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[UK-Reform]CP election

Day 2,142, 13:17 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by mittekemuis

Happy Wednesday folks,

Congress election is behind us already and the next election will be all about who is going to be Country President. To make it clear for everybody, I am not up for being Country President , the fact my name was up there is simply because I couldn’t remove it due to a bug which is resolved now. I am making this article to make sure you know that you have a deciding vote in upcoming election. For that I will also quickly present to you all 4 candidates that have come forward.

Presenting the Country President candidates.

For the TUP party I present Bohemond4
Bohemonds manifesto’s can be found in his newspaper
Bohemond4 is what you can call the new generation with his soon to come 1st birthday in Erepublik he is not new in politics, he’s held numerous positions in government and as you can see on his profile, Bohemond4 is not a rookie at being in the CP seat. Although his first time in office wasn’t an overhaul success he did not bad either. With the backing of his political party’s knowhow I am sure he is up for the task. Keep an eye out for his ideas over the next couple of days.

Bohemond4: “Providing an effective government that listens to the people and holds the UK's interests at it's core.”

For PCP I give you LongshotzZ
LongshotzZ manifesto’s can be found in his newspaper
LongshotzZ is, just as Bohemond4, a fairly new player, having joined Erep in November last year. He is the current Minister of Entertainment, and has previously been Minister of Recruitment and Minister of Home Affairs.

LongshotzZ: “My campaign is based around; increasing public involvement in politics, increasing government activity and creating a welcoming environment to help attract new players to a country that has had diminishing numbers as of late.”

For ESO I give you Prince Sheogorath

His Manifesto’s can be found in his newspaper.
Prince Sheogorath isn’t a new player. He has done some interesting schemes in the UK, mainly in the domestic department. He left UK for a while and only recently returned back home from residing in Australia. He has become an active members in ESO

Prince Sheogorath: “My campaign is about creating a free, efficient and open government built around the public's opinion.”

WayneKerr is running under the Skatalites flag. His manifesto’s can be read in his newspaper.
Wayne is an outspoken figure in the eUK who will not hesitate to give his opinion. The Royal Army Dental Corps is his pride and joy.

WayneKerr: “Don't meddle, for meddling sake...”

This month UK-Reform won't be backing any candidate in particular. Due to a very close voting on the forum I can not put any of the candidates forward.
I suggest you read their manifesto’s and let it speak to you. Also most of them have done ministers work or other kind of activities in the past so you can look back at what they have done before.

Vote the good vote UK-Reform and I also wish all four candidates a lot of luck!

Yours truly,



Wes Lewis
Wes Lewis Day 2,142, 13:20

Excellent choice, neutral for this race sums it up nicely.

Alphabethis Day 2,142, 13:21

neutrality doesn't exist...

Alphabethis Day 2,142, 13:21

My favourite is Bohemond, Longshotz is good too....

Alphabethis Day 2,142, 13:23

Will I become a TUP being some day ?

FightAndProduce Day 2,144, 08:17

It's life Jim, but not as we know it!

hawkoulis Day 2,142, 13:21


LongShotzZ Day 2,142, 13:24

Good luck to everyone! \o/

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 2,142, 13:25



Tim_Holtz Day 2,142, 13:32

Bohemond ftw, just sayin 😉

Tim_Holtz Day 2,144, 00:50

i feel dirty now, dapper has voted my comment

CptChazbeard. Day 2,142, 13:50

Vote for sheer ability. Vote Wayne.

Alphabethis Day 2,142, 15:27

that's the scary part... his ability.... orgs,... treasury...

CptChazbeard. Day 2,142, 22:45

Yep. Sacrily good indeed!
He pushed for orgs to be made available for MUs to use many months ago and wants to utilise the treasury as best as is possible.

Glad to have you on the team Alphabot.

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 2,143, 11:17


Rob the Bruce
Rob the Bruce Day 2,143, 14:50


Aultman Day 2,143, 20:09

Bohem or maybe long. They are funny people. Actually probly long. Yeah. I am voting long so far. I love tequila. I love that I can spell tequila while drunk on tequila. So long don't be douchy. This nomination is coming unbought by the sanest member of New Era.

john GB
john GB Day 2,143, 23:23

New Era and sanity in the same sentence, can this be true?

Aultman Day 2,144, 19:15

Yes. I am the only one. Well actually it is more like I am sane in comparison to all the rest. It is vastly entertaining being in this party.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,144, 00:52

If you can even vote for a CP choice what good is that ? maybe run your own guy , or have a 2nd ballot , a party who can't even decided who to support for CP is useless, you haven't even produce the voting score.

Vote Wayne or you are all losers !

Thomas765 Day 2,144, 01:39

It was a pretty close tie tho. I voted Wayne in the primary 8 )

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