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As the Blaze Walker weekly challenge has rolled into town, it seems like the perfect opportunity to go over Weekly Challenge, why you should earn PP to win its rewards, and how Epic battles and Energy Bars (EBs) can help you do that.

Gaining PP points on a Tuesday will set you up to recover energy at a faster rate, and so meet your fighting and PP targets easier, for the rest of the week. This guide shall explain why.

Before reading on if you need any help with how the military module works you can read part one to the guide here, and part two to the guide here.

Strictly speaking a feature of the military module, the Weekly Challenge gives you extra rewards for earning Prestige Points. A Prestige Point (PP) is gained every time you hit an enemy on the battlefield. Each hit costs 10 health and 1 weapon durability.

So how best to approach the Weekly Challenge? For starters, every Tuesday in eRepublik is when the new week (for fighting purposes) starts - at 00:00 eRep time (8am BST). The weekly challenge will appear at the top of your page, under your tabs, and is a bar that will fill as you earn PP. So when considering what you would like to achieve, remember each point is equal to 10 energy. There are a ton of milestones to hit with the points capping out at 100,000 but each milestone will net you a prize and so these are well worth taking part each time it refreshes.

The first 10 rewards of the Weekly Challenge will increase your energy regeneration by 1 for every 6 minutes. So once you’ve claimed the first 10 rewards of the week you’ll be receiving an additional 10 energy per hour, and therefore 240 energy per day. The first ten rewards are given for the following milestones of PP:

5 / 10 / 15 / 25 / 50 / 75 / 150 / 300 / 400 / 500

So to get all 10 you need 500 PP - that’s 500 hits in a battle.

If you're using the most energy you can, logging on first thing Tuesday morning, and not letting any energy go to waste by regenerating all the way to your cap then for the duration of each weekly challenge it is possible to be earning an additional 1600 energy per week on top of your usual regeneration and, as each 10 energy equals 1 point, an extra 160 PP for you to hit even more of the milestones.

Another key part in maximising your PP and ensuring you receive the most rewards possible are Epic Battles. Epic Battles are triggered in a battle when the amount of damage dealt reaches a sufficient point. Whilst the amount of damage required is unknown to all but Plato, Epics are usually coordinated on Tuesdays and the Government will do the best it can to alert you ahead of one being launched. Sometimes that means a lot of notice, sometimes it means very little - so always keep an eye on the national feed to spot if any battles have gone Epic.

You can also filter to find all Epic Battles in the world by clicking the "Wars" tab, clicking filter and adding Epic Battles under "Progress". Remember to delete any country filters otherwise you'll only be searching for battles in that country as shown above.

When you take part in an Epic Battle, you will receive double the PP you would in a regular battle. So whereas usually each hit would award you one point, in Epics you will be receiving two. To put it simply, the formula I provided before of 10 energy = 1 point, fighting in an Epic means 10 energy = 2 points and also means the bonus energy recovery you receive will be earnt in a much shorter time and cost you less energy to do so. (You would need to use 250 hits in an epic to reach 500 points so this would cost you 2500 energy, rather than the 5000 you’d need to spend in regular battles)

This is why Epic Battles are organised for Tuesday mornings, as those involved in them have the potential to increase their PP at double the rate they usually would. This means they get the energy rewards from the Weekly Challenge at the earliest opportunity, taking the most advantage out of the improved energy recovery until the next Challenge. You can better utilise the improved recovery if you have it for 7 days then if you earn it later in the week. Tuesday also coincides with the fuel reset (fuel allows you to deploy).

One of the most important parts of energy management are Energy Bars (EBs), which are items you consume to get Energy back. They can be factored into your deployment to do more hits, kills and damage.

Whilst the food in your storage will automatically be used to refill your energy, EBs let you use more energy than just food alone provides. Each EB can be used to give you additional 100 energy and therefore will allow you to fight an additional 10 times, and receive an additional 10 points towards the challenge.

EBs can be bought from the in-game store with gold you earn from Battle and Sky Hero medals, but are also able to be claimed by completing your Daily Challenge and they are up for grabs during the Weekly Challenge and by completing Missions. There are special items that are similar to EBs which can provide you with over 100 energy per use during special events and are certainly worth using if your goal is achieving the most out of each challenge.

The last daily order rewards are shown here

Albeit not everyone has the same energy pool, there is general advice you can follow if you want to take the MinMax approach to Weekly Challenges/Events.
Remember that 10 energy = 1 PP (but 2 PP in an Epic).
Logging in several times a day will ensure you use as much energy as you fight. Aim to log in when your health has replenished to fight again - (hovering over the + sign on your health bar will give you an ETA for full recovery).
Having Houses and Energy Centres increases your energy pool (Houses also increase your energy recovery rate).

The below table breaks down the energy costs for gaining PP. The orange shows the amount of energy most citizens will only be able to spend using EBs (if they do not wish to wait to recover).

This article on the current Event is a good example of the Rewards you get for PP during a special challenge. Often the milestones do not change, but always check once an event starts. As you can see, maximising the amount of PP you are earning during an event or challenge can pay off - so be mindful of the bullet points above!

Whilst for newer players the game doesn’t provide much help in the way of strength to help catch up to the older players, the Weekly Challenge and Events can help greatly increase your energy regeneration so that you are able to fight more and increase your rank and help you earn even more Battle Hero and Sky Hero medals to increase your gold income. Anyone who has joined recently should be incentivised to take part each week for their benefit, and the additional prizes you can earn. Whilst you may see fighters around you doing damage in the millions, managing your energy pool can help you put up a good fight!

written by Betafoxtrot, Minister of Education