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Day 794, 12:18 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Dishmcds
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War v Economy - Hand in Hand

I've lost count of the number of Private Messages I get from people telling me how the United Kingdom should invade France. Or Africa. Or the US. Or Ireland. The answer to these are fairly simple: We cannot, nor will not invade until we are prepared and ready to do so, regardless of which nation it is. I cannot directly rule out the chance of war, since we're being threatened by 6 countries, however, in our current position, it's highly unlikely we'll actually invade any home regions, and in our current state, our defence is much more important than any half baked attempt at conquering lands we couldn't control effectively.

Much of the reason that the Worldwide battle has slowed recently can be seen in every country, really, but for a bit of history here's a small bit of explanation.

Before Strength training was released, the only thing you could really spend your own Gold on, outside of Wellness packs, was companies. Many people did not want companies, or spent their gold on currency before they had the required 20 G. The currency cycle of supply and demand was complete, as most countries made a good portion of their Gold income through the transferrance of their tax currency in regulating their monetary markets. This is not Alliance based, but Worldwide. Countries like Russia, the United States, Sweden, Romania, and so on made the majority of their money through frequent Monetary printing and sales. It was the largest vehicle for Gold production, and used properly didn't affect the value of currency too much (increased demand from newborns, etc kept currency regulated at various benchmarks).

With the introduction of Strength Training, there was a daily outlet of spending Gold, which had no viable cycle back into the Economy. It basically disappears into thin air. The Admins will certainly enjoy this, as it spurs other users into buying Gold, but I doubt the large majority of users in this game can afford to spend 20 bucks per 20 G (or whatever the current rate is, at the moment) very often.

This has left the Monetary Markets dry in Gold sales in many countries, and has made it hard for many countries to properly circulate their currency. In an article by the President of the United States, Jewitt seen here, he states much of the same thing (pretty good read, actually).

Now, before this was introduced, the amount of damage was rediculous. Defence Systems have been rendered useless for all but maybe ten regions in the World for a long time, as the damage required to tear one down has become insignificant at best for a while. We've seen battles with millions of combined damage on each side. A DS system in any region with less than 4000-5000 population is, quite frankly, useless.

Lana has made it harder, in simple terms, for conquest. In the coming weeks, as long as this stays the same, the World will return to status quo. Countries which are used to spending 1000's of Gold on battles will go broke, and be unable to fight back. France will return full force (although it's not as fast as we like, it will eventually happen), Germany reappeared in the wee hours of the morning, Slovenia, Bulgaria, etc will return (for our Phoenix friends). Only the most fortified regions in Erepublik will remain under occupation.

In short, invasion wars will be 1000 times harder without the ability to exchange currency for Gold, which Lana has caused.

In the UK, we cannot say we have different problems, although rest assured we still have a decent gold reserve, and we usually rely on currency for expenses anyway. We will have to look at our MPP situation (largest Gold expense), although the EDEN training war should make it easier to get MPPs from nations which want to fight.

In a World of ever changing war, mechanics, and new things coming out, do not count your chickens too soon. EDEN might have Poland and Spain, and they may have an upper hand. PEACE had the upper hand for a year. It changes quite frequently. The UK will be a leader in this change, within our alliance.

Welcome Back Germany.


V2 Information Revealed Below!

Ireland, Politics, etc

Ireland recently opened a public referendum (poll) for its citizens to join EDEN. Currently I do not think they control enough of a majority to accept, but whatever Ireland chooses we wish it the best. In a recent article, Edana Savage stated that she was close to making a decision that would not be neutral, which we will await. Either way, it's the decision of the people of Ireland, so we'll see how it comes out.

Guns, Military, Stuff

For any new citizens, here are the programs we have:

-We offer free weapons to citizens under 9 strength on the forums or IRC (Rizon, #freeguns)
-We offer gifting programs to new citizens to get to 40 wellness British Gifting Hub
-Join the National Forums to get involved.
-Join the Navy for Military action

No, I don't have any V2 Information for you.

Prime Minister