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[UKGOV] MoFA: Around the World

Day 2,144, 02:45 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Foreign Office

Welcome to another article from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Today I (Boh) will be looking at recent developments throughout the world. This will be on a region by region basis.

First up, we have the Central European Battleground. This month marked a CoT offensive into Spain backed by the majority of ROLA, a sub alliance including Spain. This was also marked by a free Croatia in Europe threatening Slovenia and Serbia. All three nations suffered lost regions from these threats and all three are now secure.

France, Switzerland, Italy and Croatia took on Slovenia winning some victories before losing, a retreat that turned into a rout for them as Serbia swept through Italy and France restoring their 10/10 Empire. The UK played a part here as we took on France and wiped out their only northern region as well as tying up Belgium from helping their CoT allies. The Belgian neighbours, Netherlands, have recently regained a region from Poland. How long this will last is unknown, but due to a breakdown in negotiations between Poland and the Netherlands no love is lost between the two sides.

Europe under TWO rule, note the UK held French Region

Spain suffered French, US and Mexican attack yet, thanks to the help they received from Venezuela and Serbia were able to restore control over their Empire. The details of the Mexican and US war will be covered shortly when we look at the Americas. Romania has continued to keep their presence up in Scandinavia supporting Lithuania and Latvia in their occupation of Sweden, and Estonia and Belarus in Finland. Our close ally Hungary also occupies most of Russia, as well as Ukraine with Belarus holding down the rest of Russia. Despite the push by CoT a month ago, Hungary is back in control of large parts of their own Empire.

Argentina rules South America

Moving now to Argentina, whose breadth of war deserves it’s own look. They currently hold down Brazil and Peru while also fighting against Macedonia who recently declared war on them. This war should be interesting, as Macedonia currently holds down New Zealand and parts of Australia. I have every confidence that Argentina can win this war and liberate these two nations. It is worth nothing that, at present, there is an uneasy peace between Argentina and Chile who are long-time rivals for supremacy in South America.

Crude map outlining the probable Arg offensive, including my own speculation of an Indo war

Heading upwards the continent, now. ACT member Venezuela launched a full scale invasion of Mexico pushing taking several core regions despite being a smaller nation. In the north Poland wages war against both the USA and Mexico aiming to wipe the entire American nation once more. Spain and Canada managed to make peace with one another for the time being, allowing Canada to have Congress. Unfortunately, they face a prolonged Political Take-Over by their allies in CoT: The United States of America. We in the UK hope they manage to beat this PTO, as fighting the Canucks is always more fun than the Yankees!

The New Canadian Flag?

Finally, as many of you all know our negotiations with Ireland have fallen through due to their refusal to sign the current treaty. Where this leaves us with our close neighbours has yet to be seen and the results of the next CP election may very well determine what will be our next course of action.

~ Bohemond4 and RFeist/b]



mick cain
mick cain Day 2,144, 02:54

Great read boh...voted

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Niemand Day 2,144, 03:10

eUK & TWO a winning team.
Voted & shouted.

WookieO Day 2,144, 03:32


Tialys Cypress
Tialys Cypress Day 2,144, 04:32


DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 2,144, 05:44

DMV3 (Nato guy) is the only one who is making the PTOer(?

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,144, 08:11

Great work Bo


Minino. Day 2,144, 08:41


War3hous313 Day 2,144, 09:32


KearoB Day 2,144, 14:59

voted, please vote and shout

Tenshou Day 2,144, 15:57


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