[Plato-Foundation]Weekly report: week nr 33

Day 3,850, 07:33 Published in Belgium Belgium by mittekemuis

From the community for the community with the help of Plato’s notorious gold reserve

Greetings all,
The Plato Foundation is once again running on full speed. The team has been discussing fairness, openness and accessibility of the Plato Foundation process. I will address the various topics later on in this article. First of all I want to thank the eRepublik team for placing their confidence in this team. Nothing that’s ever done has been without its opposers and all that will follow will raise questions and counterpoints but the team is confident to continue with what we think is a good initiative from Plato for the community.

On the Agenda this week:
* Work ethics of the team
* Making a template for the future military projects
* Addressing the “unfairness” of the assembling of the Plato Foundation board members
* Decisions and motivation on admissions


Work ethics of the team
Because it is important to be transparent and unambiguous we have decided that for each project submitted there will be one board member appointed to follow-up the progress and guide them through the journey. They will lead the discussion in the panel and write a short motivation. Most importantly they will give feedback to the applicants and the board.
Over the weekend the team has to cast their vote this leaves Monday for writing a forum report and article that will both be published on Tuesday.


Addressing the “unfairness” of the assembling of the Plato Foundation board members
Last week after the announcement of the Plato Foundation board members there has been a question about them being “elitist.” I am not going to discuss this in this article but if you want to read it you can find it on the forum and an article published by Releasethe Krakken
in the Belgian media.
With that said; I would like to call out to all citizens of the New World, if they are interested of joining the team in the future to please contact us. Your names will be put in a list for the future. The idea is that for now the team stays as it is for some weeks(I hope) but when someone feels they can’t be active enough they ask to be relieved from duty and we contact people on the list if they can replace the retiring member. Adinushk will still be the only one that is not replaceable, all others are volunteers.

We welcome Khotko to the team and say goodbye to MaryamQ for now. She is not available to sit on the board anymore due to RL circumstances.


Making a template for military support projects
In the past there have been grants for successful military academies. Mostly aviation because for new players it is important to rank up quickly, to be significant on the battlefield and in relative short time possible to earn gold from Sky Hero medals. The team has come to the conclusion that aiding these projects is a good incentive to generate activity in Countries. With a proper planning and transparent set-up on how the donated money is spent the Plato Foundation will offer them a grant of 10g per applicant per week with a cap at 25 applicants per country. This amounts in a max of 250g a week or 1000g a month.


Decisions and motivations on this weeks admissions
* Macedonian Air academy application for a grant has been investigated by Icurlybear and then presented to the board to vote. The opinion of the board is that they have worked out a solid system with a transparent distribution of funds. This project could be a good template for others in the eRep community looking to grow their air force and community follow after them. We hope to see them keep their commitment and grow in their efforts. The Plato Foundation will be funding 10g/participant/week. The Macedonian Air academy will present the Foundation with a clear report every week and the grant will be adjusted accordingly and followed up by Icurlybear.

* On week 32, the Greek Government presented the Icarus project. This project got a month sponsorship of 500 gold. Gyantse is following up on this project. Like the Macedonian Air Academy, the Icarus project is a well documented organisation. The Plato Foundation decided that they will get the opportunity to turn the sponsorship into a weekly grant of 10g/participant/week if they provide us with a weekly update in the future.

* Mentalist de Bucovina has left France and has moved on to Georgia. He will receive 500g for the following two weeks in his new Country.


Last ramblings
If you think you have a heart for the community, you know the game mechanics and you can say that you will put Plato Foundation before the interest of your own Country please don’t hesitate to contact us for being a future member of the PF board.

Leaves me to wish you all a good start of the eRepublik week and I hope to see more projects from you guys!