amboise Day 1,875, 09:18

+1 CacaHendrix

CoT is just TWO's backyard

interesting + voted

Malpazar Day 1,875, 12:13

Voted, I really enjoyed the time you took to make this article and I enjoyed voting in it.

KOSOVA ArlinDx Day 1,875, 12:55

voted good job
long live albanian-american friendship o/

Vijalob Day 1,875, 17:22

Buce expressed what I started to write and couldn't find the words for three or four times last night. More communication is more gooder.

Vijalob Day 1,875, 17:23

Also, the thing about the smily faces was a joke, right? I zoomed way the hell in and couldn't find a pixel's difference.

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,876, 08:03

only 102 responses doe snot really count as a true indicator I would think. Im sure the USA has more than 50x that population easily!

Vijalob Day 1,876, 13:05

8735 current members, 250 who are on RIGHT NOW. n=100 with good sampling would be about+-10% error; the people who responded to this were a voluntary sample, who represent people who are plugged in enough to get the link to the Google form and to respond to a "hey, are you, like, you?" email. That makes them more representative of people who actively participate in eUS, for better or worse.

I'm not sure how one would perform an actual random sample, unless invites were sent through IM (and then something intentional should still be done to account for non response). These are good preliminary results that give a direction for further research.

DanielEsp Day 1,876, 14:26

V & S Nice research 😛

Dart Magus
Dart Magus Day 1,876, 16:28

Hello, im DartMagus

Mexican MoFA

One of the priorities for the government of eMéxico is to improve these relations, so we can generate a friendship in the future.

It's obvious that the opinion is negative, since until recently we were at war. Nevertheless, our alliance is new, and this is the time to make it grow. We can't expect that from one day to the next high marks of approval are generated. This will happen in time and as we show our value as an ally.

I have already contacted the president, ex-president, and MofA and ex-MoFA of the eUSA. We hope our relationship continues to improve as it has and friendship can blossom from this.

Iamnameless Day 1,877, 14:54

very nice work
agree with the importance of media/publicity

I thought the confirmation email was a good way to confirm the ID of those who participated. To me it's easier than those confirmation codes that have to be posted in your profile.

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