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[Moolah]End of term roundup

Day 2,206, 09:30 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bank of England
Money makes the world go round....
Yo7 those of you hip/boring enough to actually read the MoF updates. Apologies if you were expecting more updates but I prefer to be concise like this. If you missed the start of term report, drop to the bottom and just go to the previous article, simple! First of all, the big reveal, by taking a gold price of £211gold^-1, we have a total asset value of £2654808.43!

My cut....
For those of you with eagle eyes and top notch memories, you might notice this being £483598.76 more than I reported at the start of the term. Whilst I'd love to claim that I'm fantastic enough to increase our assets by neary half a million, unfortunately I can't. I made a slight accounting boo boo at the start of the term when I forget to check for pending donations. As £400k was being sent to the treasury org from the vaults, it didn't show up and I neglected to add it. However, we're still £84k up so nothing to sniff at. This increase is related to:
The Salts on Count Drakula producing roundabouts £15k
Tax on Dastardly Banking of around £17.5k
MM fishing with assumed profits of £21k (I am yet to sell the gold from this, however I've just multiplied the gold we bought by £11, the current profit per bar)
Taxes which have been hanging steadily around £5.5k-£6k a day which is nice, although some days are worse than others.

As a side note, I updated the value on my spreadsheet for the Country Accounts very early this morning, roughly 4am and in that time they appear to have gone up quite considerably, to the order of It takes a brave man to admit he's got no clue what happened so there we go. Either Dastardly Banking or Count Drakula have paid their dues into the treasury via tax and the graphs are on a delayed response or sleep deprived Butjam is terrible at taking down numbers. Hopefully it's the latter, as we're £18k worse off if it's the former!

Fancy graph so you think I know what I'm doing
In terms of what we've spent this term, it's been very little really
20k was spent by the MoD, not too excessive
The MoENT pilfered £6k
We've got 13 MPP's that cost us £120k, as Iran paid both sides to that one

That isn't too shabby, we've also loaned out (at the time of writing) 97 gold in training loans, we have already received back 10. Please write to me today if you would like a loan and I can send you up to 30 gold to assist you in taking advantage of the special offers. I came across a spreadsheet page that listed a lot more loans from previous terms that I was unaware of, not entirely sure how much of it needs completely scratching off. This could be worth chasing up as it could pay for a couple of MPP's, expect more news from whoever holds the keys next term!

Speaking of next term, I've just dropped a message to Chewie and Alice to ask them who their MoF for next term is, simply so that if they want to chop me out we can get a head start on explaining the layout of my documents, what's in progress etc. If they've elected to keep me on then this isn't a cause for concern but otherwise I'd like to shorten the delay as much as possible.

Honestly, if MWC would just let me label them this would get a lot easier

Well, I think I've summed most of it up, what we've made money from, where we've spent money and what will happen with the new term. A quick notice of apology for not getting my MM tracker off the ground, after a lot of deliberation (read, "Pestering CD and Frag") I've found that an auto solution would be quite a nuisance and require a 24/7 computer and internet connection. The general idea behind manual gathering just needs it's small infrastructure built, but considering it's crowdsource based and would mean I'm handing out money I'm a little reluctant to do so with this volatile market. Never mind, 'eh.

That's all for this month, bonus image coming up, lots of love,
your friendly neighbourhood Butjam


Butjam Day 2,206, 09:50

Just been informed that the extra money was from Count Drakula.... so I'm afraid we only made a £69k profit this term.... bloody Vampires

Teppishc Day 2,207, 00:31

I don't get this? Money from CD doesn't count?

Butjam Day 2,207, 05:19

No, I just counted it twice in the spreadsheet, both the money in the country accounts and the money I thought we were due

Teppishc Day 2,207, 06:42

ah fair play o7

WookieO Day 2,206, 10:22

Well done BJ o7

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 2,206, 10:27

"Tax on Dastardly Banking of around £17.5k
MM fishing with assumed profits of £21k"

Doesn't Keer's only give the gov 25%? How come there is such a big difference in what you made when you have a similar amount of orgs?

Carlini8 Day 2,206, 10:54

Because it seems Butjam hasn't sold any of the gold which means instead of 2/3 cycles in 30 days there was a max of 1. 1909 gold was bought according to that which is 381k worth when buying on the MM. Keers managed 1k gold on just two orgs, maybe even 1500 on three, I haven't looked recently.

Butjam Day 2,206, 11:57

Carlini has it right, we used 50k for a max cashout of 250 gold and we also played it very cautious as we didn't know what would happen, especially when prices were approaching the 200cc limit

Carlini8 Day 2,206, 13:24

Prices can't go below 200, caution is unnecessary!

Butjam Day 2,206, 13:25

How many congress' do you trust to get the issue money sorted out in a speedy manner?

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 2,206, 14:40

So a combination of not many offers and caution...

If the gold market is stable, invest all cc you have in the max amount of orgs you can. If it's fluctuating due to massive gold discounts, buy up as much gold as you can and sell it the following week. It's not going to go under 200, the hundreds of pages at 0.05 see to that. No caution needed.

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 2,206, 14:41


eisenmutter2 Day 2,206, 15:14

Comment deleted

eisenmutter2 Day 2,206, 15:21

it is always 100pages of currencyoffers before MM plummets and these offers are either removed from owners or bought and sold for profit

admins pump gold and no cc into the game for month and MM didn't jump down - only thing that holds it up at 1g:200cc/1cc:0.005g is the moneyissue thing

Carlini8 Day 2,207, 00:01

I managed to get cash on a good number of orgs in my early months via congress. While they may not always vote smartly, when it comes to money, all it takes is explaining the obvious and they will vote with their heads.

Carlini8 Day 2,207, 00:03

Just a note, the hundreds of pages at 0.05 mean nothing. I have seen hundreds go in a day before. The fact gold literally can't go under 200 is the best indicator. At 201/202 we should have bought every gold bar we possibly could and just sat on it. So so so much profit would have been seen.

eisenmutter2 Day 2,207, 04:44

gold was below 200 when we had the lags however this was only short term panic stuff
there are always newbs and people who think they really have to sell their gold regardless of the rate on market

for MM to move down one would need enough under200cc offers that
1. orgs with currency but the gold up
2. currency offers will be bought/deleted and with the currency the cheaper gold is bought
3. moneyissue thingy is used by states to make profit

and after all that you would still need people posting gold below 200cc. if i remember right we came close to 205cc being the norm on MM and goldbuyer pushed lower with the 2nd big tournament - however the tournament ended and MM gone up again.

if admins would make more state or MUtournaments like in the beginning the MM would move more and more to 200 and eventually drop below it...

Carlini8 Day 2,206, 10:54

@Butjam - Does the "£2654808.43!" include the 3k gold in our country accounts? Sorry I am too lazy to look at your spreadsheets.

Butjam Day 2,206, 11:56

Yeah it does, I'm a fan of optimism and value it at 211... should probably do 200, but it looks more impressive this way

Carlini8 Day 2,206, 13:24

So we haven't made any money, we are in fact negative?

Butjam Day 2,206, 13:27

Gold at the start of the term was valued at the market price then as well, the 3k gold was accounted for at the start and at the end. The only error was the 400k donation

eisenmutter2 Day 2,206, 15:39

with monetarymarket being at 202 or 203cc for a while this month why not buy the gold directly in quantities when it is so low instead of playing the 10day-waiting passive dealing game... i can't understand it

eisenmutter2 Day 2,206, 15:50

well maybe with the massive burning of ingame gold for cheap raw companies now the MM will be over 1g:215cc for a while*
with that passive dealing would become a bit more profitable again...

*if the MM going up is really made by gold being used and not by many orgs cooperating to buy up all gold for the lulz

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,208, 04:16


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