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[MoFA] Ambassador Reports

Day 1,821, 20:45 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Foreign Office

Hello there,
Several of our workers this term have already handed in reports. Detailed below are the reports. Enjoy!

Belgium - Viridi

President: Lily Jayne Summers
Vice President: BrunoCND
Minister of Foreign Affairs: MCKitKat
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hoso
Ministers of Defence: BrunoCND & DaJoXTeR
Vice Minister of Defence: BelgiumGeneral
Minister of Finance: SX80
Minister of Education: HePanda
Ministers of Home Affairs: Yannis de Leeuw & Kristof Von
Vice Minister of Home Affairs: Jens Leupe
Minister of Immigration: Kiyonori Dragnier
Government Advisors: Jofroi & Chew-Chew-Shoe

Ministry of Finance Newspaper -
Minister of Defence Newspaper -
Ministry of Home Affairs & Education Newspaper -
CP/General Announcement Newspaper -

IRC Channels - #eBrussels | #eBe_MoFA

The government released an opinion poll, and the first part of the results can be found here. The first of the weekly reports has also been published here, along with statements from each of the ministries.

The past several months, overall engagement and activity in between members of the community has been decreasing at a constant rate. You can see from the graph below that more people are emigrating and/or dieing than are being born or immigrating into the country. The overall population since day 1688 has dropped from 420 to 244, and overall loss of about 42% of the population.

Population is represented in bright orange

As a country, Belgium deals on average 80 million damage per day [represented in light blue], which places it 51st out of 70 countries. Also represented above, a huge spike of influence was dealt during our training war, laying down 243 million damage on day 1809, which would have placed it 34th out of 70 countries.

There are a total of eight Military Units in Belgium, of which the one that deals the most damage is the Belgian National Army [BNA]. It is varied as to how much damage they deal each day, however they have for the past few months ranked first in damage and make up most of the total output for the country.

Estonia - mittekemuis

A small but very persistent alliance containing three countries.
Let me tell you a bit about their eCountries and citizens.


Some erepublik data.

Estonia was added to the game on April 8, 2009. It has 5 original regions.

* Kesk-Eesti has fruits and 203 Residents.
* Kirde-Eesti is capital has oil and 117 Residents.
* Laane-Eesti has fish and 175 Residents.
* Louna-Eesti has also fruits and 348 Residents.
* Pohja-Eesti has also fish and 128 Residents.

That makes a total of 658 active ingame citizens. Which off 50 to 60 or more vocal and more active than just 2 clicking
If we look at Estonia’s economics we see that they have a very heavy inport tax on food and raw materials. The state takes 10% of all the goods that will be sold on the Estonian market.
* Current president is Kjork

* His cabinet members are:
kjork MoFa /MoD
Mixliarder vMoD
Supermar1o - bbad Minister of Social affairs
Viskaja Minister of Finance /VCP

* Parties in congress are:
with: Tonis Sarv as Party President
They controle 40% of congress

With Jhonnytk as party President
They controle 15% of congress

With rednas as Party President.
They controle 25% of congress

With Vohvelimies as Party President
They control 12% of congress

and with only 1 seat in congress there is vaba-ja-iseseisvam-eesti


Estonia has a few powerful MUs.
The best way to present them is to give you a recent article published by TheShaolin



Nothing changes much in Estonia. They are in a constant war situation with Finland.
Now added some more flavour with Asgard.
Recently Poland(long time protector from Estonia) put an NE out on Finland which gave Estonia a bit of a breather.

That is it for me. Next will be Lithuania and Latvia.

Latvia - Mittekemuis

A small but very persistent alliance containing three countries.
Let me tell you a bit about their eCountries and citizens.


Some erepublik data.

Latvia was added to the game on April 8, 2009. It has 4 original regions.

* Kurzeme has fish and 263 Residents.
* Latgale is the capital has cattle and 154 Residents.
* Vidzeme has iron and 293 Residents.
* Zemgale has also cattle and 203 Residents

That makes a total of 925 active ingame citizens. Which off 100 to 200 are more vocal and more active than just 2 clicking

If we look at Latvia’s economics we see that they have a very heavy inport tax on food raw materials and a semi high import tax on food. The state takes 10% of all the goods that will be sold on the Latvian market.

* Current president is Mongis
* His cabinet members are:

Mongis for MoD
HunterZ for Governor
Kalvis3 for Minister of Education;

* Parties in congress are:
jesus-visvarena-baznica with Jesus Allmighty as Party President.
They control 15% of congress

vienoti-latvijai with eEds35 as Party President.
They control 23% of congress

with TheZZ as Party President.
They control 23% of congress

rara with Jezups von der Vucins as Party President.
They control 15% of congress

party/elatvija with Horasss as party President.
They control 18% of congress


An overview of the Latvian strongest MUs can be found on egov4you


With the NAP Lithuania signed with Belarus and the fact that Poland is occupying Asgard its calm on the ware front for Latvia.
Although it’s a relieve for a bit they soon will start getting restless without a war to fight in.

<mittekemuis> you need a period of peace ofc to build your money back
<mongis> mittekemuis this is true, but no action means - a lot people will go to

Netherlands - Viridi

President: van Spijck
Vice President: Shtula
Chief of Staff: Zeeuwsmeisje
Minister of Home Affairs: Shtula
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Crossover MC
-Director of Embassies: Arcanic Mindje
Ministers of Defence: Dave Brinkman & Dick Dastardly
-State Secretary: BelgiumGeneral
Minister of Finance: Weekstrom
-Apprentices: WhiteTemplar, Mc Claren, Gepard007, Belo Horizontee & Scipivs Africanvs
-State Secretary: Kirabee
Minister of Recruitment: Notie112
Minister of Communication: Mikebane
-State Secretary: broersje
-Advisor: Zeeuwsmeisje
Minister of Immigration: djirtsdew
General Advisors: MaartenW & briepe

Since the new term began over a week ago, not a lot appears to have happened thus far. In game, the only proposals have been to sign MPPs with countries such as Ireland, France and Romania, or to declare Poland as their natural enemy, which occurred on the 11th of November. This is no doubt as a result of their constant struggle with Poland to regain their regions.

Apart from that, the Dutch peoples also recently finished a training war with their Norwegian counterparts.

Ministry of Finance Newspaper -
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Newspaper -
Ministry of Education & Culture Newspaper -
Ministry of Defence Newspaper -
CP Newspaper -
Ministry of Recruitment -

IRC Channel - #eUNL

More reports are due soon and with that another article shall be published. Well done to the both of them for doing their work 🙂

Thank you for reading,
The MoFA Team

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Lord Lewis Cromwell,
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs


Thomas765 Day 1,821, 20:52

This seems like a cool article : 3

Viridi Day 1,821, 20:56

I concur.

lancer450 Day 1,821, 21:11


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,821, 21:24

Informative stuff.


Niemand Day 1,821, 21:42


ViciousDeeds Day 1,822, 23:52

good work, enjoyable read, voted o7

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,822, 00:21

Great article!

And is it just me or does ABC have one of the best alliance logos?

Simple and visually appealing!

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,822, 02:40

Aye Ayame, it manages to be both direct and abstract!

We've had some great work done so far, good job guys!

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,822, 07:05

Impressive work!

SabatonBIH Day 1,822, 10:26

Comment deleted

John Rupert Miranda
John Rupert Miranda Day 1,823, 14:15


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