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[Tech PP] Support ATO

Day 1,769, 10:00 Published in USA USA by Jdohring3

Everyone in the party needs to move to either We The People or iNCi Parties to ensure that the American Freedom Alliance does not gain any congressional seats. This is just a temporary move and after elections are done and over with you can move back to the Tech party. This is extremely important for you all to do to ensure that there are less rouge congressmen mucking up the system. Here are some more articles to read if you want more information about this ATO.

Technocratic Society PP



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,769, 10:05


All INCI Congressmen are rogue... fool

Marius22 Day 1,769, 11:51

Go back to Turkey....America for Americans!!!

Candor Day 1,769, 12:38

Nice work FIST!


Tech's for eAmurica = ❤

ishabad98 Day 1,769, 13:31

Tech is for eAmerica. I like how one is a serb and the other is PtH

Jdohring3 Day 1,769, 13:48

Ajay can't help himself spreading his lies. Hopefully one day he will just quit this game or move onto another country, but if that happens i will miss the hilarious youtube videos he does

Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,769, 14:35

I think this is too reckless decision of the Tech PP. It is obvious, our party needs to remain cautious for this congress elections to watch and monitorize the efficiency and reasonability of the last updates to political module, befor to risk with its own desintegration by participation in such dubious and untested adventures.

Jdohring3 Day 1,769, 16:30

^romanian PTOer Techs dont even bother listening to him

Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,770, 02:36

Those who don't have arguments in discussion, start attacking the opponent.

Jdohring3, I am a PTOer as you are. Yes, in RL I am Romanian from a region occupied by russia more than 200 years. Despite of this, a part of us survived. All these do not mean I am PTOer. So, try to not insult without reasons.

But now I feel that I care for a future destiny of Tech party more than you.

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