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[MoFA] From enemy to friendship: the UK's relationship with Poland

Day 1,824, 06:25 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Foreign Office

Hello there!
We have seen many alliances come and go. New friendships forged and some friendships forgotten. The most peculiar friendship to have formed over the last two years is, in my opinion, the one forged with Poland. Poland hasn't always been our ally. In fact, you could say that we were sworn enemies in 2010. A lot has changed. This article is going to detail the history of our relationship with Poland over the last three or four years in the game.

Poland as a member of EDEN
We had barely interaction directly with Poland up until the summer of 2010 when Poland invaded our island. We had, of course, been indirect enemies with Poland prior to that. France and Germany, our allies at the time, were faced with constant occupation by EDEN's Spain and Poland. The only reason why they didn't invade us until the summer was mainly due to the fact that the USA and Canada were busy trying to conquer us.

The wars back then were significantly more strategic and less reliant on country size. In fact, Mutual Protection Pacts may not be activated if a country attacked an enemy's original region. So on a number of occasions, we were able to defeat our enemies despite the odds being heavily against us. This included Poland.

Poland and Spain conquer Western Europe

The collapse of Phoenix and formation of New World Order (NWO)
Disputes began to erupt between Brazil and Hungary. Poland and Romania were no longer as friendly as they once were. USA and Spain began to argue. Phoenix and EDEN waited for the resolve of this. Eventually, a resolution was found. Hungary left Phoenix as a result of the disputes. Spain and Poland left EDEN. Phoenix collapsed as a result of Hungary's departure, with many countries following them.

Over in America, a new idea was founded on the basis of being anti-Europe. This alliance was, at the time, called PanAm, with the intention of including only American nations. A new relationship was founded between Brazil and the USA, meaning a new polar power was being founded. Meanwhile in Europe, Hungary began to edge closer to Poland along with Serbia. A new idea here was found. The New World Order alliance was founded between the four founding members of Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Spain. As for the UK, we were in a bit of a situation. We traditionally found ourselves close to Serbia and Hungary, while our allies in France and Germany were beginning to lean pro-PanAM (later Terra) as a result of Poland becoming friendly with Serbia and Hungary, their ex-allies. In February 2011, our congress chose to join Terra in a rushed decision that caused further political divide. Iain Keers persistently argued to have the UK join forces with New World Order, which had recently been renamed to the Order of New eWorld (ONE). After nearly being forced to become allies with EDEN (which was a disgusting concept to comprehend and end up doing) and Ireland, the UK promptly exited Terra and immediately became neutral once more, although leaning slightly pro-ONE.

The idea of pro-ONE, or rather being allied with Poland was as equally mind boggling as nearly aligning ourselves with EDEN. The UK's public were quite close to France and Germany but they had to be swayed somehow to change their opinions without hindering too much the relations with them. The UK Government announced that they were open to forming new relations with our old enemies, Poland. The following articles by the MoFA Team caused confusion, with us professing our love to France and then reinforcing the idea of Strasbourg. Once again, our alignment internationally was ambiguous.

In an attempt to solve the situation, Jamesw (the president at the time) chose to apologise to the Polish government for articles promoting our friendship with France and Strasbourg before officially signing a MPP. The MPP caused anger in Germany, who were finding themselves occupied by Poland for a while. The bro-mance between the UK and France declined significantly to new lows, alongside our relationship with Germany. The Strasbourg treaty turned into a NAP that no longer guaranteed MPPs being signed. The treaty was essentially scrapped as we became closer and closer to Poland in the closing of 2011.

Order of New eWorld
In December 2011, the UK entered ONE after receiving a tremendous amount of support from Poland to bring us into the alliance. The negotiations were quick and aVie, the secretary general of ONE, who was also Polish, was quick to welcome us into the alliance after our congress voted nearly unanimously in favour of joining.

However, at the same time, troubles were occurring with Turkey, who was frequently disputing with ONE member nations, including Serbia after the Kosovo poll, large disputes with Iran and Spain much earlier in the year. The final stand came ONE chose to accept Iran as a full member of ONE. From then on, the world changed to Terra and EDEN's favour. One by one, the nations of ONE fell and despite receiving multitudes of Polish support, the UK was unable to return to the map with a congress for three months.

In the spring of this year, Bulgaria and Turkey were becoming increasingly hostile with each other, which lead to Bulgaria's exit from EDEN and the creation of a new alliance, the Circle of Trust. Damage was now once against in ONE's favour after a four month hiatus that saw the alliance pummeled. Even with this new damage, the UK was still struggling against France and Canada. Poland turned west.

Poland earlier this year

They took German regions, destroyed France and came quickly to our aid. By then, however, we had signed a peace treaty with Ireland and Canada had already been removed. Despite this the French threat still loomed with countless peace treaties being put in place and then proceeding to fail. Most of the peace treaties saw the French being given the North of France back to them, including many regions bordering us. The most recent Non-Aggression Pact, which was signed and torn apart in August, saw peace between the UK and France, which was enforced by Poland. After France gained Rhone Alps and failing to propose Poland as their Natural Enemy in accordance with their treaty, Poland scrapped it and proceeded to wipe France again.

Poland helping us out against France, earlier this year

Recent times and present status
The friendship is currently quite strong, with Prophet009, the president of Poland stating in an interview with me several weeks ago that "everything is changing and everything can happen. If it goes for me I’m glad that we’re friends and I hope we will continue it". When I asked him if they would let France have any regions back, he answered "No, never", which is an encouraging sign that our friendship is quite strong. As a result of our friendship with Poland, the UK has seen mutual migration between the two countries, with a few citizens from Poland arriving here to get involved and some UK citizens moving to Poland for resource bonuses.

The UK Government hopes that our excellent relations continue into the future. We also wish to thank Poland for their help and support over the last year. We certainly appreciate it 🙂

Jamesw, former UK country president and current Minister of Defence offers his input
"The month when UK-Poland, at least in my eyes, really became a big deal, was when I was President. The first thing that we did was to renegotiate Strasbourg; a deal signed by Mr Woldy a few months previous. Basically, we wanted to solidify our relations with ONE nations, and a problem with this was that France/Germany expected our help, and thought that Terra would eventually free them with help from EDEN.

At the same time that we were renegotiating Strasbourg to allow the UK to MPP Poland, and re-MPP our old ally Hungary, I was insistent that the only way for France or Germany to get back on the map, was make a deal with Poland and respect it. Peace deals may be politically hard to 'sell' - but Poland had a track record of following through and sticking true to their word; something even the French and German presidents of the time accepted. So, the Polish Government gracefully accepted my apology and passed it on to their congress; and from there, we MPP-d (at the second time, due to some confusion caused by me proposing the law, and not the Polish President). Since then, UK and Poland have grown closer and closer; culminating in a situation when I was President again a few months ago, when the UK was (at least in my eyes) one of only a few nations still fully committed to the ONE project of helping Poland remove the USA from French regions - our efforts didn't go unnoticed by Poland, and I like to think that that month showed beyond any doubt the value that the UK places on its friendship with Poland: it isn't the fact that we can throw down billions of damage, its the fact that we will do anything within our power. We may not have the highest damage number, but in terms of percentages, at that time we were sending something close to 95-96% of our total daily damage to the polish wars, despite having wars of our own to contend with to protect our economy. If UK-Poland is boiled down to numbers or one sentence: it is that. We aren't the biggest, but we'll do all we can, and always will.

Thank you for reading!

The United Kingdom Ministry of Foreign Affairs Team

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Lord Lewis Cromwell,
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs


Foreign Office
Foreign Office Day 1,824, 06:26

Foreign office pertamaxx

Thomas765 Day 1,824, 06:28

^ what he said : P

Hail Poland o/
Hail UK o/

WayneKerr Day 1,824, 06:30

eUK got sore knees...

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,824, 06:38

Happy to be Poland's bit on the side O7

jamesw Day 1,824, 06:40


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,824, 06:41

Good countries fight for their allies and their allies fight for them. I'd rather be a Croatia than a Turkey, don't know about you.

ThePolishWarrior Day 1,824, 07:35

If you have something to say what's going on in UK,just contact me because I'm the ambasador of Poland in Uk from today

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,824, 08:01

Welcome to eUK Pawel! Let me know if I can help you, too.

Thomas765 Day 1,824, 08:13

Welcome Pawl Kruszynski o/ : )

SikalokiN Day 1,824, 08:14

Hail Friendship! o/

TemujinBC Day 1,824, 08:37

PEACE propaganda

Prophet009 Day 1,824, 08:57



Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,824, 09:07

eUK, supporting bullies since Day 1

Finway Day 1,824, 09:16

When will your country rise?
And stop licking Poland?
Do you like to be puppet without goal and to ignore all your neighbours trying to be BFF of a country who don't care about you? : )

jedimindtrick Day 1,824, 09:29


Sztandar Day 1,824, 09:35

Hello Junior, it's Papa

Sztandar Day 1,824, 09:36

Finway get back on cCc Ligne Maginot cCc

Finway Day 1,824, 09:47

xaxaxa : D
I stand on the wall o7

Czecho Day 1,824, 09:50

Junior is funny:D
eating frogs too;]

Dobro powraca
Dobro powraca Day 1,824, 10:02


Bohemond4 Day 1,824, 10:42

you would get accusations of boot licking regardless of who we were allied with.


x d x m
x d x m Day 1,824, 11:01

i tak nas sprzedacie przy pierwszej okazji angole...
..zawsze robiliście byle Wam było wygodnie,
bez poświęcenia dla kogoś innego, bo to GB jest święte.

Tutaj polskie influ i położenie zapewnia to co macie w RL.

Polskim władzą życzę...roztropności i trzymania pod butem eGB tak jak nas trzymali i trzymają w RL.
Mniej słabości do GB, bo to się nie spłaci...jak złoto z amber golda.

lancer450 Day 1,824, 12:56


Antonio Hamilton
Antonio Hamilton Day 1,824, 16:48

Voted simply because it was very interesting to read for a newbie like me.

Rogue trooper
Rogue trooper Day 1,824, 18:51

I very well written article
Ello to you all 😛

Ando Calrissian
Ando Calrissian Day 1,825, 02:33

Hail UKoland! o7

zybex Day 1,825, 03:24



Prince Andrei
Prince Andrei Day 1,825, 06:49

Hail eUK
Hail eSycophants
Hail ePoland

Man Friday
Man Friday Day 1,825, 10:02

Great article,thanks

Orinocco Day 1,825, 10:09

Finway, i hear you have a brown nose from jerry.

GameChanger Day 1,825, 18:08

France broke the treaty, not us. You can't expect us to respect a country that denied us congress for 3 months

Thomas765 Day 1,825, 22:30

I never said we broke the treaty.

Sukraa Day 1,826, 03:07

Poland, my favorite ally :')

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