[STATE] Country Briefing - Hungary

Day 4,674, 13:20 Published in USA USA by Department of State

The eUS State Department presents the following briefing on eHungary. Most of it is based upon a recent interview with the Hun MoFA: wwenigma.

Who are the eHungarians?

eHungary is composed mostly of RL Hungarians, wwenigma notes that a lot of players belong to the Hungarian global diaspora, and he believes erepublik is a way for them to feel a part of the motherland. eHungary is ranked 7th globally with a population of more than 1800 players.

Society and Religion

The eHungarian community suffered greatly in the recent year due to prolonged wipe periods and internal strife. eHungary is currently trying to rebuild its institutions and bring back those who have abandoned or went inactive. Worthy of note is the endemic religion "Djozikeism", founded by Dioists. This polytheistic faith shares some Diostic traits. If one wishes to indulge in this heresy, one can click here and read the book of Djozike.

Politics and Government

Council of Tanks

eHungarian politics have been turbulent in the last year. In June 2019, a local "Council of Tanks" with the support of several political parties attempted a coup in order to install a dictatorship to end what they perceived as an ineffective and harmful government. Although the coup failed, this event still resonates through eHungarian politics. This, coupled with prolonged wipes, has resulted in rifts between fighters and politicians, deepened RL obsessions and caused a general sense of unrest and divisive partisanship from which eHungary is struggling to recover.

Geo-Strategic Posture

eHungary is a top 10 military power, leaning towards ground warfare. However, it has a very complex geo-strategic position, surrounded by hostile Asteria and pro-Asteria nations, chiefly their arch-enemy Romania. eHungary is a member of CODE and the pack boycott didn't help their already precarious position.

"Our Situation", local artist, oil on canvas

eHungary was ravaged by multiple Asteran countries in recent months, managing to get a break during the summer event but being denied an opportunity to use it to empower their tanks significantly (through farming TWs).

In conclusion, not a lot of room for optimism in the short term.

I think, there are many friendly Serbian players (more than hostile) and it is not inconceivable that this may be concluded (the old Serb-Hun alliance, KS) again in the future. Of course, momentarily they are on the opposite side...with our arch enemy. 🙂 I think we have opponents and not enemies. Its a game, and RL things are here from our history. That's why i say, Romania is the worst opponent but not necessarily every Romanian player. I think our future lies with our family, the CODE alliance. (wwenigma showing optimism)


I may be able to answer this in a single word, but I do not want to offend anyone...as is expected. Some guys returned into game in USA who prefer Asteran countries and USA - even though powerful - is playing a safe game. I personally hoped USA won't choose "neutrality" over CODE, because asterian "total domination" cant be reached if they need to suppress many big countries. In the future, i hope they will recognize their power and we will fight on the same side again.(wwenigma, before the latest Brazilian operation)

That's it for today, thanks again to MoFA wwenigma for his time.

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