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[MoD] Days 1879 - 1880 // Southern Great Plain

Day 1,879, 13:32 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

Battle Orders

Priority 1: (Hungary v Romania) - Southern Great Plain

Again, we will be fighting for Hungary. Unfortunately, Hungary lost their campaign yesterday (not to mention their loss in this war earlier) so we're our night damage should be put towards SGP.

If you have suggestions, or queries relating to orders we welcome you to have a look at this page Otherwise, you can contact FragUK or Garth L with any queries.

Call to Arms is back - for your 2 Q7 weapons, please comment on this article with 'Call to Arms' and your vote (for instance if you vote and the article tally goes from 67 to 68, you would comment 'Call to Arms 68').

We encourage UK Citizens to /join #MoD on Rizon IRC, where you'll get voice and free strike kits during important battles!


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The Official UK Military Unit - The Legion

NOTE! Applications will be open to all MU's within the UK to become "Official" Watch this space!

An updated source of information for The Legion, what is is, what they do, and the associated rewards/benefits versus requirements can be found here.

Any further questions can be sent to Carlini8, the Commander of the unit.

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Almost all of the eUK institutions are based on our official off-site forums. You’ll find several government offers helping you establish yourself here in the eUK, along with the forums having the central role in government, political and military decisions – with the British Expeditionary Force and several Militias having private forums as well. We also have a huge off-topic sections, for games, real life discussion and the ancient Church of Boblo.

Register on the eUK forum and you’ll have access to some great services 😉.


The Ministers of Defence

FragUK Garth L



Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan Day 1,879, 13:52

Call to Arms v3

Abraxaas Day 1,879, 13:52

call to arms 4

alittlec4 Day 1,879, 13:54

Call to Arms o7 v5

When we getting the weapons from the last article btw?

Keldonis Day 1,879, 14:09

Call to Arms o7 v7

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,879, 14:21

Call to arms o7 v8

Sexagenarian Day 1,879, 14:30

Call to arms o7 v9

gManalishi Day 1,879, 14:38

Call to arms o7, v10.

Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 1,879, 14:41

Call to Arms o7

(p.s. still awaiting weapons from previous call to arms)

Deepfryedmarsbar Day 1,879, 14:55

Call to Arms o7 v13

BoB WlW Day 1,879, 14:56

Call to arms o7, v14

mwcerberus Day 1,879, 15:01

call to arms 15 haven't got my weapons from the last article

Niemand Day 1,879, 15:21

Call to Arms v16

surferdude Day 1,879, 15:28

Call to Arms 17

lancer450 Day 1,879, 15:58

Call to arms o7 v18

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,879, 16:59

Call to arms o7 v23 BRITISH ARMY

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 1,879, 17:15

Call to arms o7 v24

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,879, 17:41

Call to Arms o7


mick cain
mick cain Day 1,879, 18:00

done to here o7

Bad Carrot
Bad Carrot Day 1,879, 18:10

Call to arms o7 v26

Chuckie Finster
Chuckie Finster Day 1,879, 18:12

Call to Arms 27

Amokkel Day 1,879, 18:26

Call to Arms v28

Matti Ignis
Matti Ignis Day 1,880, 00:13

Call to Arms 29

11ue Day 1,880, 00:15

Call to Arms v30

dirtiusdickus Day 1,880, 01:02

call to arms v31

Smobster Day 1,880, 01:17

Call to Arms v32

Michael Crookes
Michael Crookes Day 1,880, 01:38

Call to Arms v33

Piran Day 1,880, 01:50

Call to Arms v34

Gibbomd Day 1,880, 02:07

Call to arms v35

Perro Guapo
Perro Guapo Day 1,880, 02:27

Call to arms o7 v36

Sweet Cersei
Sweet Cersei Day 1,880, 02:29

Call to Arms v37

Irv Noyb
Irv Noyb Day 1,880, 02:51

Call to Arms o7 v 39

Arathorn68 Day 1,880, 03:12

Call to Arms v40

Subvert Day 1,880, 03:15

Call to arms o7 v41

nathaner Day 1,880, 03:22

call to arms o7 v42

Apotygma Day 1,880, 03:23

Call to arms o7 v43

dee1298 Day 1,880, 03:34

Call to Arms o7 v44

sancteandrea Day 1,880, 03:42

Call to Arms o7 v45

Arthur Coull
Arthur Coull Day 1,880, 03:53

Call To Arms o7 v46

Stryper9 Day 1,880, 03:55

Call to Arms v47

daniel catalan
daniel catalan Day 1,880, 04:13

Call to Arms v48

Weirdstuffs Day 1,880, 04:13

Call to Arms v49 o7

Mary.A Day 1,880, 04:29

Call to Arms v50 o7

Crustymango Day 1,880, 04:43

Call to Arms o7 v51

Giordy River
Giordy River Day 1,880, 04:48

Call to arms v52 s1886

Geordie Ripper
Geordie Ripper Day 1,880, 04:49

Call to arms o7 v53

Yossarian Afudyakno
Yossarian Afudyakno Day 1,880, 04:50

Call to arms o7 v54

SikalokiN Day 1,880, 05:08

Call to Arms o7 v55

THE EMPRAH Day 1,880, 05:08

Call to arms o7 v56

Rakurules Day 1,880, 05:09

Call to arms o7 v57

PaulMoadibe Day 1,880, 05:15

Call to arms

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