[PotUS] The Show Must Go On

Day 3,907, 13:13 Published in USA USA by The Mike

Dear Americans,

without any further ado, I would like to share with you my intent to run for a second consecutive term as your President.

I will be publishing my manifesto before the end of the week. It will be a natural continuation of the one I published a month ago.

I am also going to share with you my Cabinet for the month of August. Before that, however, I must say I am very much proud with every single choice for a Minister I made a month ago, and I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who served as my Cabinet!

Thank you!

However, due to fatigue we will be doing some reshuffling in Cabinet. So, once again, I would like to welcome anyone to send me a message who might be interested in a Cabinet position.

Indeed, the show goes on!

Finally, I would like to open the floor for questions.

Please post in the comments, or send me a private message with any questions you might have. I will answer them to the best of my ability, and if viable I will also address the key issues you bring up in my manifesto. I will accept questions both from American citizens and not only.

While this is not my final article for this term, I would like to thank you all for putting your faith in me by electing me to lead us. It has been great for me, quite challenging at times, but I've also managed to enjoy it. I do intend to lead America forward for as long as you decide to support me!

Best regards,
The Mike
US President July 2018