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[Statistics] Country Resources Ranking Week 18

Day 1,635, 03:23 Published in Portugal Portugal by jotapelx


In the last 2 weeks there were big variations in the resources ranking. The number of new regions it's only relevant when they add a new bonus resource. ONE is slowly gaining momentum, but is still a shadow of their former glory. And in comparison to the other rankings this one is the most difficult to gain.

After going through the ranking of Countries we will look into the Alliances and Big Alliances. The mapping of countries with each Alliance was done in the previous article of this week series

In the end we will look into some graphic representation with some charts on top of the data displayed concerning the Resources.

The data of these statistics is from day 1629, 08:00.

Brazil, China and USA are in the lead with their 100% resources bonus. Entering the TOP 5 is Poland climbing 6 positions in this ranking, which accompanied by the 2n position in the swing of regions ranking makes them the ONE country that improved the most this week. The biggest climb in the ranking is from Italy climbing 24 positions and the biggest fall is from Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) which fell 46 positions.

By Alliances we see a loss from ONE, but a big push by the EPIC countries. In the other hand the EDEN and TERRA had gained a foothold in more resources.

And by Big Alliances we noticed that the both camps are loosing the fight for the resources in average.

The following charts will give a visual indication of the data above

And by Big Alliances we have:

And that's it concerning this ranking and this week.

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Best Regards,


PS: I'm proud to say that this newspaper has a Chinese translation in .



smash3r Day 1,635, 03:24


cc1432 Day 1,635, 03:32


Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,635, 03:36

why do i need to flip my head to see what does the bar says?

jotapelx Day 1,635, 04:03

meow2, it's a presentation style. I like for all the readers when going through this articles to look cute.

Bend your head slightly and do this as an exercise 27 times, one for each column that needs to be read.

Geyikli Baba
Geyikli Baba Day 1,635, 04:05


Somwhere in Time
Somwhere in Time Day 1,635, 04:06

Great article again mate. 🙂

teXou Day 1,635, 05:06


charlieluso Day 1,635, 08:27

Excellent as usual!

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