[Plato Foundation] Hi Egypt + help to new

Day 3,627, 11:26 Published in Egypt Mexico by ChaniryXXI

Hello dear citizens of Egypt, the objective of these articles is to help their population to not be bored and that the new ones have some type of resources to grow inside the game.
Here in this article explain everything.

1- Any citizen of Div 1 and 2 who comments below will receive 20 Q7 weapons and 2000 food Q1 so that they can fight and grow even more in the game. The citizen Div 1 must have as a requirement to be level 24 or more and must have at least one worker's medal.

2 - Anyone who only dedicates to paste with airplanes has to comment down and clarify that only glue in air and will be delivered 250 Q7 food. It does not matter in the division that is, except that in the div 1 must have level 24 or more.


You can not ask for ration of air and land ration.

Now for the Elderly of Egypt

Riddle: the one who solves it is won 50 Q7 weapons

I am between mountain and valley.
What am I?

Also :

There will be a draw on Friday, the prize is 2000 cc, please leave a number down in the comments from 1 to 60. Thank you!

This draw, play and support for the new is only valid for Egypt.

Enjoy it a lot.