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[Statistics] Alliances Swing of Regions Week 18

Day 1,630, 04:05 Published in Portugal Portugal by jotapelx


This week we will start to look first into the Swing of Regions Ranking which will compare with the values of last. We will see how much terrain has ONE really won, and where is TEDEN loosing. But first we will update the Alliances Mapping.

After mapping all the countries to each Alliance, we will look into the Ranking by Country, and check the data aggregated by each Alliance and Big Alliances.

To allow a better view of the regions gained by ONE, we will have some charts with the Swing of Regions by Alliance and Big Alliance, and today we will look into the overall regions of each Big Alliance, in the current week, the previous week and the original Regions.

In the end we will look into the Wiped Countries by Alliance and Big Alliance.

The data of these statistics is from day 1629, 08:00.

There are no changes in the alliances this week.

Before anyone starts complaining that Switzerland and Belgium are Neutral, I would like to point out that the majority of their MPPs are aligned with ONE or Pro ONE countries, which means that the majority of their citizens will fight the battles of ONE.

The Alliances are divided in three major blocks:




The Top 5 is very stable this week. The biggest climb has come from Bosnia and Herzegovina with 31 positions, and the biggest fall is from Montenegro, losing 42 positions in the ranking

By Alliance we can see that there is a steady recovery from ONE.

And by Big Alliances:

The following charts will give a visual indication of the data above.

And by Big Alliances we have a full recovery from ONE:

The following charts will give a visual representation of the Total Regions by each of the Big Alliances, first the Original Regions by Big Alliance, then the Total Regions one week ago and in the end the total regions in the Current week by Big Alliance.

The next chart gives the number of Wiped countries with the data from one week ago to allow a better analysis.

And by Big alliances we have:

And that's it concerning this ranking. This week I'm going to publish the analysis to the Presidential elections and also the Market Ranking, stay tuned.

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Best Regards,


PS: I'm proud to say that this newspaper has a Chinese translation in .



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mvcakir Day 1,630, 04:22

voted, nice work

gongag Day 1,630, 08:32

V + S!! Excelent work!!

Sir Martin
Sir Martin Day 1,630, 09:07

v + s

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Lucas Meneses
Lucas Meneses Day 1,630, 09:46

v + s.. excellent !!

Nehs Day 1,631, 02:52

Fantastic work, thanks 😉

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good stats V+S

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William Douglas
William Douglas Day 1,632, 00:04

Very good Job !

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