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[tBRE] Alliances of the eWorld - Day 1914

Day 1,915, 05:09 Published in Belgium Belgium by Tony Clifford

My beloved Belgian readers, here you are the usual biweekly update on the eWorld's MPPs!
Last article:

The number of MPPs continues again to go down.
In day 1914, the number of MPPs is 328, 24 MPPs less than in day 1900

Day 1914 MPPs situation

On the left there are CoT (light blue), TWO (violet) countries and ex-CTRL (red) countries, with some other countries.
On the right we have EDEN (dark green), Asgard (yellow) ex-TERRA (light green) and ex-EDEN (orange) countries, and some others.
4 small nations remains without MPPs: Belarus, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Denmark (which is in union with Germany)

Two weeks ago,
we saw Russia moving from the right to the center of the playground, where it remains in these days. The Russian war against Iran, helping Macedonia, has put its damage on the CoTWO side.

Two weeks ago, except for Russia, the only MPP connecting the two sides was that of the USA with Albania. This week, the number of cross-MPPs raised: Germany signed a MPP with the USA and Malaysia with China. That made these two countries to move away from their former cluster, and to join the middle of the playground.

Day 1900 MPPs situation


The Alliances Bar
Thanks to aVie, who fixed the site, after one month, the alliances bar is back again.
Based on the total weekly influence (last article:

Alliances include TWO (violet), CoT (Blue), Asgard (yellow) and EDEN (dark green).
The most powerful neutral countries were added (Argentina (green), Brazil (dark red), Russia (orange)).
The other countries were divided in CoTWO-side neutrals (light blue) and in EDEN-side neutrals (light green) on the basis of their MPPs in day 1914.

Several countries left EDEN (Ireland, Argentina, Norway, Portugal), but their MPPs continue to be with EDEN countries, and so are their damages.
Russia shifted towards CoTWO. That made the CoTWO-side to gain about 4% against EDEN. And the difference is about at 20% of damage.

The figures:

Coalitions B is a comparison between the two main sides:
CoT+TWO+CoTWO neutrals+Brazil+Russia vs. EDEN+Asgard+EDEN neutrals+Argentina

by Tony Clifford



Beskyd01 Day 1,915, 05:22


teXou Day 1,915, 05:23


Kalif Batan
Kalif Batan Day 1,915, 05:27

Votado as always!

FabMao Day 1,915, 05:38

Good report

Lorcema Day 1,915, 05:47


Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,915, 06:06

Always awesome!

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JANGEL2719 Day 1,915, 07:46

Good work tony

send pm when you need it 😉

ligtreb Day 1,915, 10:47

Very interesting as always.

C. Apuleio
C. Apuleio Day 1,915, 11:34

great article! voted!

taidenn Day 1,915, 13:27


Saludos desde eParaguay! o/

MUFC992 Day 1,915, 16:21

Great article! 🙂

Ireland is loyal to old EDEN brothers, before Bulgaria left...We're waiting for old brotherhood to restore!

Sever Vetrovnik
Sever Vetrovnik Day 1,916, 00:36

Great article!

Mickskitz Day 1,916, 04:34

great work, thanks for that!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,916, 05:56

Great stuff man o7

Ely.nea Day 1,916, 07:09

nice article indeed like your past articles.

Mamefabi Day 1,916, 07:33

Great work, voted.

kami4u11 Day 1,916, 08:50

MPP with ePakistan was rejected by eChile??? Its the only gateway to eChina.....

Miau21 Day 1,916, 08:54

Nice! V+S

Tenshou Day 1,917, 17:41


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