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[MoFA] Apprentice Program; Plans

Day 1,813, 07:31 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Thomas765

Hello there, eUK
After yesterday's election, one CP term goes and another comes in... except with the same CP. 🙂

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is recruiting people to become involved within the Ministry, with Kravenn heading up the functions of the ministry and with me handling the media side and opening dialogue with our enemies. Our Deputy MoFA this month is Lord Lewis Cromwell.

Kravenn has been MoFA since August and continues to do his job into this term. Personally, I think he has some fuel in him which allows him to keep going that long. In any case, he's here to continue doing his job this month. He doesn't get on too well with our neighbours, France so I'll be handling that this month. He'll mainly be working with allied countries directly and organising the ministry from within.

I have been MoFA three times, the last time being in July. It's a job I enjoy doing but I like to give others a chance at doing it. I'll be handling the media side of the MoFA and doing dialogue with countries that I have contacts in and nations that I believe we can open a friendlier dialogue with.

Lord Lewis Cromwell is relatively new on the block, although I do remember him asking for a MoFA job back in July. He'll be shadowing me and Kravenn, whilst helping out with the running of the ministry. He has a mix of jobs and responsibilities this month, including speaking to foreigners, organising meetings and helping me out with the media where needed.

The MoFA for November 2012

Ministers of Foreign Affairs: Kravenn and Thomas765
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Lord Lewis Cromwell

What does working for the MoFA involve?
A lot of involvement now comes with being a member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this month. We want to give out an impression. Let people get to know the UK a bit more. Last month the apprentice program mainly focused on interviewing foreign leaders and cabinet members. I'd like to see a more involved approach, locally and internationally. The interviewing will still exist but I do want apprentices to gather information on the country or countries they're assigned to.

We want to give new citizens a chance to get involved in the ministry.

It's media based, research based and you have the chance to talk to people while making friends with other apprentices and foreign dignitaries. If you don't feel like talking to others and instead want to work behind the scenes then don't worry, we will cater for all this wish to do stuff this month.

The only requirement that I'd say would be regular use of the UK forums. That's where reports are handed in and where Kravenn and I can check interviews that you've done. It's not compulsory, however, it is recommended. Reports and interviews can be sent to us by PM and we can check them there.

Getting involved
To become an apprentice, send Kravenn and myself over a PM either on the official UK forums or on eRepublik.

Plans for this month
As we are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it's our job to make sure that countries are well informed of the decisions we make on the international scene and to make sure that the citizens of the UK know the history surrounding our current foreign policy. Over the course of this month, we intend to release articles detailing friendships, in particular close friendships and explaining what has happened in the last couple of years to make us allies with them.

As I stated above, Kravenn will be doing the more behind-the-scenes stuff, including but not limited to the running of the Ministry. I will be heading the media and I'll be using my newspaper to bring information out to the UK every couple of days. I will also be running diplomacy with a number of enemy nations.

My personal intention for this month will be improving relations with a number of nations, which could help secure our borders more.

Interesting reads internationally:

Canada - Don't Relax on this CoT by Shoi12
Poland - [CP][PL]Outro by Pierre Dzoncy (article is in Polish)
USA - [PotUS] Final thanks and cleaning out the desks by Henry Pfeiffer Arundel

Let's get this party started!

Thank you for reading,
Thomas765 and Kravenn


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,813, 07:34

Good article, nice to see links to foreign news too : )

mittekemuis Day 1,813, 07:47

Voted 🙂

Anyway, you already know you can put me to work so...I expect a call 🙂

Niemand Day 1,813, 08:01

Do not improve our relations with all our bordering nations. We like to fight too. 😉

Nice article, voted and good luck!

Thomas765 Day 1,813, 08:08

I mainly meant opening up dialogue a bit more between us and neighbouring nations mainly : )

BigAnt Day 1,813, 09:54



Jordee14 Day 1,813, 10:11

Good effort, some of the opposition in the elections were very keen to get involved in MOFA so hopefully they'll be big enough to contact you and get involved.

John Rupert Miranda
John Rupert Miranda Day 1,813, 14:05


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