[Petition To Plato] Let Us Transfer

5 days ago Published in Ireland Ireland by Slua

When the Admins announced that they would be making updates to the Guerilla Warfare feature, many of us were a little dumbfounded.

Why on earth where they improving a feature that next to nobody used?

The answer? Clopoyaur.

Some could argue he get's favouritism from the Admins (they did sponsor all his prizes and promote his streams over the birthday event) but he told me at the time of the Guerilla Updates, it was due to his petition.

In his article, Clopo states that he reached an agreement with Plato and "the deal was to give him: ideas, your ideas, a true debate of how the module can become attractive and fun again".

Let's see if we can make them listen to something that many of us have begged for.

Let's see if we can get more than 151 votes!
Let's see if we can get more support than 95 comments!

Let's see Plato make a change that we want!




The game already records the true patriot damage done for every country that you've held citizenship for. The game shows this damage on our profiles. Change the awarding of the medals to allow citizens to earn the TP Medal for every 100 million damage done for whatever citizenship the citizen possess at that given time.

The Legendary rank is calculated using the players rank and is not related to damage done for their country. Allow citizens to be able to have their Legendary rank transfer with their citizenship.

Currently, if a player is Legend IV of Country A, change their CS to Country B, their next rank up is Legend V of Country B, yet their Legend bonus is not at the value of Legend V of Country B but instead is on par with those of Legend I. This needs to be addressed.

There are variable options in how to adjust the naming of the rank with the ability for Legend 20 ranks swapping to a country where the highest Legend may be Legend 10:

[1.] Name rank after the soldier who possesses the highest amount of TP damage for that country.

[2.] Rename the Legend rank every week after the citizen of each respective country who did the most amount of damage the previous week.

[3.] Remove the name attached entirely.

[Petition to Plato]

Let us transfer our TP.
Let us transfer our Legend Rank.