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[MoFA] The Active Global Alliances

Day 1,818, 23:12 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Foreign Office

Hello there, eUK!
We live in a time when the world is polarised between two factions, or alliance groupings. Currently, some of the worlds largest nations aren't in alliances but this article is intended to give you some information on the alliances that exist and are still functioning.

ABC - Alliance of Baltic Countries

Status: Allied
History: Before Phoenix collapsed, Latvia decided to switch over to EDEN's side so the Baltic region once again became a battleground. Finland has been warring with Estonia since the formation of PEACE over three years ago and the war continues even now. When Phoenix collapsed, an opportunity had arisen for the Baltic nations to become allied once more. As such ABC was formed.
Formation: March 2011
Opponents: Finland, Russia and Belarus had been the alliance's main opponents since its formation, due to relative proximity and resource advantages for the nations involved. During the alliance competition, Asgard was formed and Sweden was added to the list of opposing nations. Currently, the Baltic region is in a state of war but with Poland's addition to the war against Finland, the region has the chance to become more peaceful.
Known alliance aims:
-Pursuit of a common foreign policy.
-Military co-operation on the highest echelons of power.
-Expansion of influence of the newly formed Alliance.
-Increased economic integration and an increase in prosperity and well-being of each of the three nations.


Status: We are currently taking a neutral stance towards them.
History: Sweden left EDEN in the Spring of 2011 and proceeded to join ONE. The nation began warring with Norway over resources, such as oil and had merged with Denmark at times. Relations between the countries of the once stable region never truly soured but elements of distrust had occurred with Sweden switching sides. Nationalgardet, the main Scandinavian unity party had come to power and the wheels were set in motion for Asgard's formation. A MPP was signed in August and the alliance became official as the Battle of the Alliances was launched.
Formation: August 2012
Major Campaigns: Finland vs. Estonia; Sweden vs. Latvia

CoT - Circle of Trust

Trial Membership:

Status: Allied
History: After Bulgaria left EDEN, there was reluctance in the community for them to join ONE immediately. In Terra, there was anxiety growing over Chile's reluctance to cooperate with Argentina after growing hostilities between the two nations had appeared. Terra took Argentina's side in the argument and Chile was removed from Terra. Bulgaria and Chile took the opportunity to create a new alliance without having to join ONE. However, they now had to rely on ONE's help as EDEN immediately began gunning for their resources, with both nations facing wipe at certain points. The alliance has since expanded to include small nations of South America, East Asia and Europe and rely on the alliance for help due to imperialism.
Formation: June 2012
Major Conflicts: Bulgaria vs. Turkey; Bulgaria vs. Romania; Chile vs. Argentina; Mexico vs. Colombia; Indonesia vs. Romania; Indonesia vs. Croatia

EDEN - eRepublik Defence and Economy Network

Trial membership:

Former membership:

Status: Enemies
History: EDEN formed a few months after the collapse of its predecessor alliance, ATLANTIS. The alliance's original membership consisted of Croatia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain and Sweden. The long lasting alliance has so far outlived quite a few alliances, including Phoenix, Terra and ONE. Many of its membership were once the UK's allies, including the Netherlands and Portugal. The alliance has seen many periods of success and downturn. After the great Polish babyboom in 2009/2010, which saw Poland's population rise to just over 60,000, EDEN dominated most of Western Europe. Repeated invasions and occupations of France by Poland and Spain saw the UK surrounded by hostile nations for a large section of the year. However, EDEN changed in December 2010 when founding members Poland left the alliance after growing discontent with Romania. Spain then followed, along with Sweden. The membership has grown since then, with the inclusion of many ex-Phoenix nations including Argentina, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Portugal and Turkey. The biggest test for EDEN internally came when Bulgaria and Turkey began fighting earlier this year. Bulgaria upped and left the alliance, leading the alliance to its current lack of damage compared to opposing forces with several members continually wiped off the map and struggling. In October, Romania, one of the alliance's largest members was left without a congress.
Formation: September 2009
Main battlegrounds of the past: London (USA vs. the UK); Heilongjjiang (Resistance force of China vs. Hungary); Liaoning (Resistance force of China vs. Serbia)
Main campaigns of the past: Croatia vs. Serbia; China vs. Russia; USA vs. UK; Canada vs. UK; Poland vs. Russia; Spain vs. France; China vs. Serbia; China vs. Hungary; Australia vs. Brazil; Australia vs. Indonesia; Romania vs. Bulgaria
Main campaigns of the present: Argentina vs. Chile; Romania vs. Bulgaria; Greece vs. Macedonia (dormant); Romania vs. Hungary (dormant); Serbia vs. Croatia; Bulgaria vs. Turkey (dormant); Slovenia vs. Italy, Hungary vs. Ukraine

Non-aligned (ex-ONE / pro-CoT / pro-ONE)
Countries without an alliance but loyal to each other and the Circle of Trust:

Non-aligned countries with ex-ONE or Circle of Trust MPPs:

Non-aligned (ex-Terra)
Former Terra Members:

Viridi has provided us with an excellent report on his given nation, Belgium:

"The government is off to a wild start so far, and are already engaging in communicating to the people. An opinion poll has been launched by the government here, with which the government is attempting to get the overall opinions of the eBelgian people on topics such as their military and social programs. Since the 5th of November, their congress have passed two new laws into effect:

- The first one creates a national holiday called 'Aldous the Meek Day,' which celebrates Aldous Zamiatin and his services towards eBelgium and her people.

-The next one grants those who have earned more than 30 congress medals as Belgian Congressman, been president of eBelgium at least once, served as Justice for more than 4 months, have served as Chairmann of Congress at least once and have been member of the national army for more than 1 year access the the usergroup, 'Eternal Congressmen,' meaning they're essentially a part of congress forever, as the name implies. At this time, only one member is apart of the group -- the one who proposed the group in the first place"

I'd like to wish Poland, on behalf of the United Kingdom, a Happy Independence Day!

It is on this day that peace was signed in Europe 94 years ago. The UK shares the 11th of November as a national day, not for independence but we have special remembrances on the 11th to our service men and women who died fighting for our country over the years. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we hold a minute of silence for those who have perished in the line of duty, serving their country.

Media invasion for the following week
All in all, that's it for this article! I intend on releasing an article about the formation of our relations with Poland and Spain and our history with Serbia and Hungary over the coming week. In addition to this, I hope to work with current Minister of Defence, jamesw over an article regarding the current happenings in the world, which will be due for release on Wednesday.

If you are interested in joining the MoFA team for this month, then feel free to send Kravenn over a PM, who'll get you sorted with access and will tell you what you'll be doing for the following month. He doesn't bite! Honest!

Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the United Kingdom's Ministry of Foreign Affairs! I hope that you're enjoying the articles so far 🙂

The United Kingdom MoFA Team for November 2012
Thomas765, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Kravenn, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lord Lewis Cromwell, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs


Thomas765 Day 1,818, 23:17


Niemand Day 1,818, 23:23

Excellent and interesting article! Voted & shouted.

lancer450 Day 1,818, 23:42


Wildrunner Day 1,818, 23:43

nice article, mate o/

Wildrunner Day 1,818, 23:46

EDEN's problem aint only the lack of dmg, they have been in a much greater dmg disadvantage almost 2 years ago, their problem is that noone believes in this alliance anymore after the BG-TR conflict. They've tried to cover this up by making BG enemy number 1 but it's not working.

MaryamQ Day 1,818, 23:51

Very nice overview! There is useful information here for young and old players alike.

Karl von Lautaro
Karl von Lautaro Day 1,818, 23:51

Hail Uk!!
Hail Chile!!

Cotarius Day 1,818, 23:53

Very good article, voted

BrunoCND Day 1,818, 00:13

Excellent article, voted

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Nicely done

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John Rupert Miranda Day 1,818, 00:23


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Excellent article

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Added a part about Polish Independence and the 11th of November. o7

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Excellent !! Voted !!

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,818, 01:26

Give a look here, about MPP and eWorld alliances:

Pauk22 Day 1,818, 02:04


K R I L I N Day 1,818, 03:09

very good analisis, the only "thing" is that it lacks a good look on Brasil. But that's ok, since it's difficult to know what they are up to... USA and Canada too.

In the near future there should be more alliances to be born. Or maybe CoT will receive new member, who knows... TWO is a possibility.

Spite313 Day 1,818, 03:47

UK had no option to join EDEN. Our options were join PEACE or join the Americans.

Alex.L Day 1,818, 04:18

From this year, Serbia also celebrates 11th November, an Armistice Day in WWI, in order to remember and honor all innocent victims in WWI

nice article

vejderr Day 1,818, 05:23


Solytix Day 1,818, 05:25

Fantastic article. Voted

Happy Independence Day to Poland 🙂

tommot Day 1,818, 06:20

Nicely written.
Good article.
Readable overview.
Well... you get the idea

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Ice Killa Day 1,818, 06:57

An interesting read.

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Good article!!

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Interesting article, good job MoFA. Voted.

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Dio Salaar Day 1,818, 07:48

I may be on the other side, but nice article! Voted

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Sean Power Day 1,818, 09:49

Great stuff

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nice one 🙂 proud of UK article as always 🙂

greetings from Indonesia

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Now this is what I call perfect article 🙂

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nice article 🙂

Hail CoT! o/

Greetings comrades

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Thanks a lot explaining al this, voted off course

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