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[Statistics] Country Gold and Currency Ranking Week 18

Day 1,632, 11:42 Published in Portugal Portugal by jotapelx


Today we are going to look into the Treasury and the National Organizations gold and currency. Last Week the admins fixed the bug concerning the visibility of the currency and gold of each National Organization. We will Rank the countries by the currency and gold there is in the National Organizations and in the Treasury.

The amount of gold and currency available for each country is a big source of debate. To allow a better reading of the rankings I'm increasing the granularity of the information at my disposals by posting the values available for each National Organization identified in this article

After going to the country ranking we will aggregate the information by Alliance and Big Alliances. The Alliances and Big Alliances were mapped in the previous article of this week series

In the end we will look into some charts that give a visual indication of the data.

The data of these statistics is from day 1629, 08:00.

The Information of the National Organizations is available since the beginning of last week, which means that I was able to retrieve it and use today to compare the ranking of the countries. Most of the Rich Countries maintain their position in the TOP 10 of this ranking.

Noteworthy in the top 10 ranking is Iran, which has been without a Congress for a long time and not able to retrieve any currency or gold from their rich Treasury.

Click in the image to zoom it.

By Alliances we can see a steady recovery from Countries Aligned with ONE, in terms of currency and gold, but not from ONE. In the TEDEN Camp, it's the reverse situation

And by Big alliances we have:

The Following charts will give a visual indication of the data above:

And by Big alliances we have:

The Total currency and gold each Alliance has will be detailed in the next charts:

And by Big alliances we have:

And that's it concerning this ranking. In our next article we will look into the Resources.

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PS: I'm proud to say that this newspaper has a Chinese translation in .



teXou Day 1,632, 12:03


Bussaco Day 1,632, 12:05

Não tens a mesma tabela nas "Alliances" e nas "Big Alliances"?

jotapelx Day 1,632, 12:11

Ups. Obrigado Bussaco.

Grim23 Day 1,633, 13:55


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