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[MoD] Days 1816 - 1817 // Southern Finland

Day 1,816, 04:01 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

Battle Orders

Priority 1: (Estonia v Finland) Southern Finland

Again, we have a lack of battles today. However, fighting for Estonia not only helps the ABC v Asgard (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia v Finland, Sweden) and ensures our allies in the Baltic arena are safe, its also helping Poland. They recently started a campaign in Finland (to help their citizens finish the halloween missions) and the less regions they need to take above 2 (ie, if they only have to invade 2-3 times, instead of 4) the better.

We have been wondering how useful this new section has been to those of you that read it and as such welcome you to have a look at this page

Next general strike date: TBA on IRC, in #eUK.strikes.

We will be restarting Call To Arms, just comment "Call To Arms o7" for 4 Q7s (thanks to Rednoahl & Emergy Maxfell for this 😃 )

We encourage UK Citizens to /join #MoD on Rizon IRC, where you'll get voice and free strike kits during important battles!

The Official UK Military Unit - The Legion

A good source of information about The Legion can be found in this article

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Almost all of the eUK institutions are based on our official off-site forums. You’ll find several government offers helping you establish yourself here in the eUK, along with the forums having the central role in government, political and military decisions – with the British Expeditionary Force and several Militias having private forums as well. We also have a huge off-topic sections, for games, real life discussion and the ancient Church of Boblo.

Register on the eUK forum and you’ll have access to some great services 😉.


The Ministers of Defence

jamesw and Boer Charel



Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 1,816, 04:05

Call To Arms o7 vote-2

LrdArc Day 1,816, 04:05


LrdArc Day 1,816, 04:06

damn lost my pertamax :🙁(

Ullok Day 1,816, 04:15

Call To Arms o7

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,816, 04:19

Call to Arms o7 v7

Sharass Day 1,816, 04:26

Call to Arms v8

i.G33K Day 1,816, 04:31

Call To Arms o7 v9

Michael Earley
Michael Earley Day 1,816, 04:38

Call to Arms o7 vote 10

Samoss The Great
Samoss The Great Day 1,816, 04:43

Call to Arms o7 V11

T White II
T White II Day 1,816, 04:49

Call to Arms o7 V12

Rfeist Day 1,816, 04:52

Call to Arms 07 v13

Jorael Day 1,816, 04:54

Call To Arms o7 v14

Grushnag Day 1,816, 04:59

Call To Arms o7 v15

ViciousDeeds Day 1,816, 05:23

call to arms v17

Niemand Day 1,816, 05:41

Call to Arms o7

Pahira Day 1,816, 06:00

Call To Arms o7

SycoASL Day 1,816, 06:02

Call to Arms o7 v21

Jordee14 Day 1,816, 06:12

Call to Arms v23
Great feature these Call to Arms.
I did like the ones with a bit of extra info/history of the battles involved to educate people, not sure how much extra work that is?

Troubadour Duffington
Troubadour Duffington Day 1,816, 06:23

Call To Arms o7 v24

Carnconnor Day 1,816, 06:38

Call To Arms o7 v25

Saneth Hill
Saneth Hill Day 1,816, 06:58

Call To Arms o7 v26

Hamz Yusuf
Hamz Yusuf Day 1,816, 07:07

call to arms o7

alittlec4 Day 1,816, 07:08

Call to Arms o7 v29

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,816, 07:23

@ Jordee14 -

Thanks! I think jamesw is the one who adds the extra battle info into the orders. It's something he's started doing fairly recently and I believe plans to continue.

Done to here!

Jamie2721 Day 1,816, 07:26

Call to arms


gManalishi Day 1,816, 07:26

Call to amrs o7, v32.

Cindy021 Day 1,816, 07:27

Call to Arms o7 v33

Astora Day 1,816, 07:29

Call to Arms o7

Woolfie Smith
Woolfie Smith Day 1,816, 07:30

Call To Arms o7 v34

THE EMPRAH Day 1,816, 07:34

Call To Arms o7 v36 Day 1,816, 08:09

Call To Arms o7 v38

nathaner Day 1,816, 08:13

call to arms o7 v39

helpmeslack Day 1,816, 08:26

Call To Arms o7 v40

Piran Day 1,816, 10:12

Call to Arms o7 v41

Smiler22 Day 1,816, 10:53

call to arms o7 v 42

Jimbobfrey Day 1,816, 10:56

Call to Arms 07 v43

Keldonis Day 1,816, 11:02

Call to Arms 07 v44

Fataliix Day 1,816, 11:03

Call to Arms o7 v45

Kulinero Day 1,816, 11:31

call to arms o7

Baradate Day 1,816, 11:42

call to arms o7

Dr Duncan
Dr Duncan Day 1,816, 11:44

Call to Arms o7 v47

Tuval Day 1,816, 11:48

Call to Arms o7

Bohemond4 Day 1,816, 11:49

Call To Arms o7

Namira Liesel
Namira Liesel Day 1,816, 12:05

Call To Arms o7

Petyaman Day 1,816, 12:05

Call To Arms o7 v51

Irv Noyb
Irv Noyb Day 1,816, 12:28

Call to Arms o7

Beagle Boy
Beagle Boy Day 1,816, 12:34

Call To Arms o7 v53

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 1,816, 13:01

Call to Arms o7
Royal Navy

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,816, 14:03

Done to here! (=

Ando Calrissian
Ando Calrissian Day 1,816, 14:32

Call To Arms o7
The Legion

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