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[MoFA] TWO - MPP with Brazil - News from CoT - War review

Day 1,839, 14:01 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Foreign Office

Yes, it is true. there is another alliance on Erepublik and eUK is one of the founding members.

But what is TWO ?
TWO is an alliance composed by several ex-ONE members. TWO means "The World is Ours" and this alliance is composed by

- Poland
- Serbia
- Spain
- Hungary
- United Kingdom
- Slovenia

For our country, it means that we remain near from our closest friends. We were together in ONE, we are with most of them in TWO.

For people who can be worried about our relations with Circle of Trust :
- I can say that UK want to keep excellent relations that we have with them. Even if TWO and CoT are different alliances : we have a common goal and it is defeat Eden forces

If you want to read the main article :

Brazilian MPP

Yes, it is official. Our country signed MPP with the country who currently has the largest population in the new world : Brazil.

At the moment that I talk : the MPP was accepted by our 2 countries.

Like I said : Brazil has the largest population and it is also the dominant force in South america. They were one of the first countries who was able to have full resources and able to keep them (a bit like Poland in Europa).

On the same time that they signed MPP with us, they added Chile - Paraguay and Bulgaria on their MPP list.
By having a war with Taiwan, Brazil had its MPPs with Eden countries removed (croatia by example) and most of their MPPs are now from exONE block + CoT

For those who ask about USA one : you need to know that Brazil and USA have a strong relation and it is logic that they maintain a link.

Most for our young players : Long time ago, UK and Brazil were together on the same alliance : PHX. When PHX collapsed, our countries took different ways but we never considered them as enemy and we were sure that our roads would crossed again. This day arrived and now we can say

Hail Brazil
Hail UK

News from Circle of Trust and ABC

This part will not be very long. As you know, we have several friends in CoT (Bulgaria, Chile, Mexico, …). Even if we don’t have MPP with all of their members, we maintain good links with them (like with Belgium, ..).

On these last days, they welcomed 2 new countries as full member : Indonesia and Macedonia. These 2 countries were with UK in ONE. However, it is not because they are CoT members that we cut link with them. For UK, there is no change in our relations. We are happy for them and we will continue together our fight against Eden forces.

On the same time, CoT has a new trial member : Lithuania.

Well, with Lithuania being CoT trial member (during 30 days), ABC (regional alliance composed with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) is now currently dissolved. If you want to know more about that, I can suggest you to read this article :

War review


These last weeks, Brazil said that they wanted to have a colony in Asia. Clearly, Taiwan was their target. To achieve that, Brazil needed to invade Colombia to have access to Asia

Pacifica : Brazilian border to Asia

The border in Asia

But on the same time : they lost several MPPs (those who were on Eden block like Croatia). Even if it was easy to have access to Asia, things were harder when they launched hostilities towards Taiwan (who is an Eden member). When Taiwan had 19 MPPs, Brazil arrived there with only 8 (even if there was some strong ones like Poland - Spain or USA).

When Eden began to push, Brazil lost initiative and Taiwan take it back. They were also able to invade Luzon (Philippines) and they could be able to arrive to America on the following days.

To annoy Brazil, Eden decided to launch Resistance wars on their colonies in South africa, Peru, Colombia and Philippines. It means that when Taiwan attacks : Brazil can have 4 Resistances wars + 1 war to manage

Northern Cape is the only saltpeter region under brazilian control, if they lose this region, they lose access to Aluminium, Deer and Cattle

Brazilian region and their only oil resource

BUT, like I mentionned : Brazil is currently signing several MPPs (Bulgaria - Chile - UK - Paraguay) to be stronger against Taiwan and destroy their empire.

Last but not least, Usa (who has excellent relations with Brazil) declared Taiwan as Natural enemy.

Even if USA will lose several MPPs (still those from Eden Block) : it will be another front that Taiwan will need to manage.

Hawaii is the only border between USA and Taiwan

By signing MPP with Brazil : it is another war where UK can be useful, Brazil is a great country : Help them in their war against Eden forces

- Brazil arrived in Asia but was short in MPPs to win against Taiwan (and Eden).
- They are signing MPPs with several countries (including UK) to be stronger against Taiwan.
- Eden annoys Brazil by launching Resistance wars on their colonies (to make them lose resources)
- USA decided to open a war with Taiwan and will try to stop their progression against Brazil
- UK recently signed MPP with Brazil and suggest to our population to help Brazil

Thank you for reading

The United Kingdom Ministry of Foreign Affairs Team

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Lord Lewis Cromwell,
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs


RegisAjR Day 1,839, 14:09

Very good article, and we do a good job together.

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Zlo QQ
Zlo QQ Day 1,839, 14:12


stzman Day 1,839, 14:24

o/ + vote

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,839, 14:25

Really great article.

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Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 1,839, 14:35

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Jimbojoy Day 1,839, 14:52

Excellent Kravenn, Excellent!

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Niemand Day 1,839, 15:16

Seems MPP with the correct nations is important.

Good article, voted!

Darth Neo Skywalker
Darth Neo Skywalker Day 1,839, 15:23

I still find that the CoT logo seems lonely without the Union Jack. Just my thoughts.
o7 Day 1,839, 15:40


Amokkel Day 1,839, 15:40


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Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,840, 23:58

No Macedonia + More chances to fight for someone elses resource bonuses!

No love for this article.

MaryamQ Day 1,840, 00:04

Nice work!

john GB
john GB Day 1,840, 00:21

o7 very informative, thanks.

BeeDeeCollecter Day 1,840, 07:46

This was a very good article. Would love to see more like this in the future 😃

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