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[POJ] In place!

Day 1,992, 15:10 Published in Switzerland Austria by Kaad

Hello there!

Today will be a short article writen to makes known People Of Justice.

Some month ago was born the organisation, created by myself and some other people. The project gained the support of some CP from all alliances and developped. Since some of them decided to leave the game or decided to work alone, the project slowed down, as we were mostly composed of people from low PTO threat.

Since some weeks ago, I renew contact with one of the former member, Alexey Kondratov, and I get the eSwiss citizenship.

Now, I'm inside, really acting against the eRomanian PTO threat in eSwitzerland, ready for doing my best against the worst part of this game, PTOrs.

For fun: meaning of our pictures:

It is composed of several elements:
-The sword of justice, common to all members pictures, the logo of the organisation.
-Common, the sentence of the org: "Stay Loyal"
-The flag of the homeland & rl country
-Logo of the alliance supported by the player. It must be the one of the player, not from his eCountry or rl country.

Who can join the fight? Every honest eCitizen, from every eCountry and Country, every language but active player. There's no award, only the satisfaction to fight for a good cause.

Do not hesitate to add me as a friend, or at least pm me if you want to get involved.

More info from past articles:
From me in ePeru:
Past article by Alexey (in Russian):

Thanks for reading,
Kaad, POJ founder from Belgium
Alexey Kondratov, POJ founder from Russia



Kaad Day 1,992, 15:13

[POJ] In place!

Vote & Shout

AlexD111 Day 1,992, 16:10


TzarevichAlexey Day 1,992, 16:25

Honoured to be working with you once again!


Veritas.Vos.Liberabit Day 1,994, 02:01

Greetings from PSS

Rican Day 1,992, 18:24

The POJ project was a great idea.... maybe it's time has come !

mungos032 Day 1,993, 02:12

Kaad you are real refresh for Swiss people...

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,993, 06:39

Agreed 100%

pop George
pop George Day 1,993, 07:44

v + s

Hunter4Life123 Day 1,993, 18:03

I'm very glad I could help you get into eSwitzerland because you seem perfect for us!

Veritas.Vos.Liberabit Day 1,994, 01:37

Comment deleted

Veritas.Vos.Liberabit Day 1,994, 02:02

Greetings from PSS

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