[Plato Foundation] report , updates and great world raffle.

Day 3,629, 12:20 Published in Egypt Mexico by ChaniryXXI

Hello dear citizens of Egypt and the world.

Today I am going to bring you the winner of the Egyptian drawing.

The winning number is:

and the lucky one is Delijohn:

unfortunately the article in Egypt did not have as much success like in venezuela but even so it has been possible to help some new ones by delivering 24000 units of food Q1 and 240 units of weapons Q7, besides 500 units of food Q7 has been delivered to the aviators.

Next week I will not visit any country, but a big draw will be made world with a large amount of cc and weapons Q7. And in two weeks I will return with the tour normally to another country.

For the big draw to take place I am going to ask the Plato Foundation for another scholarship.

And I am accepting any donation of cc and weapons Q7 to increase the raffle prizes.

Thank you very much everyone and have a nice day.

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