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Day 1,827, 11:54 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bohemond4

It is time, time to join The Unity Party! For great policies and great governance.

Many members have come and gone through TUP, we are grateful to each one for their support and time they shared with us. It is time for you to join The Unity Party and share in the experience that these members have enjoyed.

I asked a selection of our members three basic questions,
1) What encouraged you to join The Unity Party?
2) What is it that makes you stay with them today?
3) What have you felt has been the best thing about The Unity Party?

First up, we have Dan Moir, ex-Party President, eUK forum Admin and all round good guy

1) I joined partly because the party matched my real life political beliefs but also because wherever I need information or assistance, it was TUP members who were there to help me. Players like Mr Woldy, Iain Keers and malta_1990 were a great help to me at the start and everything about the party was a perfect fit for me.

2) I've never considered being a member of any other party as I've always been very happy in TUP. It's a great community in itself but I also have great belief in the party that we do all we can to ensure eUK is run as well as it possibly can be.

3) It's difficult to narrow it down to just one. It's a bit of a boring answer I suppose but I'd have to go with the continued effort of our members. TUP have been a constant force working for the benefit of eUK and have produced a great many Ministers and Presidents and yet we're always looking to the future and giving opportunities to those who want to get involved. Continuity and competence all the way!

Next up is a short talk with Antonio Hamilton, a new member, like myself, whom we have great hopes for!

1) The fact it was the biggest party, and the ideological affiliation of it (centre-left)
2) You guys have been very good at encouraging me to become more involve; I don't know if I would of even attempted to have put my name forward this soon to run for congress had it not been for that. Plus you guys are very friendly.
3) Organized, motivated and enjoyable to talk to.

Here is another older player, Nebojsa Petrovic a great party member and highly active within the IRC and party politics!

1) I have joined The Unity party because i have seen it as the best when i joined eUK community in December 2011. Then a congress elections, free food scheme for new players... That are all the facts I joined this party!

2) First and last: People! We really have fun in the The Unity Party all the time. We talk about many things not just eRepublik related. Its really fun so i recommend you to join it too!

3) ~ Relations between party members
~ How we deal with our young party members

Finally we have an interview with an old player who has recently returned to the game, killerbanjo

1) I agree with what the party is trying to achive.
2) Their goals and leadership skills, as well as the great members
3) The helpfulness of the people in it.

As you can see from this small selection of players, The Unity Party is a party that consistently encourages members to get involved, actively seeks retention of those members and offers quality leadership and policies time and again while providing an active community that gets stuck in alongside each other.

So, why would you not join The Unity Party? We really do offer the best for you and the eUK! Join now to participate in a great community and get involved!

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Bohemond4 Day 1,827, 11:57

Strength through Unity!

Join today

Invalidation Day 1,827, 12:01


Niemand Day 1,827, 12:41

Join today and have fun!

The Equalist
The Equalist Day 1,827, 13:36


Alphabethis Day 1,827, 14:01

one question: why are you interviewing the same people over and over again ? is it a kind of interview marathon ?

Nebojsa M. Petrovic
Nebojsa M. Petrovic Day 1,827, 14:30

/me has never been interview'd 😛

Keldonis Day 1,827, 14:40


Bohemond4 Day 1,827, 20:09

3 of these people never have been interviewed Alpha, Dan got it because he is a well known face.

Kamoris KSC
Kamoris KSC Day 1,828, 01:10

"3 of these people never have been interviewed Alpha, Dan got it because he is a well known face."

Who's Dan ?

Antonio Hamilton
Antonio Hamilton Day 1,829, 06:08

Yeah, never been interviewed before. Actually, I didn't know my answer would be used verbatim. Not that I'm annoyed, but I would of put more effort into the spelling had I known.

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