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[MoFA] Cabinet of Germany - January 2013

Day 1,874, 10:16 Published in Germany Germany by Auswaertiges Amt

Dear eCitizens of eGermany, friends and allies,

this is our official Cabinet in January 2013:

President: dermont

Vice President: higter

Ministry of Danish Affairs: Maine Coon

Ministry of Defense (MoD)
Minister: BadMax, Slayer10, Freiheitskaempfer, n0s3, Quentin Eisler, WizzardPUNKTde

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)
Minister: BadMax, Freiheitskaempfer, Maxi Fifole
Embassy coordinator: Der Wobbo, Flugabwehr
Apprentice: EternalWalk

Ministry of Finance (MoF)
Minister: higter, bernhardms
Apprentice: Thuroi

Ministry of the Interior (MoI)
Minister: Kalif Batan, Kersis, Kloppo

Ministry of Community (MoC)
Minister: NeueN, djnewdream, NorthAfricaCorps, JaFe
Apprentice: Versuchskaninchen

For all further questions to our MoFA team you may contact us in #ForeignOffice @!

Offizielle Zeitungen / official governmental newspapers:



Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,874, 10:39

Noch bevor die Wahlen um sind, wird das Ergebnis verkündet. Autokratie! ^^

:- P

db87 Day 1,874, 10:55

ich stimme zu.

The Moepologist
The Moepologist Day 1,874, 14:44

Genau, alle Macht den Autos.

omg_87 Day 1,875, 13:02

Your cabinett is lacking a first Pony Mr. dermont|afk...

If you won't name one I will be in charge for another month ;_;

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,875, 15:18

yay omg, charge against Lazos again!

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