Where to reside

Day 5,402, 17:52 Published in USA USA by Super Nova

Where to reside:
If you activate Houses you should chose a residence with population under 50.
If your residence has a population less than 50 you get a 20% bonus on the duration of the house (houses will last 8.4 days) and pay only a 1% activation fee (Property Tax ) – 1% of average market cost of the house you are activating

If population is 50 or more then duration bonus decreases and activation fee increases.
Currently the worse place in eUS is Frankfort Kentucky – duration bonus only 5% & Activation Fee is 3%
Next worse is Raleigh Virginia.
Every other Residence City in eUS is currently under 50 – but to allow for growth may want someplace under 40.

If population reaches 50 consider changing residence before activating another house.
Warning if change residence while House(s) are activated you will pay the Activation fee in the new residence for those active houses (prorated based on remaining duration)

Note the saving for Q1 house would be ~1700 when compared to Virginia and ~2500 for Kentucky which should more than cover any travel cost to work factories in Virginia and/or Kentucky

Note need to check City page to see the population - e.g. for Richmond Virginia check

Breaking News - refugees fleeing occupation have overrun DC - population is now 50 so not a good place for residents