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[WHPR Day 2361] POTUS; Cab, DMV Interview, Sirius Update, War Map

Day 2,361, 15:53 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

[WHPR Day 2361] POTUS; Cab, DMV Interview, Sirius Update, War Map

Dateline: Thursday, May 8th, 2014 (Day 2361)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: POTUS: Announcement
: 2: Exclusive with eCanada’s New Country President
: 3: Sirius: Belgium Sitrep
: 4: War Map

Editors: SecMed Blondeninja

Contributors: Trickstir, WookyJack, MrWonka, Alexander Auctoritas

POTUS: Announce

Well the TiME for exciteMEnt is upon us… Molly Emma is the new PotUS!

Well we had a few good months under my first boss in eRepublik Gnilraps and they were good if I must say so myself. I am excited to see what Molly Emma (FED) and her band of merry people has in store for this great country and community. Molly Emma approached me early after deciding to make here run for PotUS and asked if I would continue my work as SoI. I told her I would be glad to and have the opportunity to work with another great eRepublikan!

As many know and some may not the Exectutive Branch of the eUS Goverment is made up of several Groups and Departments. This month we have some clowns returning to the circus, under a new ring master. Here is a run down of the Ring Masters new group and some of their plans for this month.

VP is typically a figure head in the eUS Govt., however ME is going to require that the VP do some heavy lifting. I have a a wieght lifting bar for the already strong, Disco Musolini (WTP). He will be acting as President and working in a similar capacity to the next member of the Cabinet; CoS Wild Owl.

Chief of Staff and general whip cracker, ball breaker, will be Wild Owl (USWP) this month, coming off some time working in the management of international policy as a member of Sirius Leadership he will be tasked with ensure the cabinet members stay on track this month with their goals.

Secretary of State this month will be Artela (USWP), she is charged with the communications with other countries. SoS is a postition trusted to only select people and ME has chosen a great player. SoS has the power to foster relationships with other countries or the lack of said relationships. Being a 4 time PotUS herself, Artela knows that her position has vast effects on our effectiveness as a nation. Artela has named Aramec and Tyler Bubblar to here wonderful team as she tries to control the ties with the eWorld.

Secretary of Defense, this poor man has a job that is more than any one man can handle. Lucky for us as a nation ME chose DMJohnston (WTP) for the his attention to detail and responsiveness. This month he will be looking at cost reduction and retention including META world for the Special Forces. This will not be DMJ’s first time as SoD, this is a quote "dmjohnston is one of the few Secretaries of Defense that were ever useful and American" - ilphen. DMJ has named Rainysunday to help with Special Forces issues, and to keep with tradition the SoD will have more Greeling.

Secretary of Homeland Security, is bringing the butter to the cabinet Tyler Bubblar (FED) a great leader of ATO Efforts over much of the last 8 months will be holding down the fort. His slick demeanor will keep us as a nation on track and out of trouble. Has not officially named his team yet but we are sure it is a good one of undercover agents.

Secretary of Media, Blondeninja (FED) is responsible for my ramblings this evening. She will be charged with ensure the eUS is informed as we continue throughout the month. She has been working to expand staff and get more information to the people. Blondeninja has chosen WookyJack to be her deputy utilizing his experience with the FPR. She is dedicated to producing awesome media this month!.

Secretary of Education, Cholan (WTP) continues his role in the department. He recently hired a new office girl Erica, she is wonderful and work continues to ensure she will be able to teach you many things about eRep. Cholan has been a wonderful assett to eRep and Cabinets and will continue to work to make the DoE one heck of a way to go. American University will be resuming this month to ensure a higher education for all eAmericans. Cholan has named a hand full of teamates for this administration: RainySunday, Dave Gulya, jmurrib21, Tanishq and the ever beautiful Erica.

Secretary of Interior, Trickstir (FED) will be returning for a third term as SoI. Since I am him I will not toot my own horn. We will continue with programs STW will have more participation as a 30 day hold for some MU’s has been lifted this month. BU2SU is continuing to make for a Stronger nations. Vortex while sparatic in April should get better in May with a dedicated deputy. We will also be running a fund drive to keep all the DoI programs running. The DoI will also continue to oversea the Stock Market program. I have recruited former Potus Gnilraps to help with my team this month. Stock Market Director Indexinifity will be a strong member of the DoI this month and we have Delyruin who I am going to make run like a child in a toy store looking for his mom.

Molly has picked a very well rounded and solid cabinet for herself this term and we’re all very eager to see how she tackles the tasks of POTUS!

Canada: A Step in the Right Direction?

The interview and segment is not the opinion of the US Gov/Executive.

Country Presidential elections took place a couple days ago and considering this publication will take place in mainstream USA media its easy to miss what goes on in the rest of the world. Especially if the country having elections isn’t even on the map! ESPECIALLY when it used to be our neighbors to the North (aka Americas Hat). We are at an interesting crossroads with a nation we used to call our bros. In 2009 and 2010 Canada, Ireland and the USA used to be in a Brolliance. Today Canadians are seen as scum of the earth, traitors, degenerates...the list goes on and on depending who you are and how you feel. Its easy to look at a nation as a whole and blame the entirety of that nation based on a few actions of a few people.

Where are we today? Well, a long time ex-US citizen was elected Country President of Canada. Dennis McVicker 3, commonly known as DMV3, has won the highest office in Erepublik as a citizen can. He was preceded by a very loathesome individual and has inherited a countryless country. Don’t get me wrong, the citizens of Canada are proud and determined as they have ever been, despite current alliances, but there’s not much on the plate. Quite simply DMV3 is going to be a busy guy.

To get you up to speed on why an ex-American is now the CP of an enemy nation mainly started from an article he published pledging his loyalties to Canada. Next Evry, a US senator, proposed that DMV3 be added to the IES blacklist. Soon he was eventually blacklisted by Congress, never to be an American citizen again. Coincidentally, I had just returned to the game in February and was in Congress when this happened. I saw much of this go down but really didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. You can imagine what really happened next: all out war with Canada that lasted several months and is still continuing today.

Dennis joins me here now, in a remote location I am not allowed to disclose, and before the elections I had made a gentlemen’s agreement that if he won the elections and became Country President I would interview him. He has held his end of the bargain.

Dennis, what can you tell us about the blacklisting and the article you published ‘joining’ Canada?

Actually I had been in eCanada for quite a few months prior to that article. I had been elected CP of eCanada and had been instrumental in eCanada joining CoT [Circle of Trust] several months prior to that article. I was in fact a large reason the eUS and eCanada had got back on “friendly” terms. I had just rejoined the game a month or so prior to that article after a two month edeath, and I was surprised to see eCanada had aligned itself with Serbia. What most Americans did not know at the time of my blacklisting is that that article was not what it appeared to be at the time. The fact of the matter is I was trolling Rylde and the MDP in a way that could appear genuine if you did not understand our history.

As far as the blacklisting goes I’m not too concerned about it as I had no intention of coming back to the eUS and if I really wanted eUS citizenship a silly blacklisting wouldn’t stop me. As for the intention of the blacklisting I would have to call bull**** on it. The whole thing was a bit of a sham. I’m neither the first eUS ex-pat to be a member of an enemy nation, nor am I the first to fight for the enemy. I don’t see any of those people on the blacklist, but like I said it doesn’t particularly matter.

That definitely explains a lot. I had no idea what the blacklisting was for except it looked like a traitor was being banished from the USA. I admit I sat idly by my first time back and it took me a while to catch up to what happened from the Brolliance days to now. You mentioned you were trolling some individuals in Canada. Whats that about and why did they deserve this?

The Military Dictatorship Party (MDP) and I have a long standing feud that essentially started the day I entered eCanada. You see, I entered eCanada with the intention of running for CP and five days later I beat the MDP candidate, who had been the front-runner in the election, by one vote (though technically we were tied at day change which wouldn’t have mattered since I had more experience). This caused a bit of animosity that has more less brought us to our current relationship and my article trolling them.

Its funny you say that because if my memory serves me correctly you were in the eUS Military when I left the game. Also, you had Canadian citizenship (CS) because you were a mobile tank, right? Can you tell me more about those days and how it translated to your aspirations to run and win the election a couple days ago?

I was in eUS Military back in V1, but I only came to eCanada in the last year. I love my time in the eUS military and later on joined Rogue Squadron after it was created and became an officer there. After a few months there I decided to create Praetorian Guards, which was an elite mobile military unit. During my time running Praetorian Guards I spent a lot of time trying to help eCanada kick eSpain out during their eight month wipe. While doing this I made friends with a lot of eCanadians, who at the time tried to convince me to join eCanada in-game, but due to their lack of Congress I could not.

Once they were freed, and I could get cs a few friends finally convinced me to join and run for CP the first time. Sorry, I’m kind of rambling. To make a long story short my experiences in the eUS led me to want to help the little guys (a trait I believe the eUS has forgot), and that is what led me to run for CP this term. My goal is to right some wrongs and help eCanada get back on the right foot.

That’s noble. Fighting for the underdog can be daunting when going up against giants, but the little victories do pay off. I felt that way before I left soon after erep version 2 came out, but thats another story! Now that we have more perspective on you the individual what happens now that you’re the man in eCanada? I noted some images of the current treasury and society. To say the least it looks quite depressing, but I’ve been covering the past week media frenzy that has been going on and I would like to know, outside of your articles, what are your plans for a wiped nation?

Image Reference 1;
Image Reference 2;

My plans are quite simple, I am working right now to rebuild domestic programs, that have been ignored because of the war, to keep our nation active and engaged, and once that is situated I plan on focusing all of my attention on Foreign Affairs and the war effort. Right now I am in the process of launching a War Bond program that when implemented will help us in our efforts to free ourselves.

The fact is, I would much rather solve this issue diplomatically but it has become apparent to me that eCanada and the eUS can not reach a fair agreement. The eUS demands that eCanada drops our MPP of Serbia and leave Leto in order to get peace. This is something that can not happen. I keep thinking of this old adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The reason eCanada was forced to sign a MPP with Serbia is because we were wiped and had no other alternative. Demanding we drop the one thing that has helped us in order to gain peace is something that WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So unless the eUS is willing to work on a deal without that stipulation eCanada will be forced to continue the war, and I will make sure that we fight this war to the best of our abilities.

I’m going to have to name drop right now but it appears Wild Owl is a main reason why eCanada is under eUSA’s boot as far as foreign affairs go. I’ve read a few details as to what both sides should do, but obviously there has been no compromise. Yeah, both nations are benefiting (SOMEWHAT) to having a Natural Enemy (NE) bonus, but if we’re ever going to consider long term it would be ludicrous to think your term in one month would show any progress towards something like a Non-Agression Pact (NAP). Is this something to consider despite the odds?

Let me ask you a question real quick. Do you remember eCanada taking initiative from the eUS last month?

Yes. I do recall this. eUSA at one point was holding regions like Baja and in eFrance for bonuses all the while trying to suppress eCanada during Operation Grey Cup. Quite quickly pretty much all of this collapsed. I could only speculate as to why this happened, but believe me it got Congress stirring.

Well that was actually in large part because of MEK [Mobile Elite Korp] day, but what I was actually referring to was when eCanada beat the eUS in the NE battle and took initiative. We were able to free five regions and barely came up short of getting a Congress. That happened while Rylde was gone and I took charge of the war effort. While I know I can’t beat the eUS long-term in a direct conflict what I can and will do is make it costly, embarrassing and painful to fight eCanada. We’re not just talking making it tough for the eUS just this month, or for the next two months, I plan on doing this for as long as it takes. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the way I want it to be, but it is the way it is. I’m dealing with the situation that I have, if people in the eUS are willing to change it, I’m willing to talk. Otherwise I am forced to make this a very difficult and costly occupation.

That makes sense to me. I keep myself pretty busy with Fed Press stuff, but here and there I get some details. I am not an erepublik war guru, but something was definitely amiss during this time the USA ‘lost initiative’. I don’t believe anyone can blame you for much. You have inherited a mess, for lack of a better word. I am an optimistic kinda guy so to say there will be friendly relations soon between eCanadians and eAmericans is pretty naive. But I will say that the entire campaign of fighting these past few months have been entertaining! I log into erep each day looking for a chance for more True Patriot damage and funnily enough eCanada is the only one to give that to me. Do I share this same sentiment with others? I bet I do. But in my honest opinion one month is not going to see much except more fighting. Obviously, you’re on the short end of the stick, but that doesn’t mean eCanada doesn’t have the willpower and determination to show eUSA what it can do. If what you said is true about you stepping in for Rylde then don’t color me shocked if we see a repeat...and then some.

With that being said. Molly Emma is now eUSA’s CP. NAP talks or do you have not much else to say?

I would love to talk with the eUS about a NAP, but it has been made clear already this term that unless we let the eUS meddle in our Foreign Affairs there most likely will not be an agreement. I’m always open to talk, but until there is an agreement we will continue to be a pain in the eUS’s a**. It’s honestly a shame we can’t come to an agreement since I have worked with Molly Emma and her Secretary of State Artela a lot in the past. It’s because of them that I got my first cabinet spot in the eUS.

I believe that speaks volumes. The majority of the eUSA united in electing a CP and I mean THE MAJORITY. I haven’t ever seen an election like this where it was a colossus of a landslide. No matter, I appreciate your time to have this chat with me and maybe this can be a first step in the right direction?

Only time will tell, but I do very much appreciate this opportunity to talk with you and to pass my message on to the eUS public.

I wish you all the best with your term. eCanada needs a new leader.

There you have it. Not much else to say except we’ll see how this unravels from here….

SIrius: Belgium Addition

The community of eBelgium has always been a really small community but its size has begin to decrease strongly since internal strugglesfor power that occured in 2011. Since then, the number of active players has strongly decreased and nowadays the number of really active players on a political point ofview is much less than the number of congress seats available for the whole country. Despite that relatively small community, the citizens of eBelgium have made strong ties with other neighbouring countries such as the United Kingdom(where several formers citizens have gone) or the Netherlands. Both countries have also "merged" with eBelgium during the early eRepublik days.

The most notable eBelgians to the international community are probably Mittekemuis, ThomasRed and MaryamQ who have all been several times country president of eBelgium. The three of them have incredible skills in négociations and they do know how to make friends accross the eWorld and keep good relations with most countries they dealt with.

Among the currently active eBelgians, the most notable citizens are the Country President Jofroi known as being one of the most experienced congressman of the eWorld, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Wonka, currently DG of the pro Sirius nations and Seven time MoFA, and e Vladimir who is leading the main Military Unit of eBelgium and have some military experience.

The Belgian army is definitely not the strongest point of the country. Although in the early stages they had many great commanders as seen on the wiki page. There are a couple of decent fighters, the low number of citizens is such that there haven’t been any strong military structure since the supplies were cut for budgetary reasons.

The main eBelgian Military Unit is the Belgian National Army which is the official Military of eBelgium as long with the Belgian Civil Army. The Awesome Boot Camp is used to help the new players to progress. Others military are owned by private citizens, such as the recent private MU: Olympus Belgicae.

Although not an aggressive nation and usually pretty peacefull thanks to recent Foreign Affairs works over the past year the presence of the United Kingdom and Poland protecting its border, eBelgium has recently been involved in several great wars (at our scale) that were the Moldovan Aistrike against Belgium and the United Kingdom, a similar airstrike done by the Pakistan, and the current war launched by France against the United Kingdom, where eBelgium decided to launch a war to disperse damage of France.

From a political point of view, the country is currently mostly split into three factions, active players that have been running the country for a while, the opposition/PTOers that is made of both eBelgian players and foreign players mostly from South Eastern Europe that are growing in size for a while through the acceptation of new players through cs and a “neutral” faction.

It was once said “If you want to go to a country for resources go to Poland, if you want to go to a country to meet great people go to Belgium” People Such as Jofroi, Misiz, Mr. Wonka, Mittekemuis, e Vladimir, ThomasRED and MaryamQ can all attest to that. Our country is small, we try to make a difference in the international scheme, support our allies and make new allies.

War Map
Alexander Auctoritas

Starting off with the eNetherlands, we see a little coloration in Norway. Way to go, eNL. The battle for Sorlandet is close, too close to call right now. We'll see what happens. It's a great WAR for eNL. I've seen a lot of media about the battles and the brotherhood associated with them. Russia and Finland appear to be doing a land swap again. It would be great to see it go horribly wrong. Lithuania has won three battles in a row against Belarus, and has started to take core regions.

Chile is whooping Serbia's A**. They have won ten battles in a row and show no sign of stopping before they wipe Serbia. Only six regions to go. At the same time they are schooling Serbia, they have NE'd Romania and look to win the first battle easily. Chile, you the fu**ing man. Bulgaria is invading Ukraine, and winning the first battle easily. Russia is also taking a bite out of Ukraine, but Ukraine secured the second battle. Maybe it's a land deal. Whatever. F*** em.

Of note, Poland has wiped the pig-disgusting Swedes off the map. Feels GoodMan. Argentina kicked Croatia out of India, but I suspect Croatia will launch another Airstrike. Not sure if they will go right back or not. France is also wiped, but who cares. It would've been nice to get Aquitaine. Maybe Chile will let us RW it and take it. Pretty please, Trico?

I not return you to your regularly scheduled clicking.

Keep shaking that ASS.

For Greeling:
NOT From Kemal….

Your SecMed; Blondeninja -|-DepSecMed: Wookyjack
"Its only after we lose everything that we’re free to do anything."

Contributors: Trickstir, WookyJack, MrWonka, Alexander Auctoritas

WHPR Day 2361
POTUS Announcement, Canada Highlight, Sirius Update, War Map

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James S. Brady Press Room
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Wooky  Jack
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Great lineup, great staff, phenomenal writing.

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excellent edition of the WHPR, top to bottom.

Kaptain Kidd
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Please refrain from referring to USAF as Special Forces. SF was and remains the elite arm.

Trickstir Day 2,362, 15:08

My apologies, as the writer of the article in question.

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Franklin Stone Day 2,366, 05:21

Since SF is the only remaining USAF MU it seems only right to refer to it as the United States Armed Forces or are you saying that there actually more MUs other than SF remaining in the USAF?

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France is not wiped.

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Question for the Press Room - how do you feel about discrimination on the basis of national origin?

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