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give me ur things

5 Day 3,050, 16:19 Published in Thailand Thailand Battle orders Battle orders

eveyrone has to give me all of your things or i'l get mad and we'll get in a fight

p.s also accepting souls.


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Serbia v Thailand 2016

8 Day 2,969, 10:25 Published in Thailand Thailand Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis





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Thailand Defence Corporation - FY1 Week 2 Report

5 Day 2,966, 23:00 Published in Thailand Thailand Financial business Financial business

Dear readers,

Weekly Summary

This was a solid week. Many surplus tanks were sold that I put aside for getting a running start. It now gives us a decent cash reserve with which we can get a running start.

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eUSA: Behind the Curtain

1 Day 2,963, 18:38 Published in Thailand Thailand Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Dear readers,

Please find my latest intelligence report, as I look behind the curtain between eUSA and the rest of the world.

Some of you may know, this week I visited the deprived eUSA to help liberate less fortunate countries than ourselves -

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Strongest eRepublik Economies - 2016

22 Day 2,959, 09:58 Published in Thailand Thailand Financial business Financial business

Dear citizens,

As we approach the new year, I present my annual economic analysis. This year my focus is on which countries have the greatest economic model? Which countries provide their citizens the greatest return on investment, and which

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