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[MoFA] Ambassador Reports: Portugal, Macedonia, Germany

Day 1,866, 14:03 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

Today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents you reports of our ambassadors to Portugal, Macedonia, Germany.

Hello citizens of Ireland!

This week I bring you some words about one of our oldest allies, Portugal

Portugal is the #16 most populous country in the game. They have almost 6,000 citizens active.
The following graphic will show the variables that displays about Portuguese society.
Active players - Yellow line
New citizens - Red line
Online players - Blue line

The Portuguese Congress is divided in the following way:

The core regions of Portugal provide a bonus equal to the ones found in Ireland, 60% bonuses in food and 20% bonuses in weapons. But Portugal has 1 more core region than Ireland. Their treasury has around 1 million currency, and no gold. The situation of wipe isn't helping at all the Portuguese economy and as shown in MoF records, November had a deficit of 500,000 cc due to of wars expenses against Spain, spending about 1 million on a 5 days resistance campaign to regain congress seats.

Politics & Military
The presidential elections in Portugal have an turnout of 700 citizens every month. As you can see it’s less than 10% of the total population, which means that they have a lot of dead players, inactive ones and an abstention rate that is very high.
In the military module, Portugal belongs to EDEN and they are proud of the fact, appealing to 'Brotherhood'. But which countries actually have helped Portugal in their hour of need? Mostly Argentina, Colombia, Ireland, France and Germany, few of which are EDEN countries. The current war against Spain, that has the full support of CoT, TWO and Brazil (a Brazilian MU, CAT), is enough to stifle the damage of Portugal, EDEN and their most loyal allies.
Next, I'll explain why Portugal is so coveted a spot by a simple analysis:

The Azores is an entrance into Europe, and into South and North America. Therefore, unless the US and Canada (an ally) intervene, Portugal is surrounded by enemies.

The following charts show the distribution of the Portuguese Top5 units divided by division:
NOTE: The first chart shows the composition of the MU and the second shows battle damage by division

1st div - Blue
2nd div - Red
3rd div - Yellow
4th div - Green

FA Portuguesas:

Sucker Punch Army

Tuga Intervention Force:

Mobile Elite Korp:

Havoc Legion:

Interview with the Portuguese president M4st3rM1nd:
Duarte Goncalves: I’ll start to thank you for the possibility of the interview, to make known to the Irish people what’s going on the mind of Portuguese people, regarding the last events occurring this weeks.
My first question is the following one: Since Eire left EDEN how does Portugal see us? [either cooperation with the Portuguese government or even for what’s going on thru the international media] And what about the signature of the MPP Brazil-Eire?

M4st3rM1nd: Since Ireland left EDEN I have nothing to point at, the problem was when they sign a MPP with Brazil, a current enemy of Portugal. That wasn’t appreciated by the Portuguese government.

Duarte Goncalves: I see, that’s the second question that I was going to put: Do you understand that Eire continues their path to independence regarding this “tripolarity”? Or do you believe that Eire is particularly approaching one alliance more than the others?

M4st3rM1nd: It seems to me a first step towards CoT honestly. I hope not, because I have spoken with the irish CP and he assured me that Ireland will always be along with Portugal. We will see on the battlefield, how that will be.

Duarte Goncalves: Recently came out an article on the English media about plans of the UK for the future, that passes thru a NAP with the Irish people (yet to be published) and an advance of the UK by Azores. What’s your opinion about that taking into account The Psych0's commentary? [will the relation between our two countries be harmed?]

M4st3rM1nd: As soon as the article came out, I plus the Irish and Canadian CPs (and MoFA’s) gathered around to discuss that issue and it was secured that neither Canada neither Ireland have any knowledge about the UK’s plans. So the UK’s crossing to Portugal won’t be easy. If they perchance manage to get here, we will be here to confront them without fear. I don’t think that our relations will be affected by this.

Duarte Goncalves: Do you have the preparations of war ongoing, and don’t want to stick the nose where I’m not called (of course I want, I need gold to pay for my trainings and I’ll sell the plans to the Spanish for a nice amount, 50/50 what you think?) are there any great plans to fight the English?

M4st3rM1nd: If you’re going to sell, it’s best to say it in private, that way is worth more 😛

Duarte Goncalves: I censure this part, no problem 😛

M4st3rM1nd: We don’t have any plan for the English. If they come, will be by Azores, and will be there that we will confront and defeat them. 🙂 I don’t hide that it will be fun a UK-PT war, I don’t remember to have a direct conflict between our nations.

Duarte Goncalves: So I believe that you will drop the bulls of Angra like it was done when the spanish tried to conquer Terceira?

M4st3rM1nd: In this case it will be Q7 bulls, highly resistant and with horns harder never seen before xD

Duarte Goncalves Hahaha, nothing else was I expecting hahaha
Duarte Goncalves: Now a tough question to answer and that was hard to swallow by Eire.
Duarte Goncalves Here I cannot ask for you presidencial opinion, but I ask for it as a EDEN player and a Portuguese one about the following declaration: “Mice first, leaving the ship, right?”

M4st3rM1nd: Decisions are always hard to make. In this case a referendum took place and the majority choose to leave. I can’t criticize them, because Portugal did the same when we were at TERRA. I would prefer that you stayed in EDEN as obviously, because is every country instinct to be part of an alliance, and leaving EDEN there is a great possibility of being tempted of Eire to go into CoT.

Duarte Goncalves I can’t say a lot more then Portugal will continue to have the irish consideration, no matter what happens, I wish you a good term, that great wars we face together and I wait for the liberation of Portugal from the Spanish claws.

M4st3rM1nd: Thank you! Hail Irlanda 😃

Duarte Goncalves Hail Portugal! Hooah!

19/20 - UK and Portugal started a new war that escalated very quickly to world wide dimensions. Portugal lost the battle indeed. But not without a fight.
The following images will demonstrate the damage output of both countries on Friday and Saturday without counting rockets:

UK won thank to CoT and TWO, nothing more to say, but to understand the essence of this battle we need to understand why Portugal? Why Azores? The reason is quite and showed by this image:

Gather a frontier with Brazil, Mexico, USA, Spain, a pretty nice place to launch an attack.
24 - Portugal launched a RW in Azores, conquering it without much effort.
27 - The Portuguese Government started a referendum about their situation in EDEN.
They speak about the chances in the world and what they made to EDEN and to Portugal, leading to a dissatisfaction of some and therefore the voice of the People must be heard.
Aspects of leaving EDEN:
Positive: Reducing the number of MPPs, and the money spent on them; Liberty to chose their own prios.
Negative: In case of war, they don’t have an alliance to help them

An Ambassador to Brazil, Portugal and Spain - Duarte Goncalves

Hello people of Ireland!!

Today you will meet with Macedonia I’m an ambassador to.

Macedonia, or Republic of Macedonia is a country located in the central Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe.

Macedonia on day 1,859

Macedonia was added on the map on day 1,052 of the New World.
However, this small but big hearted country was the uprising miracle of eRepublik. Showing how a "baby" country can sacrifice itself for the good of their friends, fight with countries 2 years older than them, and occupying them for a long time, and in a very short time becoming one of the eWorld’s superpowers, overtaking certain countries.

Macedonia had several BBs (Baby Booms) and reached its peak at 15.000 citizens. According to, Macedonia is ranked 4-7th place, depending on whether it’s at war or not.

Throughout its eHistory, Macedonia has remained loyal to her allies. They have recently made new friends as well.
Macedonia was in several alliances, but with the same countries. Firstly, they were in Phoenix, but Bulgaria left the alliance. Then it fell apart, and ONE was formed. Macedonia was one of the 6 main countries in that alliance together with Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Spain and Serbia! During that period, ONE achieved many things that no alliance had before!

Macedonia at it's most glorious days, holding territories of Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

ONE countries almost ruled the world. They beat the USA, held South American regions, the Middle East and Europe.
BUT, they were stopped at China. The conquest of Asia failed. ONE fell apart.

Today Macedonia is proud member of CoT together with its new friends: Chile, Bulgaria, old brother Indonesia, staying opened for gaining new friends, establishing relations with all countries!

An Ambassador to Bulgaria, Macedonia and Montenegro - Severrus Snape

Interview with the President of Germany Maxi Fifile

Abel: What is Germany's feeling on recent decision of Ireland to leave EDEN?

CP: I completely understand this decision. I have been watching what has been going on with EDEN and the alliance it currently is not one I would like to see Germany in.

Abel: What do you feel is Germany's most important goal?

CP: It is very important for us that not too many people fight in German RWs in Poland so that we won't win any of the regions back. Otherwise we are forced by contract to NE Poland and the whole process would be unnecessarily expensive for Germany.

Abel: What role could Ireland Play in Helping the Germans the most?

CP: The most important goal is to make sure we don't get wiped and for this it is very important we do our best not to break the contract we have with Poland. It is also very important for us to make sure Denmark won't have any regions during congress elections as that would make it very easy for the PTOers to win.

Fun Stuff..

Abel: What’s your favorite band or music...

CP: I don't really have a favourite band although I do quite like Breaking Benjamin.

Abel: If you could be anyone IRL... who would it be

CP: I don't really know. It sure would be interesting to be Obama but then again he has to fight a lot of fights with some not so intelligent people in congress and other political arenas. So I'm not sure.

Abel: Thanks ifor for your participation!

An Ambassador to Germany - Abel Mcfinn



Andrezinho.14 Day 1,866, 16:03

Huge work Duarte Gonçalves

Vote from Portugal o/

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,866, 17:38


I'm impressed lads.

Especially Duarte brah, great work!

Gerald Smyth
Gerald Smyth Day 1,866, 17:58

That's probably one of the best MoFA articles I've ever seen.


Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,867, 23:46


Thanasis Klaras
Thanasis Klaras Day 1,867, 06:38

Tell your MoFA, that as long as you don't like to be called as EIRE, you should not call FYROM as Macedonia.

Respect to be respected.

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,867, 06:39

That's probably one of the best MoFA articles I've ever seen. x2

Excellent work! : )

Salutes from eMontenegro ! : )

Valerio Maximo
Valerio Maximo Day 1,867, 07:03

That's probably one of the best MoFA articles I've ever seen. x3

Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Day 1,867, 09:14

Thanasis, that's an official name.

Val3s OBrien
Val3s OBrien Day 1,867, 09:15

Greek posts INCOMING

joao97 Day 1,867, 09:51

Vote from Portugal

Hail Ireland

Absinthium Day 1,867, 09:55

Greetings from Portugal o/ great work!

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,867, 10:26

Great article from great people.

Thanasis Klaras
Thanasis Klaras Day 1,867, 11:07

No nataliia.

The official name, internationally accepted is the name that accepts the United Nations.


We respect Ireland, we respect Serbia and so on.

As I told, Respect to be Respected.

Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Day 1,867, 11:17

Thanasis Klaras, what's actually the problem?
did I name Greece wrong?
are you Macedonian RL to tell me how to call Macedonia?
are you trying to cause conflicts with Macedonians on purpose?

I respect Macedonia and I know it's an insult to call them FYROM.
You are the one who needs to respect. it's not me

Thanasis Klaras
Thanasis Klaras Day 1,867, 11:33

No. I have been born in Macedonia which is a greek region.

I am only saying one simple thing:
The official name is FYROM because Macedonia is a Greek region. I dont know if they like it or not, I dont really care. This is the official name. I can call them whatever the want but ONLY their OFFICIAL name. If the UN tell that their name is Macedonia, I will be fine. But until then, their name is FYROM and I demand everyone to respect it.

T1nk3r Day 1,867, 12:43


The game calls them Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), so calling them Macedonia for short isn't a big deal. If you want to have a political debate about the RL name of that eCountry, then mailing your local government is a better use of your time.

Please don't clog up our ambassador reports with the fruitful debates of RL.
Thank you

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,867, 12:51

I don't think point of report wasn't to discuss about RL name of a country, I personally don't care how it will be called, but Macedonia is shorter then Macedonia (FYROM) so I guess that's the reason of them being called macedonia

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,868, 04:20

Great report there.

Also, we don't mind being called Eire. Infact before the euro came in our local currency actually had Eire on the coin.

Severrus Snape
Severrus Snape Day 1,873, 10:06

Thanasis please dont butthurt..

Ireland, thank you for this great support. We appreciate it!!

Jurukov Day 1,873, 10:12

That's probably one of the best MoFA articles I've ever seen. x 4


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