[WHPR] Megamind Edition

Day 5,411, 17:38 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

Dawn breaks on a Glorious Hole

WHPR Megamind Edition - Warning: This will be longer than John Holmes' Johnson

Dateline: Tuesday, September 13th (Day 5,411)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR
1. Get your Goodies
2. Training War Details
3. Updates from Kody5
4. eUS Stats from Mister Y
5. Political Party updates

Get your Goodies

GIMP, the eUSA Growth Incentive Miliary Program -- This program is like health insurance in reverse. It pays you, the eUSA citizen, a premium for improving your strength and stuff by contributing to Emerica's air battles! Learn more and sign up on the GIMP App.

VAT, the Vootsman Anti-Tax Program-- This program is like taxation in reverse! (I'm telling you, the e-USA is like a a libertarian-socialist paradise! "🙂" ). It is sponsored by former Country President Herr Vootsman and managed by Congressperson Arrden. The fund pays cash money to anyone who signs up for a refund. In case you think I'm pulling your leg, here's a reminder about it from the Department of the Interior. This program pays out once a week.

Tin Can is a free food pantry operated by former eUSA President Kody. -- Hungry? Inflation got you down? When you see CTHULHU post a "FREE FOOD!" announcement on the National Feed, just respond with a comment and 200 Q5 noms will be on their way to your food hole in no time.

Aerial Bombing Supply Program

This program will distribute Q5 Air Weapons during specific Real War eUS battles only. Similar to activating Combat Orders, the program will be activated with little or no prior notice during crucial moments in air battles. The idea of the program being to increase eUS air damage output when needed.

The ABS Program is still going through its initial test period. As of now the weapons will only be distributed on Discord in eUSA's military coordination and information channel #battle-orders. For now, the minimum required Air Rank to qualify to receive weapons from the program will be Group Captain, as we experiment with what will work best. Only verified accounts will receive weapons. Any participants who receive weapons will have their damage output in the specific battle monitored. Any participants who are not putting out the damage we expect, or sell the weapons, will be banned.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/qXbUZsCQ

See you in the air!

Super Nova ............. Herr Vootsman

Training War details and Safe Areas

Training wars, Training wars, Training wars.

There are many that view these as a weakness. In my opinion, it's a holdover from the long lost days when the eUSA was able to keep its core 50 regions the majority of the time. When we were wiped by ONE back in the day, we got revenge and recaptured our cores. Then we were wiped by TWO and subsequent invasions really destroyed our ability to hold our 50 regions for any lengthy period of time. Then along came resource wars, V3 and we focused and accomplished our goal of 100/100 food and weapons bonuses. Celebrated here, we realized our needs were much simplier.

Now, we can host friends in time of need, and enjoy the benefits of Resistance war and battle hero farming for days.

Please check out these informative articles
From Super Nova: Where to Reside
And Herr Vootsman: Rules for Efficient Training Wars

Many of the TWs regions will change, so pay attention as these TWs change. Check the Battle Orders on the National Feed, check with your MU, or just ask someone if you’re unsure where to drop your damage. Remember, everything in our cores, UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, is a Ping Pong. Defender wins. Daily Orders for MUs auto defaults to oldest battle, which frequently is not the battle to fight in, please check the National Feed or join eUS Battle Orders on Telegram. Click the image for telegram at the end of the WHPR.

Updates from the Oval Office

Those of you looking for epics need look no further than joining us on Telegram on Tuesdays. We don't necessarily organize them, per se; but we do work with our allies to find a CODE battle to turn into an epic every Tuesday. The moral of the story is: Get your A** on Telegram if you want to join in the fun.

For those interested, this month's cabinet looks like this:

Vice-President, Patanok
Chief of Staff, Kody5
Minister of Defense, Thee Dude
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Herr Vootsman
Minister of Media, some dumba***
Department of Education, OPEN
Department of the Interior, OPEN

If you would like to get involved, just shoot me an in-game message KODY5 loves black roosters.com

Overall CODE is gaining ground on Asteria. We achieved most of our goals, so we decided to let them win for a while. This makes things more interesting for all of us. After a few weeks or months of letting CODE win, Asteria will refocus our efforts and start kicking some CODE butt.

That's a little update from the big office for now.

eUS Stats
Mister Y

Exerpts and highlights from 14 Years + eUSA History Graphics

The eUS reached its maximum number of citizens at the end of 2009, beginning of 2010. There has since been a slow decline in the number of active citizens. From 2019 to today, there were no changes in ACTIVE population, just in the absolute numbers of citizen registrations and deaths. Final analysis: The game now has a good retention of old players (they still play and do not leave), but it has no more appeal for new players (every year less registrations and they leave the game soon). Erepublik's glory days are long lost, but the core of people that remain continue to contribute to the activity, vitality, and enjoyment of the game for all.

Honorable mention to Harvey R Spector and his article analyzing the Reasons for Population Decline. Maybe one day we'll get Part 2?

(editors' note) In light of the realization that some of us have been playing this game for well over 14 years, what keeps you playing erepublik? I have left and come back a couple of times, but I enjoy the friends I've made along the way. Join us on Telegram and Discord to get the most out of the time we have left. Click the images to join at the end of this WHPR.

Political Parties Updates

For those of you that follow Congressional erections, there was a big surprise from the Rough Riders this last election cycle. They really kicked butt at the polls.

What is their secret, you may ask? I think it's sex, drugs, and rock n roll; but that could just have been the kick-a** after party they threw. Who knows? I can't find my shirt, one shoe, or my boxers. whatever.

The political parties continue to jockey for position for this next month's election. Who will make it into the top five and contend for Congressional seats? I have no fu**ing clue, man.

Your moment of Zen

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