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[Mr Crumpets 4 CP] A long dark road is ahead for eAustralia

Day 1,898, 03:05 Published in Australia Australia by Mr Crumpets

Good Evening eWorld,

There's a lot to go through with this article, so first, for those Americans that might want to have a crack at me due to my last article, please skip down the page a bit to the Foreign Affairs bits.

So eAustralians, you're thinking "Mr Crumpets for CP. I heard a rumour about this. Why?"

Well I think this question from Larni Kaddlestorm to me on the forums and my response could sum it up best...

Since many of us knew about this days ago, actually spent yesterday joking around about a Crumpets Vs Tim CP race, can you care to explain why you delayed so long in making an official announcement?

Mr Crumpets:
To be honest, and I believe in full disclosure, the thought about running for CP popped into my head by accident in December.

It was during that infamous (and regrettable) argument with Ranger Bob. At that stage I hadn't thought about CP at all, until Ranger said, "Oh, you're coming back to make a divide, then run as 'the saviour' in January." Of course I was never planning to run, but it ended up placing the seed in my head.

Over the past few weeks I had toyed with the idea as no clear stand-out candidate had put their hand up.

Originally it was just going to be Tim running, then when XG sought re-election I told the GGP guys, nup I wouldn't run.

It was this afternoon at work I made the decision. My thinking was, XG deserves to run the term out and certainly not be impeached, but I'm now not that crazy on him being re-elected. We need a change.

I looked to Tim. Tim I have chatted with on SKYPE many times after the podcast and seemed like a decent guy. However the problem I saw on the FA front was Tim always represents Australia (officially or unofficially) and considering we as a nation don't have any friends in the eWorld right now, maybe it's time for a fresh face.

I thought, because I don't have the contacts others have... I don't know them and they don't know me, it allows us to start fresh everywhere. It might mean we can chat to other countries we hadn't thought of aligning with and see what comes to bare.

I'm an option. An alternative. My chances of winning are unlikely. Tim has the KHMC endorsement and the ACP, which will bring him at least 80-90 votes. If I win endorsement that might give me 30 votes. I gotta find another 60 votes to be in the race and chances are those 60 will go to XG.

My only chance is if the other parties think it's time for change and give me a go.

I've been signed up to this game since mid 2009. People know I'm not gonna do a runner with the money or go crazy and press the attack button. I also know that my past articles will haunt me. I just hope people go "Yeah, its been long enough, lets see what MC can do".

I should add that since that post a few things have happened.

1) XG has said he is now NOT going to seek re-election. I have locked XG's thread on the GGP Public Board, but told him should he changed his mind, to contact myself or Malgoo and we'll open the thread again.

2) Roboa has expressed an interest in gaining the CP endorsement. We are not 100% sure of serious or just for the lulz, but fair is fair and Roboa has been given a CP candidate thread.

3) Since I'm the Party President of the GGP seeking endorsement versus those outside the party, it would not be fair of me to run the vote on February 1st. Therefore I asked Inspector General Malgoo to conduct the vote in the GGP forum so everything is above board.

The hot topic is the treaty and our relations with our 'allies'.

I want to make it loud and clear to our friends, the citizens of the eUSA. We as a nation are NOT angry with you. You've done a lot for eAustralia and for that we are thankful.

The anger is with Fingerguns and her government. As co-signatory to the eAustralia-eChile Treaty and friend of this nation, we were counting on her to be a fair mediator in any dispute about the treaty.

eChile, as their right to, had a dispute about the treaty and raised their complaint. Their case was heard. What we as a nation are TICKED OFF about, is that Fingerguns, President of an ally, didn't call in a representative from eAustralia to present our case at the same time and answer Chile's accusations.

Ask yourself Americans, how would you feel if someone tried to sue you in court, they were allowed to present their case and you had no right of reply? You'd feel pretty cheated and denied of justice wouldn't you?

Well, that's what about 200 eAustralians are feeling like right now.

That's why as part of my plan for CP we need to break from the eUSA for a little while. We are like two lovers who've had a spat. We'll always love one another, but at least for the moment, we both need a little space.

Hopefully though, time will heal all wounds.

A lot of mixed emotions face eAustralia right now.

We know that we will soon face the consequences of those tainted CoT talks and will be wiped off the map by eIndonesia and eChile.

What I know is, perusing a Pro-CoT is now useless. They don't trust us, we don't trust them. We tried the olive branch path and it didn't work.

At the same, we are not going to be allowed into the main TWO alliance. We are too small to play with the big boys.

So now, I believe, we must look at alliances like ACT (Associate Countries of TWO) or ASAGARD.

I'm open to all options. However, I think at this early stage (though it could change at the drop of a hat) that ASGARD might be the better option.

That alliance doesn't pack a big punch, but the advantages are we might be treated as 'equals' instead of at the bottom of the food chain, like we found ourselves with EDEN or CoT.

Like my title jpeg said "From little things, big things grow". Who knows, we might find other neutral nations, those breaking away from EDEN or those who turn their back on CoT joining ASGARD.

It's at least worth sending a PM to them and making enquiries. It might not be the answer, they might not want us, but the point is, we need to hang out with the little guys for a while, build some loyal friends and then, we can maybe look at RWing back our country.

So first, I ask my fellow GGP members for their endorsement.

If you feel Tim_Holtz or Roboa is the better option, then please don't be afraid to vote for them. It won't be held against them and I'll honour whatever verdict you come up with.

Thank you.

Mr Crumpets
Candidate for Country President of eAustralia
Founder, Senator and Party President of the Green and Gold Party



Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Day 1,898, 03:07

All I can do is try. Best of luck to Tim and Roboa as well.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,898, 03:13

Good luck Mr Crumpets

James Rellori
James Rellori Day 1,898, 04:15


Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,898, 06:07

The night is dark and full of terrors.

pfft we've been here before. Good luck MC lets see what you can do 🙂

Arcaian Day 1,898, 08:29

Sure got my vote 🙂

alimilano Day 1,898, 09:06

Good luck!

Zigns Day 1,898, 15:16

Van a necesitar una alianza urgente. Realmente lo lamento por eAustralia, son un buen país que ha sufrido mucho daño colateral. Suerte!

Icetek Day 1,898, 18:02

Roboa is a joke and Tim is a power tripper.....

Get real Australia.

Wisho Day 1,898, 18:42

If you are elected, I'll vote flight for the deletation of eAustralia as hardware I can. As Scotty says "I hace a visa" And a mastercard too.

irule777 Day 1,898, 19:28

Good luck to you Mr. Crumpets! Someone I can surely get behind.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,898, 22:40

Good luck Mr Crumpets, I think you will make a good CP

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,899, 00:12

"I want to make it loud and clear to our friends, the citizens of the eUSA. We as a nation are NOT angry with you. You've done a lot for eAustralia and for that we are thankful"


What's the title of your link:

Does it say "Fingerguns insults Australia" -- or "USA insults Australia"?

Introducing the first campaign DUN GOOF!

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,899, 00:30

hehehehe TJ.... >.>

BOUD1CCA Day 1,899, 03:26

lol, he cannot help himself Larnie , the mask keeps slipping.

Your article is impressive Mr Crumpets

Ash J. Williams
Ash J. Williams Day 1,899, 03:40

Australia is now the most forever alone country this game has seen

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,899, 03:59

Why, Louise? Because I told the truth? Give it a shot love.

Binda33 Day 1,899, 04:05

Good luck MC

Mickskitz Day 1,899, 04:21

Good luck to both candidates.

Majester Day 1,899, 10:19

If we are going to have a clown for CP, I go for the guy who is honest and is prepared to dress the part.

DocterDry3 Day 1,899, 16:30

Mr crumpets is an opportunist. Runs whenever he thinks there is a slight chance he can slide in to the CP position despite not being suited for the job. He's been trying for months.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,900, 02:04

Give him a go Kevin, he may well surprise you.

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