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[WHPR] Friday Edition:The Congressional Elections that weren't

Day 2,075, 23:11 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

Dateline: Friday , July 26th (Day 2,051)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR
1)DoI Moving Program
2)The Congress Elections that weren't
3)Recent RW success
4)A word from Custer

The Department of the Interior continues to offer it's new moving cost program! Level 29 or under? Awesome! Receiving your moving fees for FREE every day!Moving Cost Program

 - Free moving funds!

Director:  Rainy Sunday
1. Be a US Citizen levels 29 or under and have a minimum of 500 strength
2. Do not belong to AFA or any anti-American group (Party or MU)
3. Request here once daily  Form Link

This program can be used more than once. Just not twice in the same day. This program has been set in place to help move our citizens around for directing our firepower better against our enemies. So please make use of this program.

As you know the day for Congressional Elections has recently come and gone. After an initial scramble of confusion and consternation, in which it appeared initially we would have an election none of the PP had anticipated due to our too late recovery from wipe, the Admins stepped in and closed the election proceedings.

While missing out on an in game Congress for the first time in our nation's history is hardly a banner moment, it's an opportunity to finish the pto in our country. Its been a rough month for Ajay. His group took a very long time to crawl back into the top 5, only to have an opportunity to import more help through stacking congress with Serbs be robbed by game mechanics. This will be the final blow to RGR.

Some talk has been made of this month's Meta Congress. As a member of Congress the last two months I can tell you everything you need to know about how this concept came to be. This was proposed and voted on late in the May term of Congress when it became obvious a wipe was imminent. It was passed unanimously, and would have been added to the Constitution, but quorum was called in error and the vote was closed prematurely. This error was not realized until the June term was under way. Some have called this a Pfeifferist power grab made from the shadows. In reality this was done to ensure the Parties would still have representation and participation in our nation's government. This ammendment was a no brainer and passed unanimously in two separate terms. The ammendment can be found underlined and bolded below.

II. Congressional Principles:

1. Congress shall organize itself as it sees fit.

2. Congress controls the nation's money, holds authority and responsibility over allocation of tax revenue, and shall take under advisement expert opinion from the executive and military.

3. Any citizen or organization receiving funds from congress should employ those funds as indicated in the budget or funding request approved by congress.

4. In the case the eUS has no regions and there will be no in game congress, a shadow congress shall be created.  Each party will keep the same number of congress members as they received the previous month. The Party President of each non-PTO Top 5 Party will create a list of their members to be given congressional access.  Congress will then continue as it normally would.

The lists submitted by the Party Presidents of the Feds, USWP, WTP, and AMP are as follows:

1) AlexJ1890 2) Donovan Zoi 3) Molly Emma 4) Duncan Crowe 5) Darian Dracona
6) Clydeo 7) Josh Frost 8 ) Evil_Elvis 9) Tyler Buublar 10) John Largo
11) Lemon Vodka 12) Evry 13)Creitzell 14) Piggy Boot 15) Ingame54 16) Oblige
17) Irule777 18) eCenk Uygur 19) The Mike 20) Samdoo 21) Thermaikos 22) Artela
23) Tenshibo 24) Rainy Sunday 25) DarkMantle 26) Ludonarr 27) N4N0 28) MCSH
29) Delyruin

We're back on the map America! We have successfully regained 4 regions and things look good in Louisiana! There will be plenty of moving around for RWs in our future so please take advantage, of the moving program as we take our states back, and help our allies overseas. Keep fighting America. Its been a hard slog, but things are looking up.

Get Paid for Dealing Damage
Contributing Writer George Armstrong Custer (aka Chief White Bull)

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Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,075, 23:18

First for back on the map!

BKCitizen Day 2,075, 23:50


bigcdizzle Day 2,075, 23:51


Geronimo100 Day 2,075, 23:59

✯ ✯ ✯ GO ROGUE! ✯ ✯ ✯

olivermellors Day 2,076, 00:03

The constitution was amended months ago and no one thought to tell the Team. Then someone noticed a mistake and it was voted on again but no one thought to tell the Team about the mistake, the idea or the solve 'cause its obviously a no brainer and we don't want to take any time to tell the Team about what we are doing unless it is pretty important. They don't need to know about that no brainer stuff that everyone is going to agree to. It is so unimportant and obvious that we need to keep it all a secret. And the President who promised transparency plays along, first as congressman then as chief executive.

Okay, I can see how that could happen. I am wondering if you fellows see, yet, the price which has been paid and is being paid for his approach. Perhaps I am wrong again. Give some thought to it.

Enjoyed this well written article. Regards

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,076, 00:28

Presidential transparency is different than Congressional transparency.
not disagreeing with you, because you are right about this being fu*ked up and the citizenry being left out of the loop, etc..
just that this happened in the Congress - Private boards, and it's up to the Body of Congress to petition the Speaker of the House to move things from Private to Public.
and that.. has been a problem since way before my last Congressional term.

olivermellors Day 2,076, 02:41

entire agreement on the jurisdictional issue. I appreciate you understand, soto voce, that there are issues of leadership involved. 🙂 kind regards.

nick.bergman Day 2,076, 13:34

Who is this "Team" you speak of? You're not an eUS citizen. Even if we would have spent months opening this up to public debate and popular vote (ignoring the entire reason for having a representative form of government) still wouldn't have a say in it. As a citizen of eTurkey, you don't get a vote here

olivermellors Day 2,076, 18:10

No one has suggested a popular vote. No one has suggested the congress must permit the public to post to its public debates. The congress is a deliberative body whose work, deliberations, bills, debates and votes should be "public". That means accessible to the public. And that is, indeed, critical to the health of a representative democracy: informed electorate and all that.

Good ideas and thoughtful reflection should be welcome from any source, even a Turk. I have found it useful, for instance, to pay attention to Newton, Laplace, Leibnitz, Darwin even though we don't share the same nationality.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,076, 05:12

'Some have called this a Pfeifferist power grab made from the shadows.'

Any one who has been paying attention for the last 3+ years knows it is a Pfeifferist power grab, any time something is accomplished in secret you can bet you last CC 'Fluffer' has his hand in it; nothing good ever came out of secret meetings....

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,076, 11:51

from one "tin foil hatter" to another...
can you possibly bring yourself to understand that Pfeiffer is gone, and is no longer involved in America..? certainly he left behind his influence, and even without him some things are done the way they were when he was here. Pfeiffer definitely left his mark on American politics.
I have PDB (Presidential Daily Briefings) access, as I have through several Administrations.. I chat with the bigwigs on a regular basis.. if Pfeiffer was here I'd see it. he's not here.
But you're more comfortable believing stuff, evidence or not, true or not, and blast away with your personal truth even in the face of the regular reality.

Drew Blood Day 2,076, 12:04

Comment deleted

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,076, 12:06

Well...from one 'tin foil hatter', you are one of the few citizens I would believe when they say that....

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,076, 05:33

"The Party President of each non-PTO Top 5 Party will create a list of their members to be given congressional access."

I didn't realize that Pfeiffer's Clubhouse is one of the T5?
WTF is Artela doing on that list?

Congress is invalidating even it's own meta-dung-shadow-bulls*** laws!!!

Bucephalus92 Day 2,076, 08:03

bad troll is bad

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,076, 08:31

Catch Bucephalus, catch!

olivermellors Day 2,076, 09:04

Artela is a fine player. She is Party President of a very small party. As such, she is certainly not a member of any of the non-PTO Top 5 parties. Accordingly, she could not be on a list of members of non-PTO Top 5 parties. A fine player but not entitled to be chosen. The law cited specifically requires Party Presidents to submit a list of "their members". Surely, that is absolutely clear.

It is a no brainer. Surely no one can argue. You can say it isn't fair, or it isn't right, or let's just make an exception to the clear wording 'cause we like Artela. Or we can say that, if we hadn't written the law that way things would be different and it is a no brainer that Artela should be permitted. OR we could say that Thor should be ignored cause he is a constant obvious troll, even though on this occasion ignoring Thor also means ignoring the very law we wrote and maybe this time he is right, but what the heck don't let the troll upset our agenda.

We could say that the wording of the amendment was a no brainer, that no one in the community could possibly have improved it, or suggested alternatives or given pause for reflection. After all, it isn't the first time that the Constitution has been changed secretly. And, after all, if a few players can change the Constitution in secret, why can't they just ignore it and say they changed it again? Or just ignore it altogether whenever the words don't suit our fancy.

Is that the point ????

Or am I missing something. After all it is the Constitution: something that is supposed to draw its power and legitimacy from having been popularly debated, approved, widely accepted, reflective of a common vision. Made in secret by a handful, who think that the rest are no-brainers.

HeapSeppo Day 2,076, 05:56

"2. Congress controls the nation's money, holds authority and responsibility over allocation of tax revenue, and shall take under advisement expert opinion from the executive and military."

Just no, if there is no congress the CP controls the money. You can't make a shadow congress where the parties choose who is in control of the money, that's just not okay.

Derphoof Day 2,077, 01:23

Well, that's actually not one of the recent amendments. If my memory serves correct, that has been in the eUS Constitution from the beginning, if not since it's inception.

It wasn't created for the purpose of any shadow meta-congress, like we have now.

Just posting for clarification, nothing more.

HeapSeppo Day 2,077, 01:42

I understood that, but this was due to this:

"The Party President of each non-PTO Top 5 Party will create a list of their members to be given congressional access. Congress will then continue as it normally would."

A shadow meta-congress should not have financial powers. A congress can never vote that they got full financial power even if they are not elected, that's extremely far from democracy. Have your little forum meta-congress all you want, but that congress should NEVER have financial powers.

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