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[MoFA] 01/13: 私たちの世界〜二版〜 (Our World: Part 2)

Day 1,898, 10:06 Published in Japan Portugal by Lucifel

Hey it's the Ministry of Foreign Affairs once again reporting to you from our headquarters in Tokyo! Today we'd like to share some more information regarding Japan’s foreign affairs outlook as well as reports regarding the happenings in other countries from some of our ambassadors once again.


Tumultuous Turkey (Pink)

The Turkish government under President Silniy Udar recently attempted (and failed) to tender its resignation. This is due to the fact that the government was accused of “terrorism” by a troll, which moved the hand of an internal PTO group of Turkish origin with significant power, the Lazokrasi, to pressure President Udar to resign due to his decision in the past not to support Lazokrasi PTO efforts in other nations or to buy damage from them. Otherwise, as the impeach has failed and Udar’s government has continued to serve its term.

Otherwise, EDEN-allied Turkey is continuing its struggle against its CoT neighbor, Bulgaria. Turkey currently occupies two of Bulgaria’s original regions (Plovdiv and Sofia) and its capital is currently in Sofia as well, disconnected from its original territory.

A thank you to Sanoyel Doenza, our ambassador to Turkey for this information!


America and its colonies (Blue-Violet)

The USA recently launched a large-scale operation, Operation Gangnam Style against RoC in an attempt to rid South Korea and Japan of the continuing Taiwanese presence. However, after making landfall in Jeollanam-do and Jeollabuk-do, RoC and its EDEN allies resisted with full force, driving America back onto the island of Taiwan. America is now preparing to launch a second strike against RoC.

Republic of China (Taiwan)(中華民国)

Taiwan's exiled government in Korea and Japan (Purple)

After America began Operation Gangnam Style, Taiwan pulled a wild card and approached CoT asking if it could join in, likely in order to end the threat of war. However, Taiwan has fallen silent after making this initial contact, so perhaps this initiative was meant to be a political feint.

Otherwise, Taiwan has continued in its defense of the occupied Korean Peninsula in full force. Furthermore, by releasing Chugoku several days ago, they have fortified their position in the Home Islands. Due to this, America could directly attack Taiwan here in Japan if and only if they attacked us first in order to obtain a border with Taiwan.


The Great Empire of Brazil (Turquoise)

On Monday, China initiated a vote to NE Brazil. Brazil reacted quickly and started a vote of its own to NE China back. Both bills have passed, and at the present time, these two nations stand at the brink of war, Brazil bordering China from its colony in the Philippines. The future in such a conflict is uncertain.

Nevertheless, a war like this is not unprecedented. Brazil, despite not being an actual member of CoT, has taken to a strongly pro-CoT stance in its foreign affairs. With its involvement in recent talks along with the USA in recent Chilean/Australian diplomatic efforts (elaborated below), it has solidified this stance. China on the other hand is a large EDEN stronghold. It’s going to be a clash of the titans over the pacific this time, that is if Brazil can hold its ground in the Philippines against both Filipino and Chinese forces until it can make landfall in the mainland China!

Bonus: Pacific Telenovela (パシフィックテレノベラ)


There’s an interesting situation brewing in the Pacific at the moment, primarily between Australia and Chile. Chile and Australia have been at odds for quite some time, but about a month ago, the US, CoT, and Brazil brokered a treaty between the two sides while Chile had possession of several Australian territories. This agreement basically stated that Chile would release these territories on a well-defined schedule so long as both sides agree not to NE each other or fight to free territories early.

Well, before the last territory was about to be released, some Australians went and fought in an Australian RW for Australia. Chile noticed this and then took this as a valid reason to consider the treaty broken and NE Australia. Australia counter-argued, stating that the terminology in the treaty acknowledged that it was inevitable that rogue or naive Australians may fight for Australia in Australian RWs before the scheduled release of the relevant territories.

Regardless, in the interim Indonesia has approached Australia, asking for possession of Western Australia as they’re looking to expand. The President of the United States, the head honcho of one of the primary arbitrating parties responsible for the original treaty, gave a statement saying she took this as a sign, along with the fact that the treaty was broken, that Australia had decided to defy its developing relationship with CoT and look towards TWO (given Indonesia is TWO, and Chile and the US are both CoT) by working with Indonesia. On the other hand, according to Australian sources, when Indonesia approached Australia, they refused the idea of compensating Australia for the possession of Western Australia in any manner. Thus, by their perspective, Indonesia is simply coveting that region and desires to take it for nothing by using its stronger geopolitical position in the New World.

A thank you to our ambassador to Australia, Shirobu, for this information!

That’s all folks! Join the forums at if you haven’t already and log onto IRC when you have the chance! You can click on the image below to get to our IRC chatroom! The more people we have involved in the community, the better!

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs


ahava3233 Day 1,898, 10:08

First denied

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,898, 10:13

Second taken

Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Day 1,898, 10:35

good article

Sensha Day 1,898, 10:42

good article x2

Job well done.

Soultama Day 1,898, 10:46

vote for the "if and only if". LOL

Shirobu Day 1,898, 11:04

Very informative, thank you

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,898, 11:20


ArisaChan Day 1,898, 11:31

nice article

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,898, 11:34

good article x3

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nice job bro

Chuth Day 1,898, 14:09

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Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,898, 14:11

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Rik Daphnee
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ardishabutaro Day 1,898, 16:58

Pacific Telenovela goes around the world \o/

Victoria zu Kampfer
Victoria zu Kampfer Day 1,898, 17:34

I knew the bonus.. but i didnt knew there was a such newspaper here Dx.

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,898, 18:37



Aryzn Day 1,898, 22:07

Informative and thus useful.

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 1,899, 23:47

thx for good information

Sanoyel Doenza
Sanoyel Doenza Day 1,899, 00:54


DirectX100 Day 1,899, 01:02

watashitachi no....
what is the next..???

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 1,899, 03:29

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Rei Kanda Day 1,900, 08:21

Finally an article that tells something.

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